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The Fox sisters. From left to right: Margaretta, Kate and Leah
The Fox sisters. From left to right: Margaretta, Kate and Leah

Life After Death and How to Investigate It

Dear ladies, children, friends, I address our greetings to all of you. Today we are going to study the mysteries of life and death...

First of all, who are we? Where we come from? Where are we going? What is the purpose of existence? What do we live for? Why do we live? These are questions that we must answer, in order to better understand the very reason for our existence.

What was there before we were born? What will there be after death? That is the enigma that we must solve tonight... We are faced with the dilemma of "to be or not to be" of philosophy...

To live like this, just in order to live: eating in order to live or living in order to eat, is something too absurd.

It is true that we all have to work in order to exist: that food costs us, that clothes cost us, that we must pay the rent, therefore, to gain money is necessary. But why do we have to live? What do we live for? It seems to me that living with the consciousness like this, asleep, without knowing the very meaning of our existence, is one hundred percent absurd.

Stories About After Death

When we see a loved one in the coffin it seems to us as if he had not died, he seems to us very much alive, and yet he is dead. We even exclaimed when we see the corpse: “But, I don't believe he is dead” and yet he is dead.

It is also very true that sometimes people are buried alive. We have the case of the mummies of Guanajuato: some were found face down; others, in an attitude of wanting to lift the lid of the coffin, etc. That invites us to think that many times people are buried alive, and that is one hundred percent painful... But let us get to the bottom of this subject-matter...        

Recently, we had a quite tragic event there in the federal district: one of our partners decided to play like an aerialist. He climbed to the roof of the house and wanted to climb down from there in order to get into a room. He managed to stand on a window brick. He trusted the brick too much and suddenly the brick split. Then, our partner ended with his head turned to stop face down in the inner courtyard.

He did not die instantly. His skull was, yes, severely crushed. The Red Cross assisted him.

Before he died, the paramedics heard his statement. Thank God! Because if he hadn't, he would have created a problem for the law, but he was able to declare his imprudence, fortunately...

His funeral service was in one of the halls of our institution. And we had to pray for him. But something unusual happened, something that we did not even remotely expect. When we tried to help the deceased through prayer, a lady fell into a trance (a psychic trance, I would not say mediumistic, but psychic), and suddenly, wanting to help her, it turned out that the spectre, or let's say, the psychological entity, (or so you can understand me better, the "spirit" of the deceased) got into the body of that lady and spoke... He spoke in a terrible manner, things that surprised us, he said, “Samael, help me! How terrible death is! I find myself in the hands of Coatlicue, Proserpine. This is awful, I'm scared."

I replied, “Why are you afraid if death is natural? If we are afraid of death, we should also be afraid of birth, because it is as natural to die as it is to be born, they are two phenomena of the same thing.”

“Oh, Samael!..."

“Yes, brother, be patient, be kind..."

“I want you to take me to Egypt, I would like to see the sphinx”.

“Well, we are going to help you, brother.”

And then we told him, “Focus on Egypt and you will go there..."

And within the body of that lady, he prostrated himself praying. Moments later he left that body...

The spectacle he left behind was macabre: there in the center of the room was the corpse, and the “spirit” of that corpse spoke through the body of that lady. Poor woman! She trembled. Finally, we gave her a little water and fortunately everything was fine...

Well, in any case, there is something that continues beyond death; that's obvious.

The Fox Sisters and Katie King

In these moments talking here with you about mortuary things, funerals, the case of William Crookes comes to mind. That was a great physicist in the United States; a man who had to do extensive research in relation to certain phenomena that occurred in a town in the United States.

It happened that in some house (of a family), it started to rain stones, just like that. The stones seemed to be thrown from some neighboring house, but this was unexplained, because he investigated the people in the neighborhood and the people were unable to prank around like that.

In addition, the police became sure that the neighbors were not the ones throwing such stones...

