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Love Among the Ruins, c. 1873 by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones
Love Among the Ruins, c. 1873 by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones


Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, tonight I am going to speak emphatically about that which is called love. We have chosen to discuss this theme on the day of Saint Valentine, the patron of love.

Undoubtedly, Valentinus [Valentine] was a great master of love, and formed a school called the Valentinians. They were dedicated to the study of Christic esotericism in all its aspects, and because of this, we will address you in a precise form to speak about the miracle of love.


Valentinus (Saint Valentine)

In the name of truth, we can say that love begins with a gleam of affinity, is substantiated with the force of affection, and is synthesized in adoration.

To love, how great is to love! Only the great souls are able and know how to love!

For there to be love, there needs to be an affinity of thoughts, an affinity of sentiments, and an identical mental preoccupation. 

The kiss is the mystical consecration of two souls who eagerly express in a sensory way that which they live in their interior. The sexual act becomes the consubstantialization of love in the psycho-physiological reality of our nature. 

The perfect matrimony is the union of two beings; one who loves more and the other who loves better. 

Love is the most accessible religion. 

Hermes Trimegistus, the thrice great God Ibis of Thoth, said:

“I give thee love, within which the summum of wisdom is contained.”

How noble is the beloved! How noble are the man and the woman when they are indeed united in a bond of love. A couple of lovers becomes mystical, charitable, supportive. If all human beings were in love, then happiness, peace, harmony, and perfection would reign upon the face of the Earth.

Certainly, a small shawl, a photograph, a portrait, provokes in the beloved states of ineffable ecstasy. In such moments, one feels in communion with the beloved, even if the loved one is far away. This is what we call love.

In the United States and Europe, there is a group called "The Order of the Swan." The affiliates of this order study and analyze in a profound way all the scientific processes related to love. 

When a couple is truly in love, marvelous transformations are produced within their organism. Love is an effusion or energetic emanation that springs from within the utmost depths of the consciousness. These radiations of love stimulate the endocrine glands throughout the organism, producing millions of hormones that invade the sanguineous canals, filling them with extraordinary vitality.

"Hormone" comes from a Greek word [ὁρμή] signifying "impulse of being" or "force of being." A hormone is very small, but it has grand powers capable of revitalizing the human organism.

Truly, one is amazed to see a decrepit elder when he is in love. His endocrine glands produce sufficient hormones to rejuvenate and revitalize him totally.

To love, how great is to love! Only the great souls are able and know how to love!

Love in itself is a cosmic force, a universal force that throbs within each atom, as it throbs within each sun. The stars also know how to love. Let us observe them on those delectable nights of plenilune: they approach one another, and at times they fuse or integrate totally. "A collision of worlds!" the astronomers exclaim, but what indeed has truly happened is that two worlds have integrated through a bond of love.

The planets of our solar system revolve around the Sun attracted incessantly by the marvelous force of love. The atoms within molecules also revolve around their central nucleus attracted by the formidable force of love. Let us observe the scintillation of the worlds within the starry firmament; such luminous scintillation, such waves of light, such radiations are in communion with the sigh of the flower... Yes, there is love between the star and the rose that throws in the air its delicious perfume. Love in itself is profoundly divine, terribly divine. 

Cult to love, to the woman, was always rendered in ancient times; there is no doubt that the woman is the most beautiful thought of the creator made flesh, blood, and life. Indeed, the woman has been born for a sacred mission, which is to bring children into this world, the mission to multiply the species. Maternity in itself is grandiose. In ancient Mexico, there has always been a deity consecrated precisely to those women who died during childbirth. It is stated that those women continue in the region of the dead with their little children in their arms. It is affirmed in an empathic manner that after a certain time they entered Tlalocan, the paradise of Tlaloc. Indeed, the cult of the woman, love, and maternity always reigned in Aztec Mexico. Women who died in childbirth were considered by the people of Anahuac as martyrs who gave their life in the name of the grand cause.

To love is something ineffable, divine. To love is an extraordinary cosmic phenomenon. Only joy reigns in the corner of love. When a couple is joined in sexual copula with the ties of true love, the most divine forces of nature surround them. Those cosmic forces created the cosmos and have come to create anew. In these moments, the man and the woman are true gods in the most complete sense of the word. They can create as gods. Behold how grandiose is that which is love!

The cosmic forces that surround the couple during the sexual act would always be an extraordinary aid in the nuptial chamber if the human being knew how to retain those extraordinary forces, if those forces were not wasted in the holocaust of animal pleasure that leads to nowhere, if indeed the couple would intensely respect the marvelous force of love. 

The man is the initial impulse of any creation. The woman is the formal receptive power of any creation.

The man is like the hurricane. The woman is like the delectable nest of doves in the temples or sacred towers.

The man has in himself the capacity for struggle. The woman has in herself the capacity for sacrifice.

The man has in himself the intelligence necessary for life. The woman has in herself the tenderness that the man needs when returning from his daily work.

