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Tower of Babel
Tower of Babel

Seven Types of People

There are two types of humanities. The first one we would call mechanical humanity, and the other we would call cognizant humanity.

In order to pass from the mechanical center of gravity to the cognizant center of gravity, one has to work, one has to appeal to the third force, which is the Gnostic work on oneself, here and now...

Human number one is the merely instinctual, mechanistic humanoid, where the instinct and mechanical or motor centers predominate.

Human number two is the emotional humanoid, an individual who moves in the world of inferior emotions, the world of passions, animal desires, etc.

Human number three is the merely intellectual humanoid, the humanoid who is reasoning all day, throughout life; these humanoids base all their activities exclusively on their intellectual center.

Humanoids one, two, and three form the circle of "confusion of tongues." Humanoids one, two, and three are the "Tower of Babel," because in that circle there is confusion of tongues: the intellectual does not understand the emotional humanoid; the instinctive does not understand the emotional; the emotional does not understand the intellectual; the emotional does not understand the instinctual either, nor does the instinctintual understand the emotional... There is confusion of tongues there, nobody understands anybody. The intellectual humanoid says a word and hears it in his own way. If an intellectual humanoid affirms something and says it to an emotional humanoid, the emotional humanoid will not understand the intellectual: he will interpret the words of the intellectual according to emotions, he will give them a completely different translation. In turn, the instinctintual humanoid, when he says something, the intellectual listens to it in his own way, interprets it in the way that seems to him to be correct... The emotional could not understand the instinctual either; when he affirms something the instinctual, he does not understand it. In summary, although the same language is spoken in a country, humanoids one, two, and three do not understand each other, they live in the circle of the confusion of tongues, in the circle of Babel. Nobody there understands anybody. It takes a lot of work for humanoids one, two, and three to understand each other. Humanoids one, two, and three interpret things their own way, as they seem to be, and it turns out that none of them understands the others. Humanoids one, two, and three are the ones who have caused the world wars; the first and second world wars were caused by humanoids one, two, and three ...

It is necessary to rise to be a humanoid number four before one can belong to the "kingdom." The kingdom is made up of humans five, six, and seven. In the kingdom, everyone understands each other, there is no “confusion of tongues”.

Humans number five possess an astral body and know that they possess it, they use it at will.

Human number six, possesses a mental body and know that they possess it.

Human number seven, possesses a causal body and know that they possess it

The confusion, the problem of humanity, is in humanoids one, two, and three, those of the Tower of Babel, those are the one with problems. These are the ones who have really done a lot of damage. I believe that the divine hierarchies should separate the ones, twos, and threes and leave humanoids four, and humans five, six, and seven alone, because the one, two, and three have been causing problems for a long time and do not understand each other . Obviously, a great catastrophe is coming that will be in charge of performing this surgical operation on this humanity, this will separate the "sheep" from the "goats" (this is how it is written) ...

What is the humanoid number four? Humanoid number four is the individual who has balanced the centers of his organic machine, who already has a moon that has manufactured for himself, a psychological moon. This one has already created a cognizant center of gravity. This type of humanoid is ready to enter into the activities of the Kingdom.

It is known that in order to create a moon in us — that is, a cognizant center of gravity, a permanent center of gravity — we must appeal to a third force, that is obvious. That third force is the esoteric work. Here we are giving you the teachings you need so that you can create in yourself a cognizant center of gravity. Obviously, whoever wants to create such a center must begin by abandoning self-considerations, self-sentimentality.

When one loves himself too much, when one considers himself too much, when one is full of self-sentimentality, sighs, anguish, sadness, etc., one usually hates his fellow men; that is, the more one loves oneself, the more pity one feels for himself, the more one will hate all those around him. The most vengeful demons, the most perverse humanoids, are those who love themselves too much, who value themselves too much, who are filled, I repeat, with self-sentimentality, with self-compassion; but if one hates oneself, then one will love his fellow men.

I don't want to tell you that one must become a masochist; no, I don't want to get so far in this lecture, there is no need to be a masochist; but I do want to tell you that one must recognize his own imperfections, one must accept that he is a mechanical creature, that one's life moves on the rails of habits, of acquired customs; one must accept that one is filled with jealousy, grudges, horrible resentments, etc ...

When one accept it, when one accept that one is nothing but a vile worm from the mud of the earth, when one accept that one is a mechanical creature, when one hate oneself, then one begins to form, one begins to create within oneself, the cognizant center of gravity.  Thus, one passes from the mechanical center of gravity to the cognizant center of gravity, by working on oneself; that is the third force. It is worth clarifying to you tonight that we here, in our institution, are going to teach you to work on yourself, so that you can create, in yourself, the cognizant center of gravity. When you can give shape to that center, you will cease to be mechanical individuals, you will become cognizant creatures, you will have formed in yourself, let us say, a cognizant psychological moon.