Something else happened: some stones came out of the interior of such a house through one window and then entered through another. You see this case, very rare. Also, some chairs rose by themselves in the air, some tables floated; that is, it was something that had no apparent reason or logic. "The hydeville house", that's what it was called...

Well, the great physicist William Crookes intervened and said: “I am going to investigate this question”... Who lived in this house? Two young ladies with their parents; these ladies were called "the Fox sisters" of Hydesville.

Well, experiments were carried out: William Crookes built a laboratory there, with all the necessary requirements for research. The young ladies were made to enter a closed chamber. He began by wrapping them in copper wire (even the holes in the ears where the ladies put their earrings were pierced with very fine wires; their fingers were also wrapped in these wires), and the whole body chained and controlled. Any kind of movement they'd try to make, out there, was more than enough to set off a buzzer. That was tremendous!...

After William Crookes was assured that any trick would be impossible, he proceeded with the investigations: he observed... ...that a lady who had been dead for many years appeared in the precinct, that is to say, inside the laboratory. Her name was Katie King. She became perfectly visible and tangible before the scientists. And men of science came from all over Europe to investigate the case.

And those who came were not exactly very believing people; they were a hundred percent skeptical individuals; unbelievers and materialists, but they came...

William Crookes was also a famous man. Keep in mind that this man was the one who discovered the radiant matter in his glass tubes, so he was not just anyone, he was a great physicist.

And Katie King was materialized, that is, she became visible and tangible in the laboratory for three years. She allowed herself to be photographed, she allowed herself to be analyzed, investigated; photographs were taken in droves, there was not the slightest doubt.

After three years, Katie King, after having given certain teachings, said goodbye to all the scientists, and in the presence of all and in front of the cameras, she gradually dematerialized, until she completely vanished.

However, she left a lock of hair fully materialized. Thus, there was no doubt about the phenomenon. Katie King proved, in this way, that one continues to live beyond death...

Eusapia Palladino

We are going to see another case that is also quite interesting. I want to emphatically refer now to the famous Palladino medium, from Naples; this one was formidable: in her presence the tables floated in the air; musical instruments were played by invisible hands, etc...

As always, the disbelief of humanity... people are completely disbelieving. Then scientists from France, England, Germany, came to Naples (as we saw in the case of the Fox sisters of Hydesville) to investigate, who intended to unmask the fraud (so they said and laughed).

Inside a laboratory the case was studied. It began by examining the physical body of Eusapia Palladino, from Naples: urine analysis, blood analysis, etc; studies of physiology, of her anatomy, that is to say, no procedures were spared in the investigation.

She sat down on a properly secured chair, all shackled with iron chains.

She was seated between two steel posts and chained (and as in the case of the Fox sisters), wire wrapped everywhere, etc. Any trick she tried to pull off was enough to ring a bell.

In addition, a couple of scientists from side to side, with "spotlights" in hand, ready to surprise her in any trick. All kinds of security measures were taken. The light went out. But she also had phosphorescent paper there, there were plates with flour, etc.

Well, just as Eusapia Palladino went into a trance, a table rose into the air. The spotlights were immediately turned on, the table was photographed, wire was passed under it to see if there was any trick, etc. But really there was no trick: the table floated in the air...

That table had flouted the law of gravity. this is awesome! A table floating in the air and before the scientists? Amazing!

A shadow appeared in the room. They immediately photographed her. That shadow materialized totally and it appeared as if it was a flesh and blood person. The shadow walked up to Botacci (an eminent Italian scientist), and hugged him saying, "My son!" She was Botacci's mother (she even cried, full of deep pain for her son). She had become visible and tangible. She had crossed the threshold that separates life from death to embrace the son of her womb, a Botacci. You see what a mother's love is! There really is nothing in life that can surpass the mother. We come out of her and only she, truly, is even able to cross the veil of mystery to come and embrace her son. That was the amazing case of Botacci. And she was photographed, the deceased, and the photograph is still preserved.