Thus, the man and woman are the two columns of the temple. These columns should neither be too far apart, nor too close together. There should be a space so that the light can flow between them.

Love in Antiquity

The sexual act is a sacrament. This is how the ancient people understood it, having temples dedicated to love. Let us remember the temple of Venus in the august Rome of the Caesars. Let us remember the temple of the moon in ancient Chaldea. Let us remember, I say, the ancient temples of India where cult was rendered to that which is call love.

Cult was rendered to love in Lemuria, the ancient continent located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. In that continent Mu, there were indeed two ways for reproduction, two sexual processes.

First: During the middle ages of Lemuria, the human races were guided by the "Kumaras" to certain temples where the sacred sacrament of sex was received. In those times, sex was a sacrament. No one dared to practice copulation outside the temple. Only in certain epochs, I repeat, the human race was guided by the Kumaras towards the sacred sanctuaries. Long trips were made at determined lunar times with the purpose of reproducing the species. As a very old memory, as a remnant of that, the honeymoon travels remain; yes, this is the origin of the honeymoon, which is very ancient.

adam eve instructed

"Adam" and "Eve" Instructed by the Masters

Upon the stone-paved patios of the sacred temples of the Lemurian continent, under the direction of the wise Kumaras, men and women were united in order to create and create anew. Back then, the sexual act was sacred. The people had not entered into the devolving, descending process of sexual degeneration. Sex was treated with profound respect. The woman was sacred. Nobody dared to profane the woman, not even with their sight — as I already said, "She is the most beautiful thought of the creator made flesh, blood and life."

Written upon old parchments — sacred papyri that still exist in some places of the earth — is the following, “Then, in those times of Lemuria, people reproduced themselves by the power of Kriya Shakti” — that is to say, by the power of will and yoga. Those who have studied the science of the tantras know what I am referring to.

The old texts of ancient wisdom say that in the supreme moment of metaphysical copula, the man and woman withdrew from the chemical copulation without ejaculating the ens seminis, meaning the entity of semen. The sperm was considered sacred, and nobody in those times dared to profane sex. This is what nowadays doctors could call "coitus interruptus." This might appear exaggerated, but I am limited to comment on what ancient traditions state, and on what is written upon some papyri and in many books that presently exist in Oriental Tibet.

Padmasambhava and Yeshe Tsogyal

"Practice to perfection the skill of retaining your seed-essence..." - Yeshe Tsogyal

Arriving here we should remember that in his psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud says that it is possible to sublimate and transmute the sexual libido. Professor Sigmund Freud of Frielburg, son of Austria, was truly an eminence, creating innovation within the field of medicine. Many doctors have commented upon him; many schools have accepted him, others have rejected him. On Freud there has been many arguments. They say that before the Second World War, in Berlin, Germany, Hitler ordered that along with many other books the works of Sigmund Freud be burned. I only comment upon what has been said in some books.

Sequentially, the Lemurians, we might say, worked with the system of Freud: they sublimated the sexual libido. Unquestionably, they had grand cosmic powers. 

Sometime in life, all of us have had a presentiment of the existence of the superhuman, such as is cited by Frederick Nietzsche in his book Thus Spoke Zarathrustra.

We the Gnostics think that the superhuman really existed on the continent Mu. I am not referring to a particular individual, I am referring to all the inhabitants of Lemuria. 

It has stated unto us that “at that time there was no pain during childbirth.” Women gave birth to their children without pain. This is not only mentioned briefly in Genesis, but it is also mentioned in many other religious books. 

I repeat, we are limited only to give our opinions upon these matters, respecting —as is natural — your concepts. Truly, we give the teaching, and we give complete freedom to the audience so that with your mind you can accept, reject, or interpret this doctrine as you see fit. In these moments I only bring to memory the Lemurians and what is affirmed related to sex.

Lemurians lived ten to fifteen centuries. They were humans of a higher stature, about four meters high. Women's bodies were a little smaller, but still as gigantic as the men. 

They spoke a language that is lost. I am referring to the universal language. It is an extraordinary language (“presen," as it is said in that language, meaning “superior”). Obviously, that language has its own cosmic grammar. I know that language, since it is conserved by tradition in some secret places and reserved sites. If in those times one had to say, "Good morning," we would not say as in these days “Morning,” or "Buenas dias," or “Bonjour, monsieur," but we would simply say, “Aybu," the other person answering, "Aybu," placing his hands upon his heart. This language has its grammar and its graphic characters. Chinese has graphic characters; you can see that Chinese graphic characters are rather difficult to learn. The Greeks also have their graphic characters. Sanskrit has their own. Well, then, the graphic characters of the universal language are runic, and had been conserved until a short time ago by the vikings of the North. In any case, those who can read these characters obviously possess grand erudition and are capable of learning certain texts that mention Lemuria.

A short time ago a gift was sent to me; it was sent from Tibet. It is precisely a Sanskrit text. I have it in my domain. Unquestionably, I have been unable to find somebody who could understand it, as it is written with Sanskrit characters. 

