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Brothers and sisters, let us reflect; I want to tell you in the name of the cosmic truth, in the name of that which is reality, that the necessity of dying from moment to moment exists, because that which is new only arrives through death.

Someone whose name I do not mention, who is indeed a very famous author, stated that perhaps a Golden Age will begin for the world in the year 2007. Obviously, it seems to me that such a statement is absurd. From where are we going to get the elements for such a Golden Age? From all of those egos, from the bestial “I,” from all of those psychological egos which are incessantly returning? Obviously not; this is why it seems to me that such a statement is impossible and absurd.

Indeed, so long as we do not die psychologically within ourselves, an age of light and glory is impossible. How can peace reign over the face of the earth if the elements that produce war are carried within each one of us? How can love reign over the face of the earth if hatred subsists within each one of us? From where can altruism arise if egotism is what we, unfortunately, carry within the depth of our consciousness? How can chastity become resplendent over the face of the earth if lust exists within the depths of each one of us?

Unquestionably, beloved brethren of mine, it is impossible to create an age of light under these aforementioned circumstances, because the ego can never create an age of light. Therefore, any prophecy based on this sensibility seems to me to be absolutely false. Obviously, we must psychologically die from moment to moment, because only in this way can the light emerge.

What about the multitudes? If the egos of the social crowds are very alive, if their egos return incessantly, if they constantly arrive to be born in this valley of Samsara, then how are we going to develop such a Golden Age? Who would edify it? Would a Golden Age be edified by Satan, the myself, the self-willed, the pluralized “I,” the egos of the multitudes? So, brothers and sisters, let us reflect profoundly.

Prophecy about Hercolubus and the Impending Doom

Obviously, we are at the eve of a great cosmic cataclysm, this is indubitable. Scientists already know that a world called the Red Planet is approaching the orbit of our planet Earth; yes, a planet is approaching, and the scientists want to push it away by means of nuclear explosions: nonetheless, everything will be useless. Thus, the moment will arrive in which all of the prophecies have to be fulfilled.

Mohammed already spoke clearly about an earthquake, which is the great event known since the beginning of the centuries that must come to pass. The Koran Sura 56 textually states: “Then the mountains shall be made to crumble with (an awful) crumbling, so that they shall be as scattered dust.” This invites us to reflect…

This prophecy would remain impossible if there was no earthquake; yet, how could this earthquake come to pass? Indubitably, such an event will come to pass by means of a collision of worlds, and this is precisely what is going to happen, my beloved brothers and sisters. The book of Revelation (Apocalypse) also states to us about an earthquake:

“And there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.” - Revelation 16:18

Therefore, I want you to have an in-depth reflection upon the moment in which we presently are. Indeed, we live in a difficult epoch; we are in the times of the end, or as the Apocalypse, the Revelation of Saint John states, in the beginning of the end of the era of the gentiles.

The ancient land Atlantis perished by the water, yet our present land will be burned with fire. In chapter three of his second epistle, Peter also stated very clear about this as follows: “And the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” Yes, beloved brethren of mine, this is true: the elements shall melt with fervent heat. Thus, reflect: delve within this. Indeed, what I am speaking about has a tragic appearance; yes it is true, and this is because I do not want to fail to take advantage of this opportunity, not even for a moment, so that I can call your attention, because it is necessary for you to live in a state of alertness; yes, especially in these very difficult times.

Within the world of natural causes I perceived the future that is reserved for our planet Earth. What I saw was indeed frightful: the twelve constellations of the zodiac appeared in a symbolical, pictorial, or allegorical way as twelve terrible, mighty giants, who—threateningly—were blustering forth lightning and thunder. It seemed as if the doom, the final catastrophe, was happening in those moments. I was also aware, beloved brothers and sisters, that the inhabitants from other planets do not ignore this impending doom: they are preparing themselves for the event. Yes, you can be sure that on that day and hour, cosmic ships from other worlds or planets will take—we would say—certain kinds of photographs (using in this case our terrestrial terms related with the photographing or imprinting of images) imprinted over some type of plaques or something of the sort, with the purpose of storing the memories within their archives, memories related with a world called planet Earth, whose humanity has been sentenced because of their evilness: a terribly perverse humanity.

On another occasion, I was conversing with my Divine Mother Kundalini. She said to me, “Everything is already lost. The evil of this world is so great that it even reached the heavens. Babylon the Great, the mother of all fornications and abominations of the earth, will be destroyed, and from this perverse generation of vipers nothing will remain, not even one stone upon another.”

Astonished, I said, “Oh mother of mine, are we found to be within a dead-end street?”

The Adorable One answered, “Do you want to make a negotiation with me?”

I answered, “Of course, I do.”

“Then open an escape from this dead-end street,” She continued, saying, “and I will kill them.”

Thus, brethren of mine, opening the dead-end street: this is what we are doing; yes, we are in these moments organizing a world rescue army. Joyful will be those who know how to take advantage of the opening in the street, because I want you to know in a concrete, clear, and definitive manner, that all of this that you presently see in the world will be destroyed.