She also had a steel box charged with high-voltage electricity inside the laboratory, and inside the box a musical instrument, so that if she wanted to do any tricks there, she would be electrocuted. However, the instrument that she had inside such a box resonated deliciously, making the space vibrate with the most excellent melodies...

A bandoline that was placed on the floor was lifted from there and invisible hands made it vibrate deliciously; notes escaped from that bandoline that enchanted the audience. everything there was prodigious, and photographs were taken, and scientific corroboration was sought!...

Invisible hands were perfectly engraved on some plates that contained flour. Others were embodied in plaster, etc... And, really, indeed, that those experiments that were done with Eusapia Palladino were surprising in a great way. It was proven over and over again that there is "something" that continues beyond the grave...

A Funeral Invitation

Thus, regarding the mysteries of life and death here in Mexico, something important happened to one of my relatives that I am going to tell you about. He had a grandmother, and she had become ill. Her case was serious and she went into agony. All the relatives kneeling around the death bed, praying... It was three in the morning. However, those who attended that event testified that she appeared in the garden watering the flowers, and she felt, perfectly, that she came and went, here, there and over there. And finally, walking, she went towards the door that gave access to the street. Iit was an old door that was held by a wooden bar, which fell, then the door opened, and the wonders continued...

And that same night, before dawn, that lady became visible and tangible before many people. She arrived at a neighboring house and said goodbye saying, "Goodbye!" And she went to town and said goodbye to everyone saying, "Goodbye!". And wherever she had... ...she would come in to say goodbye to her...

In sum, in the morning and with the light of the sun, many people came dressed in black to attend the funeral. There was no need to circulate invitation cards to the funeral, she made her own invitation, and the house was filled with people.

So you see that there is something, something that continues beyond death. But what matters to us, is to know what continues.

Actually, indeed, is there any way to investigate the dead? I think so. And I'm going to show you tonight how one can investigate the deceased. In any case, I strongly urge you to pay attention...

Death, undoubtedly, is basically a spiritual birth, because when one dies to the physical world one is born to eternal life, that is obvious. But let's continue with these disquisitions...

If we want to know what is beyond death, we need to know ourselves a little better. Are you sure that you really know yourselves?

Once I asked that question to a gentleman who was in front of me, and he replied, "I do know myself"

“How wonderful!" I said, "Could you tell me, then, how many atoms one hair of your mustache has?”

The man was puzzled and answered, “Well, I don't know about that.”

“Oh! If you do not know how many atoms a hair of your mustache has, much less will you fully know yourself.”

The man could not object any further. And so, everyone thinks they know themselves, and there is no such thing, they do not know themselves.

Well, let us see, what do we have within? Well, let's study a little bit what we have...

The Physical Body

First of all, we have a body of flesh and blood, and this you cannot deny. A body that we need to dress, feed, etc. We also have to save it from some damage: in life, we keep it in a house, we have to pay rent to be able to sleep in that house, and thereafter we die we keep it in another "house" (you already know in which house): the coffin in the pantheon, of course. So somewhere we have to have the body...

It is made up of organs: liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, etc. Each organ is made up of cells and each cell of molecules, and each molecule of atoms. And if we disintegrate these little atoms, they will become energy. So, ultimately, our physical body is summarized or synthesized in certain types of energy.

The Vital Body

But there is something else that we have inside: we have the double, that is, a vital body that serves as a seat for organic life...

At this moment when I am talking here with you, an extraordinary case comes to mind: on a certain occasion a spiritualist medium was in a trance. And then, in those circumstances, the vital body (which I am talking about, and which is inside the physical body) was projected outside. It was projected about four meters ahead and became visible and tangible for film cameras and for photographic plates in general.

More so it happened that there was a journalist in that place; he was next to the medium, and he said: “I have to see what is real in this thing; I am going to “execute this ghost that I have in front of me.” Thus, he pulled out the gun and shot...