In regard to that epoch of Lemuria, those old texts — written with their ancient characters — state that humanity did not think as we do now. They lived from ten to fifteen centuries and spoke a universal language, which I repeat, was lost. Over time the distinct words of this language were corrupted, and from that corruption came the birth of all the languages that exist today upon the face of the Earth. 

Nevertheless, I can say to you that this language and the Chinese seem very similar. It seems that the phonetics of the universal language and Chinese are similar. I have studied both, and they look to me practically uniform. You have heard that when the Chinese talk they utter a kind of song; it is not like the dry language that we utter. Chinese language has a melody; this is how the universal language is; it has indeed a melody. Nevertheless, there is a notable difference between the Chinese and the universal language: I am addressing in a practical manner the psychic powers contained within the Lemurian or universal language that act directly upon the fire, air, water, and earth. Those old ancient traditions state that the Lemurians had power over the elementals of nature. They were what we could call the superhuman, cited by Frederick Nietzsche in his Zarathrustra.  

I understand that the Lemurians owed their powers especially to not eliminating or expelling from their organism the sacred sperm, meaning the Exiohehari. They only transmuted or sublimated it, such as is taught by Brown-Sequard, the grand North American experimental scientist, or by Dr. Krumm-Heller, professor of the university of medicine, and also Dr. Coronel of our own native Mexico. There is no doubt that they knew this system of Lemuria and proclaimed it in their books. It is enough for us to read the studies of Brown-Sequard or Krumm-Heller in order to corroborate these kind of scientific affirmations.

Obviously, when the ens seminis is not ejaculated, it is transformed into energy, and this energy revitalizes the whole human organism. We understand that this type of energy is very fine, and that the energetic waves of sex put into activity the enormous powers found latent in the pineal, pituitary, thyroids, parathyroid glands, etc. I am not settling dogmas or something of the sort. I am only addressing data that we have studied, and I give my opinion to you, in as much as we are in this cultural, intellectual hall. I understand that there are very learned people here who can perfectly accept or reject these affirmations. I am only addressing them.

To live ten to fifteen centuries is inconceivable to us, nevertheless the Bible affirms that Methuselah lived nine hundred years, and let us think a little about this. In any case, I understand that the Lemurian system gave good results, since those people lived long lives and possessed extraordinary faculties. The Lemurians did not see the physical world as we see it; for them the air was of distinct colors, the mountain transparent, and the gods of which they spoke a lot were obviously perceivable by their senses of internal perception — in other words, they enjoyed the scientific extrasensory perception.

Already in this day and age a lot has been said about extrasensory perception. Undoubtedly, people of three dimensional psychology would never accept extrasensory perception, but let us remember that in the time of Galileo nobody accepted that the Earth was round and that it moved. When Galileo affirmed this, they wanted to burn him alive. Later, he was charged in the Inquisition, and placing his hands upon the Bible, they said to him, "If you do not swear and retract what you have said, we will burn you in the bonfire.” Then they asked him, “Do you swear that the Earth is not round and that it does not move?" 

He responded, "I swear it, Eppur si mouove, si mouve." That is to say, "Albeit it does move, it moves." For swearing in this way he was not burned alive. There was a little compassion for him; they limited themselves to placing him in jail, and that was all. 

Thus in reality, the universe always offers us unusual things, things that in the beginning one rejects because they appear absurd, but then later have to accept.

Brown-Sequard demonstrated that many sicknesses of the brain could disappear if during chemical copulation the orgasm or spasm is avoided. Naturally, he was criticized a lot, he was considered immoral, etc., but there is no doubt that he came near to a grand secret, to the Lemurian secret.

The Lemurians owed to their religion and their chemical copulation the special enjoyment of faculties the human beings of this age do not know about. The Lemurians could perfectly see the superior dimensions of nature and the cosmos. Nowadays, human beings do not see the Earth as it is, but only as it apparently is. Our planet Earth is multidimensional, and this can be demonstrated mathematically, but the majority of people do not accept this. Each one is free to think what he likes.

Unfortunately, the intellectuals of this age are bottled up in the three dimensional dogma of Euclides. This dogma has been discussed thoroughly. It is clear that such a dogma is now passing away! Very wise men have written extraordinary books of mathematics that relate in one way or another with the fourth coordinate. These men are still respected, which no one dares dispute, but still some people turn out to be skeptical. Nevertheless, the book "Ontology of Mathematics" is well worth the intellectuals knowing deeply, profoundly.

Thus, when Lemurians raised their eyes to the stars, they could communicate with the inhabitants of other planets. For them, life on other planets of the solar system was a reality. The plurality of inhabited worlds, as proclaimed by Camille Flammarion, was a fact for the Lemurian.

In Lemuria, the man and woman passed through brilliant mystical ceremonies before performing the chemical copulation within the very temple. Rendered there was the cult of the divine, of the Grand Alaya of the universe, the Tao of the Chinese, the INRI of the Gnostics, that which is, has always been and always will be. They comprehended that without an intelligent directing principle, nothing in creation can exist, and therefore, before the chemical copulation they worshiped the eternal.