Obviously, we have to make many creations within ourselves. Much later, in time, you will need to create something else; they will need to create the psychological sun within themselves; then they will undoubtedly become solar humans. But you could not become solar humans, if you have not previously assimilated, in yourselves, the solar intelligence, that is, if you have not previously created within yourself the spiritual sun, the cognizant sun, the Sun-Christ.

So, we will have to start by creating the psychological moon, before we can create the psychological sun within ourselves, here and now. Much later, in time, it will be necessary to create the inner psychological galaxy, within our human nature. Later, that known infinite (the "Einstein's infinite", I would call it), that infinite that has about 100,000 million galaxies, each with 100,000 million suns, and so on. (as far as telescopes can perceive, 600,000 light-years from now), it must also be created within ourselves; when that is, we will have risen to the stature of gods.

More if we think about the various infinities, which can be demonstrated through transfinite mathematics, then we will understand that the possibilities for us are also transfinite ... If on a blackboard we put the sign of infinity and add another one: infinity plus infinity equals infinite, this mathematical operation allows us to establish an axiom (not a simple theory, but an axiom): the thesis of the various infinities ... There is an infinite and many others infinities, and all infinites are based on the Absolute.

Now, I want to tell you my beloved brothers and sisters, that a humanoid who made his psychological moon, that is, a cognizant center of gravity, in fact has become independent from lunar mechanics, because there is a principle of homeopathy that says: "similian similius curando” (simile is cured with simile). Thus we would also say that if the mechanistic moon has converted us into pure mechanical entities, we can become independent by creating a psychological moon within ourselves, that is, a cognizant center of gravity (thus we become independent of that lunar force that produces the highs and lows. low tides, which serves as a weight for this mechanic of nature).

But that is not all: an individual who possesses the cognizant center of gravity, because he has manufactured a cognizant psychological moon, which has allowed him to become independent from lunar mechanics, obviously must create a psychological sun within himself. When does he create it? When it manufactures the superior existential bodies of the Being, through the fulfillment of the Parlock Duty of the Being, that is, of the cosmic duty of the Being that has three factors:

  • dying, or destruction of the "undesirable elements" that we carry within
  • to be born, the second birth ("whoever is not born of water and fire, said Jesus the great Kabir to Nicodemus, will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven." To enter the Kingdom, it is necessary to create the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being, that is, it is necessary to "be born of water and fire")
  • third, Sacrifice for Humanity, because if we are selfish, if we do not work for our fellow men, if we do not raise the torch high to illuminate the path of others, we will not progress; the egotistic, not matter how pietistic he can be, will make no progress in these studies.

So, brothers and sisters, the creation of the psychological sun within ourselves has three factors that you already know: dying, being born and sacrificing for humanity...

When one assimilates the solar intelligence, the solar ideas, one becomes a solar human. The sun has wanted and wants to create solar humans; he has deposited in our sexual endocrine glands, the germs for the solar human. These germs can be lost and the normal thing is that they are lost; it is an experiment that the sun is doing, a very difficult experiment: creating humans, solar humans ...

During the time of Abraham, the prophet, the Sun accomplished many creations. In the first eight centuries of Christianity, the Sun managed to create some humans; in the Middle Ages, a few creations; by this time, the Sun, the astro-king fights, making the last effort to create humans, before the destruction of this root race.


Απόλλων and Αρτεμίδα killing the children of Νιόβη

When a humanity loses all interest in solar ideas, the Sun also loses all interest in that humanity and destroys it; so the Sun creates a new root race for his experiment in nature's laboratory: creating solar humans.

Obviously, the creation of solar humans would not be possible if we did not cooperate with the Sun. We have, in the sexual glands, the germs for the human, but availability to be human is needed. If we cooperate, if we work according to Gnostic ideas, then the solar human will be born in us, he will emerge. This is similar to the butterfly that forms inside the chrysalis: when it is ready, the insect comes out, and flies ...

Likewise, we are like chrysalis: the solar human must be formed within us, but for it to be formed we must cooperate (this is fundamental). When one cooperates, the Sun is born in one, a psychological Sun, the solar human. The Sun wants a harvest of solar humans and obviously, he has the right to that harvest because he has created that very thin film of organic life on the earth's crust; that gives him more rights (if a farmer sows, he has the right to reap). The Sun has established, on the crust of our world, an organic life, a very thin film of organic life. We do not deny that this extremely thin film is a pain factory (who would deny it?).