Yes, he  “executed” it; in other words, He "killed" it. It so happens that the bullet, instead of going to the ghost that was in front of him, hit the wretched medium who was next to him. The bullet entered the medium’s heart, the medium died instantly. So the journalist killed the medium.

You see what a disappointment, what a tragic mistake ... ... of course the journalist went to jail because "what else." But what is astonishing is that when he fired... ... a bullet, instead of going to hit the ghost, that bullet hit the medium who was next to him, to the left...

This is a phenomenon that could only be explained with the fourth dimension. There have been people who have learned to project that “double” at will, but it is dangerous, because it could happen what happened to the medium of the story which I am commenting to you about.

The Ego

Well, so the seat of life is necessary for life. But there is something else that we have inside. When we knock on a door, they ask us, "Who is it?"

We answer, "Me!" So, they open the door for us. What is that “me” that we carry within? I think, that “me” is not exactly one of the seven wonders of the world. That “I,” that "myself", that "ego", really, is a set of psychological defects: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc.

Within that “me”, undoubtedly, there is something else: I want to refer to the soul, to what is called "soul", or "divine essence", or "spirit" (whatever you want to call it), that is inside the ego.

Obviously, the day one ends with all one's defects, the ego ends forever, then the spiritual principle, the spirit, the real or divine in oneself, is free forever...

But the vital body or double of which I was talking to you, it also goes to the grave along with the body of flesh and bone, that remains inside the tomb. That organism disintegrates little by little, by the grave... However, there is something else that also end up in the grave: I want to refer emphatically to the personality.

The Personality

No one is born with a personality. The personality is formed during the first seven years and then strengthens with time and experiences. Yet the human personality has a beginning and it has an end: at the time of death, the human personality also passes to the grave.

The vital body decomposes in front of the corpse, until it is finished. And as for the personality, too, is slowly disintegrates. However, the personality has more force, and sometimes it becomes visible and tangible.

I am going to tell you about a case that happened some time ago in the federal district. It is an unusual case, it happened, it is true and real. There was a party at a family home; many people attended the party; the music? Well, very modern: “go-go” (as they say). People were happy at the party. Among the dancers there was a very nice young lady, very elegant, very well dressed. She danced with a group of young people who admired her. They all disputed with each other for the dance.

That family's party lasted until exactly three in the morning. At that hour, that lady said goodbye to everyone and expressed the need to return to her house.

But she also said she had forgotten her coat. Then, one of the young people who admired her, offered her, voluntarily, a jacket.

She put on the garment and together with her admirers got into a car; they took her to her house or her apartment (she gave her home address). She said goodbye to all those young people and went into her house. They continued their journey. But the one who had lent her his jacket said: “I forgot to ask for my jacket, I'm going to have to come tomorrow for it.”

And he did so. The next day, before twelve o'clock, he was there, at that door, knocking, with the purpose of reclaiming his jacket. An elderly lady came out. He then asked about the young girl and stated that he had come to ask her for the favor of returning the jacket to him. The lady answered him by saying, “Well, you, young man, will have no choice but to go and get your jacket from the sepulcher, because my daughter (so-and-so) has been dead for so long...”

Of course, that young man laughed, he never believed in that, he simply thought that they were pulling his leg. However, just in case, he got into his car and went to the sepulcher... ... he looked for the name of the deceased and, certainly, he found her tomb. On top of it was the jacket. He was puzzled. He quickly escaped from that place and returned to his house... Behold, this is a specific case, which many people know about, back in the federal district.

But, well, what was it that became visible and tangible? What was that did dance with the young man? Who was that person who asked to borrow a piece of clothing? Obviously, it is the personality of the deceased; the personality... ...that could materialize physically, become visible and tangible.

We are not talking about beliefs here. Everyone is free to believe or not believe. I am only telling you concrete facts, stories, things that have happened. We are researchers and we like, therefore, to quote what has been investigated.