Over time, the Lemurian race degenerated little by little. There were enormous cities. The walls of these cities were constructed with lava from volcanoes, etc. In those cities there was an extraordinary civilization. They built cosmic ships propelled with atomic energy that could travel to each of the planets of the solar system. Our modern civilization with its famous rockets that “Tyrians and Trojans” made to land on the Moon is not the first civilization to do so, nor will it be the last. In truth, it is necessary to understand that diverse civilizations have existed in the world, and that ours is not the only one.

The Lemurians were a grand civilization, and they had no fear of death. They knew very well and in a direct manner the day and hour of their death. When such day arrived, they would lay down in their sepulcher, which was built by the dying individual with his own hands, and, smiling, they would pass into eternity. The deceased psychic values did not disappear from the sight of their relatives, thus obviously they did not painfully mourn them. 

This is what the ancient texts have said, and I have given my time to speak with you about these things because I see that you have come here in a comprehensive manner. It is clear that not everyone who listens to me will agree with what we have affirmed. It would be absurd if I assumed for a moment that all the people in this auditorium would accept these affirmations. Nevertheless, they who know how to listen will comprehend very well that everything is possible in the universe. The world of possibilities is always infinite, and if anyone comments upon these ancient texts it is worthwhile.

Later in time, the Lemurians devolved, therefore their faculties of perception became sadly atrophied. Many traditions have given the account that later in time the Lemurians began to copulate outside the temples; they rebelled against the direction of the Kumaras, and performed the sexual act according to their own whim, thus ejaculating the ens seminis. This is how it is said by some writers, thus as a consequence or corollary they lost their transcendental faculties.

Thereafter, in all corners of that gigantic continent that in afore time covered the Pacific Ocean, when the Lemurian race went into the temples, the priests and hierophants expelled the devotees, saying, "Out, unworthy!" Truly, indeed, this was then when man and woman left the terrestrial paradise, because they had eaten the forbidden fruit that was prohibited in former times. Truly I tell you the following: Adam represents all the men of the ancient epoch, and Eve all the women. Thus, when men and women ate of the forbidden fruit, they were thrown out of the temples of the mysteries. Their faculties became atrophied. Then man had to work in order to sustain his wife and children, and the woman began to birth children into the world with pain. 

Adam and Eve Driven From Paradise

Adam and Eve Driven From Paradise, by James Tissot

This has all been well documented among the Nahuas, among the Mayans, and many Asian people have always said the same thing. I have seen the codex where these figures appear, and have carefully investigated them. That is why I can say they have documentation. I do not oblige anyone to believe, but it is worthwhile for the erudite to diligently investigate a little among the Mayans, Toltecs, Zapotecs, etc. The devolution of the human being is mentioned or cited in many ancient books.

The Marriage

There is a secret in love. It appears to have been well described by Freud as "sublimation" of the creative energy, treating sex with profound respect.

Obviously, man and woman are, we may say, like two parts of the same being. Man left Eden accompanied by his spouse, and must return to Eden with the same spouse. In other words, we say: Man left Eden through the door of sex, and only through this door can he return into Eden. Eden is sex itself.

What enormous powers would awaken if humanity accepted the system of Brown-Sequard or of the Oneida Society or of Dr. Krumm-Heller, systems based on the old traditions of Lemuria. This is something that the doctors, the men of science, could investigate. We simply state that the sublimation or transmutation of the creative energy releases a radical, psychological, physiological, and biological transformation. The superhuman of Nietzsche can arrive through the transmutation of the sexual libido.

Nevertheless, the first thing is to know how to love. Without love, it is not possible to obtain all of these prodigies.

Have you observed that grand men always appear next to grand women? Next to Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni is Yashodhara, his beautiful wife disciple. Next to the divine Rabbi of Galilee is Mary Magdelene. Obviously, it would not have been possible for these grand men to have performed their grand labors, which changed the course of history, if they were not accompanied by their grand women.

buddha shakyamuni and his wife

Shakyamuni and Yashodhara

Man and woman are, indeed, truly, two aspects of one being; this is clear. 

Love in itself emerges from within the unknowable parts of our Being. I want to emphatically state that within our very selves, there, within our most intimate depths, we have our Being, who is invested with transcendental characteristics of eternity. The Being is the divine within us.

Love is a force that emanates precisely from this divine prototype who exists within the depth of our consciousness. Love is a type of energy capable of performing truly marvelous prodigies.

Valentine and the Valentinians had their school, which was a Gnostic school, where the mysteries of sex were studied, where they analyzed them carefully. They knew the Lemurian secret of sublimating the creative energy, and achieved the development of certain psychic possibilities that are latent in the race. It has been stated that Valentine was a grand illuminate, a great master in the most complete sense of the word.

Love in itself is something divine. Look at the swan. The Kalahamsa swan is the symbol of love that flies above the waters of the lake of life. A pair of swans upon a lake, how beautiful they are! When one of the pair dies, the other succumbs to sadness. This is because love is fed with love.