When the already mentioned planet that is traveling towards the orbit of our world, towards our planet Earth, comes closer, obviously it will burn with its radiations everything wherein there is life. Then, the liquid fire from the interior of the Earth, by means of the compelling approach of this planet, will be magnetically attracted, and erupting volcanoes will emerge everywhere; this will unleash frightful earthquakes never seen or sensed in the past: thus, lava and ashes will be everywhere.

The sacred scriptures state that in those days the sun will darken and will not give its light. Obviously, brethren of mine, such a traveling planet, which is going to collide with our terrestrial world, will interpose itself between the resplendent sun that illuminates us and our afflicted world.

Then, a very thick darkness will spread out, where painful woes amongst the terrible telluric movements will be heard; the temperature will rise frightfully, and the people will flee here, there, over there, and everywhere, yet to no avail, since indeed, humanity will not find escape anywhere.

Finally, the stored hydrogen of our planet Earth will become ignited, thus burning everything in a striking holocaust in the middle of the infinite space. Therefore, brethren, when that world that is approaching to collide with our planet comes closer, death with its scythe will reap millions and millions of lives. When the merely physical magnetic collision happens, there will not be anyone alive. Indeed, who would be capable of enduring it? Thus, this is how, beloved brothers and sisters, a perverse civilization will end; this is how this wicked civilization will succumb.

That which I am now stating may seem to be something exotic and strange; yet, the Atlanteans felt likewise in those days before the Universal Flood. Yes, before the waters swallowed that humanity, many of them laughed about it. Rare were the ones who listened to the Manu Vaisvasvata, the authentic biblical Noah, who took the selected, chosen ones, the world rescue army, from the dangerous zone and guided them to the central plateau of Asia, by passing through where there was dry land.

Then, the perverse ones, the black magicians, the Baalim with tenebrous countenances, died in desperation.

Today, brethren, we are speaking as we did in Atlantis. Today, I am prophesying as I prophesied then in that now submerged continent. Now, I am warning as I warned in that epoch. However, there is only one difference: at that time, the Atlantis-Earth—with everything that was within it—perished by the water, yet now our present Earth will succumb to fire. Therefore, beloved brethren of mine, after the great cataclysm, only a great chaos of fire and water vapor will remain.

Earth will be desolated; however, the select chosen will be taken from the dangerous zone and taken to other worlds; thereafter, when the surface of the Earth has the proper conditions to have human seed anew, then those who have been taken and crossed with the races of other worlds of the infinite space will return in order to populate the transformed face of the Earth, the Earth of tomorrow, the New Jerusalem spoken of by the Apocalypse, the Revelation of Saint John.

Remember that there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth: on this, all the prophets agree. It is precisely on that new Earth where the glorious esoteric civilizations of the past will resurrect. The great Sixth Root Race of the future will be a mixture of terrestrial human seed with the best of the human seed from other planets.

Therefore, I want you to comprehend that the resurrection of past civilizations will be a concrete fact. In the first subrace of the future great Sixth Root Race will resuscitate once again that culture, that esoteric civilization, that as a result of the submerging of Atlantis flourished on the central plateau of Asia in the first age of our Fifth Root Race.

Then, the second subrace of that future Sixth Root Race will also be grandiose, because we will see the resurrection of those powerful cultures that flourished in the south of Asia: the pre-Vedic culture with the wisdom of the Rishis, with its great sacred elephant processions, from those ancient Hindustani times, etc.

The third subrace of that future Sixth Root Race, there in that transformed Earth of tomorrow, will also resuscitate; yes, the powerful Egyptian civilization will emerge again. Then there will be a new Nile, new pyramids and new sphinxes, and millions of Egyptian souls will again return, will reincarnate, in order to make the Neptunian-Amentian wisdom resplendent again upon the face of the earth, with its entire splendor and brightness.

In the fourth subrace of that future Sixth Root Race, on the new Earth of the future, the Greco-Roman culture will again emerge with its entire power, along with the mysteries of Eleusis, with the sacred mysteries of ancient Rome, etc.

Then, a fifth subrace within which the Anglo-Saxon and Teutonic civilizations will appear, yet in a very much elevated manner, much more spiritual. Nonetheless, it cannot be avoided that some failures will exist in that epoch; yes, they will exist, this is clear.

In the sixth subrace will appear a culture very similar to the subrace that populates the Iberoamerican continent, yet, I repeat, this will be in an octave of superior order to its former appearance.

Finally, in the seventh subrace of that future Sixth Root Race, on that new transformed Earth of the future, with new heaven and new seas, a culture will flourish that will be very similar to the one which exists presently in the United States of America, yet it will be immensely more spiritual; nonetheless, new and more failures cannot be avoided.

Thereafter, in the end, beloved brethren, another great catastrophe will come, that in that epoch will be caused by the water. Thus, at the end of times, a final continent will emerge, the last continent where the Seven Root Race will flourish.

So, right now, I limit myself to remind you that we are warning of a great impending cataclysm that is approaching, so that the ones who want to enter the ranks of the world rescue army can join us.