So, death, truly, does not frighten us, it does not frighten us. We know that there is something that continues in the afterlife. However, the personality also gradually dissolves.

So, the only thing that does not go to the sepulcher is what we could call the ego (the psychological “me”, the myself), within which the essence is found traped; or to speak more clearly: the consciousness of the dead.

So, the dead, really, indeed, continues to exist in the unknown dimension, that is, within the psychological space. Because just as there is this physical space in which we live, move and have our being, it is also true and completely true that there is a psychological space. The disembodied move in that space, those who have passed beyond the grave.

They see the world as we are seeing it; they believe they are living in the physical world. If a disembodied person were told that he had died, he would simply not believe it, he would think that we were trying to fool him. He is convinced that he is alive, he is sure that he still lives.

In the federal district (as you know), on the Day of the Dead everyone goes to the cemetery. There they take to their dead, food to which they were accustomed, (those who liked pulque, also, well, they take their pulque and etc., etc., etc.)...

The people of the district are right! Because indeed, the personality continues in the sepulcher and likes such foods. They won't be able to eat them physically as we eat our food around here, we that are alive; but those personalities feed themselves on the subtle part of such food. That is, it seems as if the deceased ate the aroma of such delicacies. Because anyone who is a bit psychic, will realize that (after spending a while, people pick up those food that was left, that was taken from the sepulcher) something is missing: they are left as "shrunk" of their vital principles.

Now, if there is physical evidence of the existence of "something" that continues beyond the grave, if there are photographs, if there is so much documentation, it seems to me that we should try to investigate a little.


Obviously, we need to focus on getting to know ourselves better. When one knows that one has an ego inside, and that this is nothing more than a bundle of desires, passions, hatreds and violence, well, one worries about improving a little, one worries about ending so many psychological defects, about eliminating oneself. The same with hatred, envy, lust, pride, jealousy, etc., etc., etc.

With that you gain a lot, because then, obviously, your character improves and you can understand yourself, also better, your peers. With that one gains a lot, because after death one departs not unconsciously, but with cognizance.

It is necessary that we become cognizant of ourselves, so that we can pass into the beyond with cognizance as well. In this way, and in this manner, we will discover, little by little, the mysteries of life and death.

How to Investigate for Yourself

There are methods to investigate in life the things that are related to the afterlife. I'm going to teach you some procedures tonight.

Knowing that within us there is a psychological individuality, in addition to the body, then we can learn to leave the body we have, at will.

Leaving the body is something that you may not understand well, but I am going to explain it to you: one thing is the body of flesh and blood, and another thing is the psychological individual who is inside the body of flesh and blood. One thing is the car, and another thing is the driver who is driving the car. The driver can get out of the car and leave their car parked.

So also, the psychological ego can leave the physical body and leave the physical body parked. It's kind of interesting...

During the hours of sleep, normally, the psychological ego escapes from the physical body. If it were not so, if it did not leave the body, then the vital body would not be able to restore the energies of the physical body, and in the end, obviously, we would die.

Everyone needs to control their actions, control their worries, control their sentimentalities etc... ...the body during the hours of sleep, so that the vital body (or vital seat of organic life) can repair our entire organism, so that when the psychological entity re-enters the body here in the morning, or upon waking... it is ready for the day's tasks.

Unfortunately, that happens unconsciously. Unconsciously the psychological ego comes and goes everywhere... ...while the body lies in the bed... But can we do it consciously? Well yes. We can learn to leave the body of flesh and blood at will. In order to get out we must not identify ourselves with the body of flesh and bone... ...the person must say: “I am not flesh and bone, I am not physical matter... I am not the body of flesh and bone. My body is subtle... that's how... ...that's how we don't identify with the physical body.