But to love! Unfortunately, the human being does not know how to love! Oftentimes, on the first night of marriage, men treat their wives badly. They do not want to comprehend that virginity is sacred, and they should have respect. We can say that they rape their own wives. They do not know how to treat the woman with wisdom, how to carry her to walk upon the path of love.

Oftentimes in daily life, men and women argue. Oftentimes, they argue because of insignificant issues. The man says one thing, the woman another, and at times it follows that a word is sufficient for one of the couple to react. They do not know how to control themselves. They do not want to understand that the home is the best psychological gymnasium. It is precisely in our home life where we can discover ourselves. In the home, we can discover the defects of our psychological type.

Who hurt us? Why did they hurt us? Is it possible that we have jealousy? Is it possible that our self-love has been hurt? Could it be that our pride has been hurt? What is the truth?

When one discovers that he has a psychological defect, then he has the opportunity to disintegrate it, to reduce it to cosmic dust. By eliminating our errors, our defects, one day we will obtain the awakening of consciousness.

Unfortunately, people do not want to change, nor do they want to eliminate their defects. They say, "I am wrathful. This is my way of being." Others say, "I am jealous. This is how I am, so what?” Others exclaim, "I am lustful. I take pleasure in women. This is how I am, so what?" With this way of thinking, with this way of feeling, a true transformation is not possible. 

When one knows one has a psychological defect, then it should be eliminated. It is in the home that one discovers such defects. For this reason, the home serves as a psychological gymnasium.

Many complain that their wives are angry and jealous. They desire to have another woman who would be a paradise, who would be a humble angel that descended from the heavens. They do not want to understand that home is an extraordinary gymnasium, and where we are able to discover our defects, and that if we do so, we will obtain the awakening of our consciousness.

Again, it is necessary to know how to love. Understanding between man and woman should always reign in the home. The man should not expect the woman to be perfect, and the woman should not expect the man to be a prince, a "knight in shining armor." We should accept things as they are, and have the home be a school where we can discover ourselves. In accordance with how we are doing in eliminating psychological defects, happiness replaces angry arguments, and one day, after a lot of suffering, the home becomes a paradise.

Jealousy damages the home. Jealousy makes a mountain out of a molehill. If the wife looks at someone, the husband suffers, as it appears as if she is having a relationship with the other man. It is an error of the mind, but he takes it as reality. The jealous wife is the same; she makes her husband suffer. If he looks at another woman, she suffers, and creates a terrible scene at home. On the path of jealousy, one suffers a lot.

If one truly investigates the origin of jealousy, one discovers the trouble is in fear: fear of losing that which is most loved. The woman fears losing the man, the man fears losing the woman; the woman believes that the man is seeing another, or the man supposes that the woman is seeing another. It is clear that this results in suffering and pain. Most importantly, if we eliminate fear, jealousy disappears.

How can we eliminate the fear of losing our loved one? Only through reflection, through meditation.

Let us think about reality: we do not come into the world accompanied by our loved one. We are only received by the doctor or midwife. We do not come into the world with clothes or money or material goods. And it is clear that at the hour of our death, we do not go accompanied by our wife or husband. Some part remains here, while the other part goes to eternity. Thus, from a physical point of view, death separates us. For this reason, when a priest performs a marriage, he says, "I declare you man and wife till death do you part."

In reality, death comes sooner or later. We cannot take to eternity a pin, or a cent, not anything that we possess. We cannot take our loved one... Then why do we have things? We should accept things as they are. We should not have attachment to personal or material things, to a person; one can suffer for anything. For this reason, we should not have attachments or any kind of fear.

What do we fear? The most grave thing that can happen is to be murdered. So what? We are born to die, then what? Sooner or later we have to die, and those who love their money a lot, who are attached to their fortune, sooner or later have to lose it. Why should they be scared? Why do they have to fear? This is a most natural event. 

Just the same, why do we have fear of losing our loved one? It has a beginning, it has an end. When one comprehends that everything has a beginning and an end, the fear disappears, even the fear of losing the loved one. When this fear disappears, then jealousy ends forever. It no longer exists! Since there is no fear, it can no longer exist.

Another factor of discordance in couples is anger. The man says one angry thing, the woman responds with her hands and feet, and in the end there is a battle of plates and vases. This is the crude reality. If we eliminate the demon of anger, peace will reign in the home, there will not be pain. But I ask you: why do we have anger within us? Why? Is it possible for us to change? Yes, it is possible! 

I proposed to change, and did change. I was wrathful, but I knew the process of anger. I proposed to eliminate it, and I did. It is clear that I had to pass through certain sacrifices to finally eliminate anger. 