But the Sun is entitled, I repeat, to a harvest of solar humans; that's what he wants. For this purpose, he has the right to claim that payment, since he has worked; the one who works is entitled to his payment… So, if we want to create the psychological moon, that is, a cognizant center of gravity within us, and later, after that, the psychological Sun, we will need sacrifice; without sacrifice it is not possible to create a psychological moon. And we are going to talk a little bit about sacrifice… If, for example, we stop loving ourselves, in that there is sacrifice; But we have a marked tendency to love ourselves too much, the "I" of self-esteem exists in us, that is obvious, and to stop loving oneself implies sacrifice.

In order to stop loving oneself, one has to learn to welcome the unpleasant manifestations of our fellow men. If one is capable of that, then one is also capable of giving life to one’s cognizant center of gravity; since in that there is sacrifice. Are you capable, perhaps, of receiving with pleasure the words of an insulter? Would you be sure to smile at the one who slapped your face? Let's be honest with ourselves: we must change and this is only possible on the basis of sacrifice! Welcoming the unpleasant manifestations of our fellow men implies sacrifice; putting aside self-consideration, self-sentimentality, this is sacrifice.

Usually we always protest against those who hurt us with their words and it is a mistake to protest. The person who is hurting us is giving us a new extraordinary opportunity: he is giving us nothing less than a "psychological gymnasium", through which it is possible to learn how to welcome the unpleasant manifestations of our fellow men ... What would become of us if there were no insulters? Where would we train, in what place, what would be the "psychological gymnasium"?

Yes, we need to be insulted, hurt and even slapped; But the important thing is to learn to welcome all offenses, because if one discovers that he has the "I" of anger, he is going to have to work with that "I" of anger: he will have to understand it fully and then plead with the Divine Mother Kundalini, remove such "I" from your psychological nature. If one has within oneself the "I" of self-love, one will have to pray to the Divine Mother Kundalini, one will have to beg her and she will eliminate that "I" from our nature; then we will not love ourselves, or better said, we will not self-love ourselves. So insulters are useful, that's obvious ...

And what about jealousy? If one succeeds in destroying jealousy in oneself, not only passionate jealousy, but also religious jealousy, political jealousy, etc., then one will have taken a great step. You have to declare yourself an enemy: of your self-considerations, your self-praise, your secret fears; you have to become independent of jealousy, pride, vanity, if you really really want to create, within yourself, a cognizant center of gravity.


Those who have really achieved it are humanoids number four. Humanoid number four is now ready to make an astral body and enter the path of humans.

Human number five lives in the astral world, absolutely cognizant; whosoever possesses an astral body can travel with that body through space, can visit other planets, can be in contact with the cognizant circle of solar humanity, which operates on the higher centers of the being. A human number five, is ready to become a human number six, and becomes human six when a mental body is manufactured; then one is able to grasp all the wisdom of nature.

Human number six becomes human seven when a causal body has been manufactured, then one can receive the soul and spiritual principles and become a solar human, a real human. That is why I said that after having manufactured the psychological moon, we will have to manufacture the psychological sun; but these advances are made on the basis of pure sacrifices.


How could a human who has manufactured the psychological sun and the psychological moon, a solar human, for example, become a galactic human if he did not descend? He must descend to the "Ninth Sphere" to the "Forge of Cyclops", to the infernal worlds; in order to resurrect later, rise later to the stars and become what is called a "galactic human", one must create a galaxy within oneself and will only create it through sacrifice, already descending to the infernal worlds. A galactic human has the perfect right to travel from galaxy to galaxy; this means that he can, in fact, join an intergalactic crew.

What would we say of the human who already rises to the state of the infinite, that has created an infinite within himself? To do it, he has to descend to suffer, he has to enter into the bowels of some world, in order to know the infinite laws and then to go back up; then he creates an infinite within himself. Such a human can travel from galaxy to galaxy (he deserves it, he is a god). More and more possibilities exist: he can penetrate into the infinite future, or into other infinites, and rise from degree to degree, but each ascension is preceded by a descension; it is not possible to go up if one has not gone down before.

Thus, only through sacrifice can one transform and become something different; however, do not confuse a descent with a fall. Obviously, those who have not reached the high initiation, very easily confuse a fall with a descent, that is obvious ... Those are the ones who in the movement say: "such master is fallen, such brother or sister fell", and they throw their tongues to fly without knowledge of the facts, they do not understand the laws of Alchemy, they have never studied the "Apocalypse" from the esoteric point of view, they know nothing about the alchemist "Genesis"; They slander the masters ...

So, we must be severe in analysis, deep in reflection; So we must understand the work that needs to be done. We need to rise little by little, from degree to degree, and move from the mechanical center of gravity to the cognizant center of gravity, and this is only possible through a third force. That third force is the Gnostic esoteric work. Here we are going to give you the means, all the systems, all the science that you need in order to become people number four. We therefore need you to understand that only those types of people are those who already have a strong cognizant center of gravity.