Those who follow the esotericism, the ancient wisdom, will be taken from the dangerous zone in the precise, appropriate moment, as indicated by the Great Law. Those who do not follow the esotericism, the ancient wisdom, those who do not accept the teachings, those who reject Gnosticism, will unquestionably perish.

So, an extraordinary event will occur, something very similar to what I already stated, as what happened in ancient times when the Atlantean continent was destroyed.

The powerful civilization of the future, the Golden Age, the Age of Light and Splendor, will only emerge after the great impending doom. Presently, a Golden Age is impossible, simply because the ego cannot create divine cultures; the ego is incapable of bringing the ancient, esoteric, spiritual civilizations to resurrection.

Therefore, those who prophesized, those who stated that in the year 2007 an age of splendors and light will be initiated, are completely mistaken. Understand, in the name of the truth, that such an age can be only built by the Being, by that which is divine, by that which is the most decent within the most profound part of our consciousness, and never by the myself or the self-willed ego.

I want you, Gnostic brothers and sisters, to be prepared. I advise you to dissolve the ego. You must die within yourselves. You must eliminate your self-willed ego.

Only the Being can originate powerful civilizations of light. Only those who have died within themselves can become victorious in the impending hour. Only those will not enter into the abyss; only those can live in the Age of Gold without the need to pass through the Second Death.

In my book entitled The Mystery of the Golden Blossom, I taught how to use the lance. It is necessary to know how to use the lance of Longinus, the weapon of Eros, so that you can destroy all of those psychic aggregates that constitute the ego, the myself, the self-willed. Indubitably, we can perform marvels in the forge of the Cyclops; it is there where we can create the Soma Psuchikon, in other words, the wedding garment of the soul.

It is also there where we can handle that marvelous weapon, the weapon of Eros, with which it is possible to destroy those psychic aggregates that constitute the self-willed ego. Thus, when the entire ego has been radically eliminated, then only the Being, the Divine, that which is perfection, will remain within our interior.

Believe me, my beloved brothers and sisters, it is the ego that makes us ugly in the most complete sense of the word. Yes, those who carry the ego within, indubitably radiate leftist, sinister, tenebrous, and abominable waves. So, when the death of the myself has been performed within, then only beauty remains within the profound interior of each one of us, and from that beauty emanates that which is called love.

How can we sincerely irradiate love if we carry the ego within? Thus, it is necessary for our ego to be destroyed so that only love remains within us. Hermes Trismesgistus said: “I give thee love within which the entire summum of wisdom is contained.”

To love; that is what is fundamental. Love makes us true sages in every aspect of existence, since this is indeed the summum of wisdom.

Authentic wisdom does not pertain to the mind but to the Being; it is a functionalism of the consciousness, a glorious synthesis of that which is called love, because love is the summum of all science, all true and real knowledge.

Beloved brethren, the mind does not know the truth; it is bottled up within the ego. It does not know anything about reality. Let us destroy the ego. Let us liberate ourselves from the mind so that the truth, that which is the Being, reality, can remain within us.

In The Mystery of the Golden Blossom, I taught how to handle that extraordinary weapon, which is the lance; I now repeat this statement with the sincere intention that you learn how to handle it in a precise manner and in this way destroy each one of the psychological aggregates that constitute the pluralized “I,” the ego, the myself, the self-willed.

Precisely, it is in the forge of the Cyclops where we must invoke Devi Kundalini, our divine, particular, cosmic Mother, so she can eliminate this or that physiological defect with the lance; in other words, with Her weapon She can eliminate this or that psychological aggregate, this or that error, this or that “I.” Obviously, She will do it with her weapon; this is how we will die from instant to instant, from moment to moment

It is not enough to comprehend a defect: it is necessary to eliminate it. Comprehension is not enough; elimination is necessary. We can label a defect with a different name, pass it from one to another department of the mind, etc, yet we can never fundamentally alter it. For this, we need a power superior to the mind, a power capable of eliminating this or that error.

Fortunately, such a power is found in a latent state within each one of us; obviously, I am referring to Devi Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers. Thus, only by beseeching Her can She eliminate the defect that we have integrally comprehended.

Thus, by dying from moment to moment as we already indicated, the delectable moment will arrive within which only the Divine, the perfection, the Being, that which is the reality, abides within us.

Those who want to fill the ranks of the future civilization, those who presently do not want to descend into the submerged devolution within the entrails of the earth, must dissolve their ego now. We are therefore facing a dilemma: whether we dissolve the ego by means of our own whim, by our own will, or have hell dissolve it for us.

If we resolve to not dissolve it, if we do not want to disintegrate it, then nature will take care of it in the infernal worlds, within the infradimensions of the cosmos, within the living entrails of this planet on which we live. Alas, in what conditions? It will be through infinite bitterness, through unending sufferings, and frightful agonies, which are impossible to describe with words.

Therefore, reflect: I invite you to very minutely reflect upon this aspect and thereafter to die within yourselves; comprehend my words, since for some or many, this may be their last opportunity.