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The Avatar

Be aware that within the world of the Gnostic Church (the Church of Christ) there exist not two or three patriarchs, but only one, and he is the fifth of the seven, of whom I am solely an instrument-perhaps too imperfect, but I am his instrument.

Yes, my insignificant person is worthless, it does not have any value, it is worth nothing. Nevertheless, for the fortune of the few and for the misfortune of the many, inside of me is (AUN) somebody, who is the Lord of Power, and it is not possible for any organization to bloom without the aid of power. Therefore, although my insignificant person is not worth five cents (I personally will not give a nickel for my person), nevertheless, I repeat: for the fortune of the few and for the misfortune of the many, inside of me is the fifth of the seven, the Lord of Power.


Understand that Kalki Avatar is certainly the Avatar for the age of Kali Yuga in the era of Aquarius. The word अवतार avatar means "messenger." Unquestionably, let us understand that a messenger is one who gives a message, and since the labor of delivering a message has been granted unto me, this is why I am called a messenger, which in Sanskrit is avatar.  

A messenger or avatar, in the most complete sense of the word, is a courier, a man who delivers a message, a servant or maid of the Great Work. So, the word avatar must not fall into misinterpretations, it must be specified with complete clarity.

I am, therefore, a servant or crew member, or messenger who delivers a message. Some time ago I said that I am a cosmic mailman, since I am giving the content of a cosmic letter. Therefore, my beloved brethren, the word avatar must never lead us to arrogance, since it only means nothing other than an emissary, a servant, a crew member who gives a message, an epistle, and that is all.

Maitreya मैत्रेय

In regard to Buddha Maitreya, we must analyze these two words a little in order not to fall into misinterpretations. The Innermost Buddha बुद्ध in itself is the real Being, the Innermost of each one of us. Thus, when the Innermost or the real Being of somebody has attained its proper intimate Self-realization, then he is declared a बुद्ध Buddha. However, the term मैत्रेय Maitreya is individual and collective; thus, from the individual point of view, it represents a teacher whose name is Maitreya, but from the collective point of view Buddha Maitreya must be understood-in the most complete sense of the word-as any initiate who has managed to Christify himself, and that is all.

I have said: in the day of the burning we will see the smoke! Remember that in the time of Jesus, there also appeared many prophets, and all of them called themselves avatars of Pisces, but only one prevailed; this was Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. At the time of Atlantis, many prophets, many messiahs, appeared who considered themselves to be avatars, and they made themselves to be worshiped as such, but only one prevailed and left triumphant between the waters of the universal flood; that one, the only one, was the Manu Vaisvasvata who, amongst earthquakes and floods, took his people to the central plateau of Asia.

Likewise, my dear brethren, many in our times will declare themselves to be the avatar, but the facts will speak for themselves, and in the day of the great fire, the avatar will be known by itself, that is, the one who will be capable of removing his people between the smoke and the flames at the crucial and definitive moment at the end of the Aryan race: that will be the avatar. So, the facts will speak for themselves; I repeat: the facts will speak; the tree is known by its fruits; from such a tree comes such fruit. Anyhow, I am giving the message here; I am the avatar, although many will not believe it. Yet, let our great army be prepared. That is all!