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The mind-heart of the Intellectual Animal (called human being out of sympathy) is full of vain theories and mental suppositions, which cannot lead us to anything positive.

Modern intellectuals want to make a new world in accord with the fantastic model that they have built within their mind.

Leader politicians with the purpose of gaining power make astonishing promises to the suffering and starving multitudes; however, once their ambition is satisfied, they broadly laugh at the expense of the wretched, imbecilic populace.

The world is in crisis and everywhere there are wars and rumors of wars, promises and mockeries, bombardments and political parties that mutually combat each other.

It is absurd to suppose that we can depart from this social chaos with all of its fights and miseries, if indeed, individually, we do not resolve ourselves to perform a radical and definitive change.

Useless are the legal or illegal changes of governments, the bloody dictatorships, the revolutions of blood and alcohol.

If we truly want an absolutely radical change, then first of all, we need to change ourselves individually.

What we are as individuals is what the world is. Indeed, the world is the individual, because the world is nothing more than the sum of all individuals. The problem of the world is the problem of the individual.

Thus, if the individual does not internally change, then the world will never change either, even when many want to change it based on extremist doctrines, bloody revolutions, abominable dictatorships, etc.

If we study our intimate problems in detail, then we have to arrive at the logical conclusion that no leader can resolve these problems for us.

What I am, is in fact, the party, the group, the family, the society, the nation.

The individual is the beginning and the ending of every order of things. Thus, if we want a radical transformation of this bitter and suffering world, then we need each of us to individually transform ourselves in a true and very intimate way.

We need with an expedited urgency to firmly establish within our mind the positive values of the spirit.

When the coarse values of the world inhabit our minds, then the outcome is starvation, misery, war, ignorance, sicknesses, etc.

Only based on profound comprehension can we resolve in a positive and true way all the economical and social problems of the world that afflict and torture us.

Oppression and exploitation, the aggressiveness and economical cruelty of these times, are due to the absence of the eternal values of the spirit.

Darkness is never dissolved with hand’s blows, but with the light. Neither is the error dissolved by combating it with violence, but by teaching the truth.

Therefore, political doctrines which are established by means of violence will never achieve the end of dictatorships, greed, ambition, egotism and incompetence.

When the law restricts the human being, then he looks for substitutes, for his own personal satisfaction. Those substitutes become vehicles of our own mistakes, hatred, egotism, jealousy, ambitions, etc.. This is how new dictatorships are mocked.

In the end, the Czar and his royal family in Russia were substituted by Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, and the entire Kremlin company.

Individual capitalism was substituted by the capitalism of the state and the old bourgeoisie was replaced by the new bourgeoisie, disguised as Proletarian.

Thus, in Russia, all the old ambitions were disguised with the doctrine of Marx and Lenin.

All the vices and evilness were multiplied in secrecy, and cruelty became gruesome because of the lack of the eternal values.

If indeed we love humanity, if we want to cooperate in the initiation of this new era that is beginning, then it is necessary for an intimate and intelligent transformation to happen voluntarily within each individual.

Surely, this intimate change cannot be produced by means of any type of exterior violence or coactions, because if that would happen, then new social and bitter disasters would be the outcome of it. The intimate regeneration must be voluntary, intelligent and never obligatory.

We must be sincere with ourselves and make a dissection of the “I” with the tremendous scalpel of self-criticism.

It is absurd to criticize the errors of the neighbor. What is fundamental is to discover our own errors and to disintegrate them based on analysis and very profound comprehension.

When an error has been totally comprehended in an integral way and in all of the deepest levels of the mind, it is inevitably disintegrated.

This is how we can dissolve the “I.” Only with the death of the “I” can we make a better world.

We need to liberate the mind and heart from any type of evilness if we truly want to transform ourselves intimately for the good of the world.