I visited places where somebody could insult me. I went with the purpose of being insulted. I knew that the person XX took no pleasure in our teachings, and I visited him intentionally so that he could insult me. For the next half an hour or hour I observed myself. I observed my internal and external reactions, the impulses that came from within and those that came from without. I observed the causes that motivated the anger. I could see that in some circumstances the anger was produced because my pride was hurt. I could verify on other occasions that the anger was produced because my self-love was hurt. I thought that I was a grand person. I did not comprehend that I was only a worm in the mud of the earth. I believed that I was great, yet if someone touched on a sore point within me, I would react furiously with thunder and lightning, ripping at my clothing and protesting. I proposed to study all these aspects of anger, and through grand super-efforts and sacrifices, the anger was consequently eliminated. 

Thus, if one says, "I am like this," it does not have any value, because one can change, and if one changes, he benefits himself and his fellow man.

We should learn to eliminate our errors. It is possible by reflecting a little.

How joyous couples would be if they truly knew how to love, if the man had no anger and the woman was never angry. The "honeymoon" would be conserved. Unfortunately, when human beings are married, they begin and end with the most beautiful thing there is: the "honeymoon."

If we really want to conserve the honeymoon, we should eliminate anger, we should eliminate jealousy, we should eliminate egoism. We should become comprehensive and learn to pardon all the errors of our beloved. Nobody is born perfect! The man should know that the woman has her defects. The woman should comprehend that the man has his also. They should mutually pardon their defects of a psychological type. If they proceed in this way, the honeymoon will last!

Among the ancient people of Anahuac was Xochipilli, the god of song, love, and beauty. Xochipilli taught us to conserve the undeniable delights of the honeymoon. It is a pity that people do not understand the doctrine of Xochipilli.

It is possible to conserve the honeymoon when we learn to pardon the errors of the beloved, but if we do not know how to pardon errors, the honeymoon will be lost.

When a couple gets married, they should understand psychology better. Usually when one of the pair begins to hurt the other, the first reacts and hurts back. A conflict is formed, then passes, and the two are reconciled and everything appears to continue in peace; but this is not so. Resentment remains. On another day, there is another conflict: a dispute between the husband and wife over any stupid thing, like jealousy. The result: the conflict passes and another resentment remains. Thus, conflict by conflict, resentments are accumulated, and the honeymoon is finished. The resentments develop step by step, and if they do not get divorced, they try to continue their union because they think they should, or because of animal passion, and this is all.

Already, many matrimonies have nothing to do with love. Love in these days smells of gasoline, celluloid, bank accounts, and resentments.

The most grave error the husband and wife can commit is to terminate the honeymoon. It is just a matter of knowing how to conserve it.

Man, did your wife insult you? Did she utter very harsh words against you? Well, stay calm, peaceful. No matter how much, do not react, bite your tongue before answering. Finally, she, after seeing you so serene, without any reaction, she will feel extremely embarrassed, and will ask your forgiveness ...

Madam, did your husband insult you? What did he tell you? Is he jealous of the boyfriend you used to have? What has happened? Is he in a bad mood today? Try to maintain your serenity. Prepare some tea for him. Give him his clothes, help him in the bath, kiss him, love him. As much as he insulted you, try to love him more. What will happen then? Ladies, you can be sure that the man will feel tremendously repentant, he will feel remorse and kneel down before you to beg forgiveness. He will admit to being a tyrant, a wicked one. You have won the battle!

If both man and woman proceed in this way, in accordance with this formula, I can guarantee that the honeymoon will not be lost. The man will learn little by little to dominate himself, and he will comprehend that his wife is a saint. And the woman will learn little by little to control herself, and through this she will see her husband is tremendously noble. The moment will arrive when neither of the two will want to hurt the other. They will idolize one another, and the honeymoon will continue throughout their lives.  This is the art of to love and to be loved.

Is your wife weeping? Kiss her tears, caress her... What, she does not accept your caresses? Okay, wait a little, until her anger passes away; anger has a beginning and an end. Any storm, no matter how strong it might be, has a beginning and a conclusion. Wait a little and you will see the result. What is important for you is not to get mad. If you do this, if you achieve it, if you control yourself, she will finally come to you "tame" to apologize. Oh how great is the joy of reconciliation!

Today, on the day of Saint Valentine and the Valentinians, we must touch in depth all of these matters of love. 

In fact, really, we must learn how to live. To be an intellectual is an easy thing, just insert a library into your brain and you are ready, but to know how to live is difficult! 

Master of the House

Very few of us really know how to live. We have to start at home. We must start by being a good master of the house. A man who does not know how to be good master of the house, who does not know how to live at home with his wife and children, also does not know how to live in society.

Unfortunately, many want to be perfect citizens, and appear as such before the solemn verdict of the public consciousness, but at home they do not know how to live...

I have observed some organizations. I know one where Mr. John Doe wastes his money; he squanders his money. To that end, he is always short money for the rent, and this is very sad. He always owes money to everyone. He does not pay his debts, because he has no money, and when he collects some money, he squanders it. His wife goes hungry, has many needs, their children suffer the unspeakable. Many times he has been thrown out in the street for lack of payment, this is clear...  