To learn to leave the body at will, as a first step we have to not identify ourselves with the physical body. It is convenient... ...we must be vigilant; that is, lie down on one side, in the lion position. Observe how the lions lie on their sides. In the same manner, in the lion position, we lie quietly on the bed; already lying down, we will try to fall asleep... becomes necessary to monitor our own sleep, and when we enter that state of transition between wakefulness and sleep, then, very gently, feeling soul or spirit... ...we will get up from bed. We will do it for real, the first thing we will get out of bed will be our legs, then we will sit down, and then we will stand up. That is to say, this movement is made feeling to be soul or spirit, because if we identify ourselves with the body of flesh and bone, then we will move our body physically, and we will not obtain results. But feeling to be soul or spirit there is no problem.

On our feet, we will move away from the bed. Then we will see the physical body in our own bed, we will see it asleep, just as we left it. This is similar to the driver who gets out of the car, and later, outside, takes a look at it to see how we left it, if the doors are properly closed, if the windows are properly closed, etc.

Then, leaving the physical body, we will continue the investigations. Convinced then, that the physical body has been abandoned, we will go out into the street, and if we try in those moments to float in the surrounding environment, with amazement we will see that we do float.

So, out of the body, if we call those who are our loved ones, they then will come to our call. Thus, the son will be able to see his mother who has died; the husband will be able to see her wife who lost her long ago, the brother will be able to see her brother again. In that unknown dimension we will talk with our loved ones, we will be able to see them face to face.

This is a practical system for penetrating the mysteries of death. With this system, you'll be able to... I mean, see your long-dead loved ones again.

First of all, research is needed. If any of you perform the experiment, but once you do the experiment (after the experiment), then you will be able to know what is true of all that we are here tonight teaching. But you have to experiment, because saying "I don't think so" is very easy. It's better to say: “I'm going to investigate”; that is more correct.

So, my dear friends, tonight I invite you to that: to investigate. Outside the physical body we can investigate the Egyptian, Greek, Aztec doctrines, etc...

Outside the physical body, we could invoke, for example, Tlaloc. And then we would be convinced that Tlaloc really exists, that he is a deity, that he is not a simple idol as the conquerors who came to America believed.

Outside the physical body, we could invoke, for example, Ehecatl (the god of the wind, the god of cosmic movement), and he would respond to our call. We would see that he is an angel, a deity who lives, who has reality, who is not a fantasy of our Anahuac ancestors; that he really has power over the air... ...many creatures of the air work under his rule.

Outside the physical body we could invoke Huehueteotl, the god of fire. And then, by experience we would realize that the old god of the igneous element is not a fantasy created by our Mexican ancestors.

If we drank from the wisdom of our elders, of those who preceded us in our sacred Mexican land, we would truly know a very transcendental wisdom. Because our elders, our Anahuac ancestors, the ancestors of Mexicans were truly wise, not simply ignorant as the conquerors from Europe supposed.

So, it is worth knowing a little about all that wisdom of the ancients. And for this we have to appeal to methods, to psychic and psychoanalyst procedures...

We have to study a lot within Gnostic anthropology, a lot to investigate.

But let us not expect that materialistic skepticism will discover the transcendental values ​​that exist in every archaeological stone or in every pyramid, or in every niche or tomb. Skepticism, until now, has not led humanity to anything good. The world is full of skepticism... ...and everywhere there are tears, pain, misery and desolation...

It is worthwhile for us to re-study the ancient wisdom, and this is indeed possible. Not simply reading codices literally is how we can understand the gods... ...but by developing faculties that we have that are better than any computer. I invite you to reflect...

There is another magnificent system, by which it is possible to enter the psychological space at will. I want to refer, in these precise moments, to the normal instant of awakening. If in those precise moments, we concentrate on any place on Earth, if we imagine such a place with total precision, and combine it with the imagination and the will united in vibrant harmony, feeling ourselves in the imagined place, the projection will be carried out with full success.

Suppose we want to transport ourselves, for example, to the Zócalo of the capital city of Mexico. It would suffice to vividly imagine ourselves, then feeling ourselves there, in the imagined place, joining willpower to imagination; because the key to power is in willpower and imagination united in vibrant harmony.