On one occasion, he was appointed as the director of a philosophical school. Soon, after a short time, it happened in that school there was no money to pay the rent; several months of rent for that building were due. Nobody paid the phone bill. Conclusion: that organization was on the path of failure. Why? Because that good gentleman did not know how to live at home, much less could he know how to run an organization…  

Whosoever wants to be, indeed, a good head of any organization, be it a company, be it a school, he must first learn how to be a good master of the house...

There are many who say, "Well, what I am interested in is science, art, philosophy, etc. That about house and wife has no importance for me.” Thus, they treat their poor wife with kicks. Conclusion: they become a failure within the various organizations where they work, whether in business or simply as union leaders or school teachers, etc. Whosoever cannot be a good householder cannot be a citizen useful to his fellowmen. We must learn how to live, to learn how to live with true intelligence and great comprehension...

Many strive to marry, and this is very serious, especially some wretched women. I have known some of them; when they reached maturity, before losing their blooming youth, when "the train is leaving them behind"... how much they suffer when they hunt for a good suitor! In no way they are willing to remain unmarried. These women say, "Between being unmarried and to dress or undress a drunkard, I will choose the second,” and to some extent, they are right, the poor things. Thus, they struggle, and finally they try to conquer whoever they can out there, as they can they do their little effort to do so. Thus, sometimes they manage to marry, but failure is inevitable, because there is a saying that states, "Marriages are made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning,” and that is true. 

There is a law that many will accept, others will not. I do accept it, and those who want to accept it, let them accept it. This is the Law of Destiny. I think that there is a woman for every man. I think that there is a man for every woman. Thus, it is better for women to wait for the man that is assigned to them. If that man does not appear, well then, let them wait with resignation. Otherwise, they have to resolve to remain unmarried. If the man arrives, then wonderful. They will then have to resolved to "undress drunks" ...

Indeed, it is preferable for a woman to remain unmarried than to marry and fail. When they want to force marriage, when they want to marry "the hard way,” "by force,” as we are told, the result is failure. Sooner or later the "little cupid" of her eyes leaves, and the poor thing remains far away sighing, weeping... or for sure she will find there a fortuneteller woman who will tell her fortune, and tell her if her beloved torment will return or not. That is the harsh reality of today...

There are some women that try to "grab" the man's sexual side, they say, "Well, if I surrender to this man, maybe I will manage to marry him. The man brings down heaven, stars, golden palaces of  “A Thousand and One Nights” to her feet, and she gives her body to him ... Then what? She becomes pregnant! And what about the man? She never hears about that man again...

Behold, into how many mistakes some women fall into, women who make the mistake of wanting to precipitate marriage "the hard way.” That is lack of faith in fate, in God, or as you want to call it. It is better for women to know how to wait a bit.

Sometimes some men also make the mistake of trying to precipitate marriage; the result is often quite serious. Getting married with a woman who is not his, according to the law of destiny, this implies failure, that is obvious... There is a vulgar saying that states, "Marriage is not exactly the horn of abundance, but the abundance of horny…” Men who truly do not know how to wait a bit, they precipitate forced marriage, thus they end after awhile married to a horny toad, and that is sad ...

There is another story that reads, "A man went to the deepest hell because he was very bad. Thus, he found the Devil. He approached the Devil and said, “Well, Mr. Devil, good sir,” he says, “Who are you?” 

The devil replied, “Bold, rude man, do not talk to me like that! Do not you see that I am the Devil?”

“Well, pardon me, sir, Mr. Devil. Are you married?”

Answer, “Bold! Who told you that the Devil is married?”

“Well,” he said, “It is because I see the horns of a horny toad on your forehead…"

So, indeed to that is exposed the man who wants to force marriage. There are young men of 14, 15, 16, who already want to marry. They have a girlfriend, but they do not know how to work. They do not yet know how to live, but they want to get married. Result: failure, because indeed, they still have no experience in life, and therefore, eventually, women get tired of going hungry, and “Goodbye, my friend,” no choice...

We should therefore be careful. I consider marriage as something very serious, very serious. Indeed truly, there are three very serious events in life:

1. Birth

2. Marriage

3. Death

These are the three most important events of life. So, think for yourselves what marriage means.

We men must not marry a woman who does not belong to us in spirit. Our beloved in her depths must be spiritual. What would a man do marrying a calculative, profit-seeking, jealous, flirtatious woman? Well, he will unfortunately fail...

Or what would the woman do marrying a flirtatious man, a man of misconduct, a man who at home was always a bad son, a bad brother, and that in the street has always proved to be a bad friend? The outcome has to be failure, that is obvious. The one who is a bad son, who is an bad brother, who is a bad friend, cannot in any way be a good husband; that is obvious.

Thus, by looking at these things from different angles, we understand how delicate precisely, are  marriage and love. What is interesting is to understand it, and to act according to our creative comprehension.

There are women who do not want to learn how to do their household chores, but they do want to get married. They do not know how to cook food, but they want to get married. They do not know how to sew a simple button, but they want to get married. And, the day they do get married, the wretched man finds that his wife does not know anything concerning the home, thus she asks for a maid (indeed!), but if she does not know how to do housework, how can she direct others to do so? The factory owner must know the factory in order for him to rule it wisely; a school teacher has to know all the subjects taught in school; likewise, it is clear that a woman must know the housework, if indeed, truly, she will try to command the maid; but if she wants to command the servants and she does not know the work, how would she command them? How would a general who knows nothing of the military send his troops to the battlefield? How could he provide a strategy if he never has been in the army? He will be only a “ghost general,” and nothing more.

One must know how to do their job. Both men and women must know their job, and know it well, this is clear. 

Moreover, there are also women who want their husband do all the work; he has to wash the baby, he has to change the baby’s clothes, clean the baby, and give the bottle. This what they want, that for me seems not correct … 

The man has his duties, responsibilities, and the woman hers. Man must go out to fight, to get the money, to go to work. Women have to be in charge of home, knowing the housework, raising children, etc.

Breast Milk and Breastfeeding

In these times, something terrible is happening; I refer to the upbringing of children. Already [because of what doctors are telling them] many mothers do not want to breastfeed their children. The result: the race is becoming weak, puny. Think for yourselves what this signifies.

Breast milk is related to the thymus gland, which regulates the growth in creatures. This is a very important gland that in adult age eventually stops acting. Inasmuch as the mammary glands are related to the thymus gland, it is obvious by law of relations that breast milk is closely bound and prepared for the next child that comes to birth.

Unfortunately, mothers do not want to breastfeed their children. When that maternal milk, so vital to the growth of creatures, is denied to the child, this produces disastrous effects: it gives rise to weak, sick, and unintelligent children.

In ancient times, mothers breastfed their children quite naturally. It was normal in ancient times that for two or three years of his life the child was fed exclusively with breast milk. Only after that time children began to eat other foods. Behold what kind of strong people existed in the past!

mary feeding jesus

Mary breastfeeding Jesus

Consider the strength of our General Francisco Villa. Consider these men old, the men of the last century, like Morelos, who raised a sword very heavy to hold for hours on the battlefield. There are Roman swords that today could not be lifted by one man alone; it would take two or three or four men to lift it, and yet a single one brandished it in the fields of battle...

The human race has been weakened by means of all those bad habits, and the worst of all of them is to deny breastfeeding the child. In the name of the truth, this seems terrible, monstrous. Ancient people were very strong because their mothers did not deny breastfeeding them...

So, indeed, our human race now marches on the devolving, descending path. Diseases multiply increasingly, since from childhood we do not have fortitude. Now, [doctors insist that] only water-milk is given to the little creatures, and that is regulated every three hours, it does not matter if the creature cries bitterly; his weeping is worthless. The babe has to endure three hours. So, this is how the ignoramuses are “correcting” Nature.

Friends, ladies, think upon all of this. It is good to try to regenerate ourselves. It is good to learn how to love. It is good that we all understand the need to learn how to live at home...

There is nothing more beautiful than marriage. There is nothing more beautiful than love. Unfortunately, we are the ones who are damaging the enchantment of home. 

In Russia, young people do not want to marry. “For what?: they say, and rightly. In order to be subject to many regulations, to such mechanicity? So that their children are taken away from them? So that they are subject to various scientific experiments? In these conditions, young Russians are right in not wanting to marry; they are rightly disillusioned; the Russian government is facing such a big problem...

I say that, indeed, it is necessary to know how to respect love. I say that, indeed, it is necessary to learn how to respect home, namely raising children, to know how to educate them…

Sexual Elevation or Degeneration

Friends, it is necessary to take advantage of the wonderful creative energy of sex. That energy flows from the nucleus of each atom, and from the core of our solar system, and from the core of each galaxy of the starry space...

Love, in itself, was always respected. Never, ever, has mankind fallen into a state of sexual degeneration like in these times. In some countries, 85 or 90% of the residents are homosexuals and lesbians (I do not cite such countries, because in no way we should insult any person, organization, or nation, but indeed, this humanity is degenerated in these times). Unquestionably, homosexuality and lesbianism are precisely the outcome of the abuse of sex.

In the old continent Mu, the already devolving people joined sexually when they wanted to create, but they never joined when they do not wanted to create. I am addressing people who already had devolved, because the regenerated people from the middle ages of Lemuria, in times where mankind still had not left the paradisiacal state, did not ejaculate, as I said, the Ens Seminis, thus when sexually joined in order to create, they did it in a mystical and transcendental manner within the temples.

We, the people of this time, have devolved too much. Now, sex has become a plaything, a sport. In Paris, someone has told us that there are people fornicating, copulating openly in the parks, and the Parisian authorities do not say anything about it.

Thus, everywhere today, degeneration is very abundant. 

We must try to look for the path of regeneration. Man must love the woman intensely, by seeing in her a miraculous poem of "The Thousand and One Nights.” We must pour the wine of wisdom if we want to live righteously...

This is the end of my lecture tonight. I said it!

Inverential Peace!

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