If we really feel there, on that plinth, and we begin to walk full of faith, at the moment of awakening, the splitting of the personality will take place. Then the psychological individuality will be able to move there, precisely and with absolute safety. Later, it can also be projected to any other place in the world or the universe.

Thus, with psychological individuality, one can travel... transported to other worlds in starry space, get in touch with beings that dwell in the heights or inside the Earth, etc.

But as long as we continue to be trapped by the world of the five senses, obviously, we cannot be prepared for transcendental research either, in the field or in the living terrain of parapsychology.

I invite you to research... ...I invite you to delve into the transcendental parapsychological studies taught by our institution; thus, one day, you will be able to leave ignorance and to enter the realm of true wisdom.

In these times of global crisis and bankruptcy of all principles, the simple "belief" no longer works. Obviously, everyone is free to believe what they want, but both in the field of psychology, as in the field of physics, chemistry or mathematics, the only thing that works is direct experimentation...

Friends: if you persevere in the practices that we give you here, it will not weigh you down. Rather, they will get in touch with other spheres of universal consciousness, where you will discover true prodigies and wonders.

There are other methods as well, so that you remain with a physical body within the fourth dimension. Not only can the psychological individuality penetrate into the unknown dimension, because with the physical body it is also possible to penetrate into the fourth coordinate.

If someone, for example, worked with the aphorisms of Patanjali, the great Hindu sage, he would succeed. If one exercises samyama on the physical body, it can enter the fourth vertical. A samyama consists of three stages:

  • First: concentration of thought
  • Second: meditation
  • Third: ecstasy

Concentration: concentrating on one's own physical body.

Meditation: meditate on the cells of the physical body, on the organism in general.

Ecstasy: as a result (admired by the wise construction of his organism), he will go into samadhi or ecstasy.

Being in that third state, if the yogi, says Patanjali, got up from his bed, then he would enter the fourth dimension. Obviously, with the physical body submerged in the fourth vertical, we will be able to study, within the very laboratory of nature, the mysteries of life and death.

There is a fundamental difference between the merely psychological question and the psychophysiological question.

When someone leaves the physical body, they enter the fourth vertical; but when someone, with a physical body and everything, penetrates into the fourth vertical, he enters as a complete person into the great laboratory of nature. A person who will be able to investigate all the wonders of the cosmos; a person who will be able to see, hear, touch and feel, for himself, and directly, the mysteries of life and death.

I do not want to say that everyone will succeed immediately with the keys that we have given in this auditorium. Some will succeed immediately; others will take months, or perhaps a year at most.

But, in the end, if you persevere, you will succeed...

So far my words for tonight, thank you very much!

Questions and Answers

Student: In a dream that I had, I accompanied my dead father and my brothers, but even though... 18 years ago, as if time had stopped for us. do these facts have any explanation? Thanks a lot.

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, they have a logical explanation. I have already said that the psychological ego escapes from the physical body during the hours of sleep. It is possible that then, the psychological ego, gets in contact with the disembodied, thus explaining this wonderful dream. That is, the person who dreams of his dead father really sees him when he is out of the physical body; that's obvious.

Any other question?

Student: talked about... Well, first of all you said you were going to tell us where we came from, you talked about scientists, but how did we live, how did you behave in material life... ...but you didn't mention where we came from. ..

Samael Aun Weor: Obviously, we come from the twilight zone. Unquestionably, the psychological individuality, or the ego, in itself, comes from the unknown dimension, that is, from the psychological space, enters the physical body and at the time of death escapes from the physical body. However, the psychological individuality can return, return, reincorporate in a new physical body, and so it does... Undoubtedly, each one of us has returned to this world many, many times, and that is undeniable.

Is there any other question?

Student: Master... ...on the spirit and consciousness?

Samael Aun Weor: Certainly, the spirit is the spirit, the Being. As for consciousness, sadly, everyone has it profoundly asleep ...