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Harvest of the Sun


Surya, the Solar Intelligence: Christ

We are here to study. You to listen to me, and I to speak to you...

Indeed, to know how to listen is something very difficult. It is easier to know how to speak.

Commonly, when we are listening, there is a translator inside of us: the “I,” the ego, the “myself” that translates everything according to its own concepts, ideas, opinions, etc. Therefore, to know how to listen is not something very easy.

It is necessary to understand that within ourselves there exists something that is not just the physical body. We have a body of flesh and bones; this is obvious. Everyone can accept this fact; however, only a few can understand that we have a psychology that is feasible to modify.

We have to understand this psychology if we really want transformation. Those who accept the existence of their own psychology, obviously begin to Self-observe. When someone Self-observes, it is a signal that he is trying to achieve a Self-transformation. We need Self-transformation.

Life as it is, indeed, is not very attractive. To be born, to grow up, to grow old, and to die are all something very boring. To work in order to exist and to exist in a psychologically miserable way is worthless.

Not only those who have money live in a psychologically miserable manner, but as well, those who do not. This is because there are two ways to wallow in the mud: in the mud of misery and in the mud of wealth. Both ways are psychologically degrading. Therefore, to live in either manner, to exist without a reason, not knowing why and for what, is to live without a psychological purpose.

What are we? What is the reason for our existence? What do we live for? So many problems and in the end, what?

Each one of us is just a machine that transforms energies... It so happens that the energies of the planets, the planetary energies of our solar system, cannot pass directly into our planet. This is because our planet is different; it is a world governed by 48 laws, a completely different world than the other worlds of our solar system.

tree-cosmos-laws-sun- fmt1

Kabbalah and the Laws of Nature

Looking at the planets from this viewpoint, it is obvious that this solar system needs channels in order to allow the passing of the cosmic or universal energies directly into the layers of our planetary organism. It is not enough to allow the energies to pass. The energies need to be transformed through many channels. Thus, only a transformed and adapted energy can be useful to the planet Earth.

Let us take into account that the Earth is a living organism that needs to exist, and that needs cosmic energies in order to do so. Therefore, as we need energies in order to exist, in the same way the Earth needs energy in order to exist and live.

Yet, the energies that the Earth receives for its existence come from other planets of our solar system. I repeat: because our planet is different from other planets, the energy has to be transformed in order to be used to feed our planet Earth. This energy cannot be transformed if channels to pass this energy through do not exist.

Fortunately, these channels exist. They were made by the Sun and they are the organic life, which as a thin skin, was established in the terrestrial layer by the Logos.

Therefore, the thin skin of organic life formed by plants, animals and humans is necessary in order to allow the energy to be transformed and to pass into the inner layers of the Earth. Only in that manner can the Earth exist; otherwise it cannot exist as a living organism.


Mechanical Kingdoms of Nature

Therefore, we, as humanoids, are just simple machines through which cosmic energy has to pass. Each one of us receives certain charges of electricity and magnetism that are unconsciously transformed and retransmitted automatically into the inner layers of the Earth. This is the only reason for our existence.

Behold how much bitterness there is in order to just let our Earth, our planet, live and rotate around the Sun. We feel so great, when indeed we are just simple, small energy-transforming machines. Thus, the reason for our existence is just that: to allow this planet to exist. This is the reason for our small lives... Unhappy days... To work in order to eat, to exist just because of Nature’s necessity.

Therefore, Nature does not care about our ideas nor our beliefs. All that Nature wants is to receive the necessary food, the energetic food, that has to pass through our bodies. That is all.

But, behold how we live! Yelling at home or in the streets, suffering under the weight of a tyrant in the factory or in the office, paying our taxes in order to exist as citizens, paying the rent, etc. Absolutely all of this is just so that this planet can exist, so that it can be part of the conjunction of worlds, so that it can be alive.

So many mothers who suffer, so many teenagers who do not have enough money to live, so many mothers who do not even have milk to feed their babies. So many elders with their experiences of life, so many children that are beginning to receive taunts, all of them exist in order for this planet to be alive.

This truth is hard and cruel, or better if I say pitiless; yet, we are that, and nothing else. If at least we were human beings, then we would be something; but we are not even that. We are just poor intellectual animals, carrying the sadness of our existence. Yes, intellectual animals is what we are. This may seem very pessimistic.

When experiencing celebration, we think that life has its happy moments; but this is because we do not know what happiness really is. We confuse moments of pleasure with authentic and legitimate happiness. Obviously, we are walking on an erroneous path.

What is that which remains after pleasure? Only disillusions and deception! How many times has a man and a woman who think they are in love get married and later realize that they were just fascinated. That was not love; they thought that it was love, but it was not. Love was confused with passion. So, once the animal passion is satisfied, what remains in that couple is the loathing, the saturation, the deception. That is all. Afterwards, everything becomes a routine. They speak only of bank accounts, rent, the clothes that need to be washed, that they need breakfast on time to go to work, etc. Sometimes we take a walk in order to find an escape from the boredom, or we go to a party and we end up in a huge drunken state.

Thus, in this way life is passing by until the moment that we become old. Once we are elders, we feel like veterans. We enjoy the calls of our grandchildren; we enjoy being called “grandpa, grandma” and we like to tell the tales of our sad experiences (which we feel very proud about). Our life is filled with comments like, “In my time, the president did this and that, etc.” We recount our fights, about the battles that we participated in, and we possibly even display our wounds of war that make us feel proud... Just sadness! The usual conversations, “Our brother has died,” “Our cousin lost his fortune,” or “Those times were better,” etc. Thus, in the end death comes... So the outcome of our unhappy life is death. This is what we get after having worked and suffered so much!

Fortunately, the Sun [Christ] is compassionate. Something secret exists within its creation; this is also truth. So, the Sun has created this humanity as simple small machines that help its creation. That is Nature, but it is also true that the Sun wants to create something else.

The Purpose of Life


Christ as the Sun

The Logos does not create this Nature, it does not create organic life in a world that moves around the Sun just for diversion, without a logical goal. It would not be logical to have created this planet for nothing. To create something without a goal would be the absurdity of absurdities. I think that not even you would do it. You would not create an invention and suffer for it, spend a life for it, and later destroy it. Therefore, you must understand that this creation has an objective.

The solar intelligence charges a price for the creation of the thin skin of organic life upon the face of the Earth. The solar intelligence wants to get something from it; it has an interest in it.

apollo the sun

Apollo as the Sun

The goal of the solar intelligence is to obtain a harvest of solar human beings. The idea is not bad at all; yet, it is difficult. It is, indeed, a tremendous and hard experiment in the test tube of Nature. This is what the solar intelligence wants: to create solar human beings.

Diogenes and his lamp comes into my mind in this moment. One day, Diogenes walked through the streets of Athens with a lamp in his hand trying to find a true man, yet he could not find one. He looked in the houses, rooms, corridors, and yards of the wise citizens of Athens... “What are you looking for, Diogenes?” they all asked him.

“A man..!” Diogenes answered.

“The streets and the public forums are full of men!” they said.

He answered, “Those are not men, they are beasts, since they eat, sleep and live as beasts!” To that end, he visited the homes of scientists, artists, and everywhere he was doing the same thing. It is obvious that he was making more and more enemies as he was visiting their homes. Everybody ended up feeling very offended by Diogenes...


Diogenes Searching for a Man, by Jacob Jordaens (1642)

Yet, he was right: he did not find a single man! Many wanted to believe that he found one somewhere. The followers of Marat thought that he had found one in a cave, and that it was Marat. Absurd! The truth is that he did not find any man. If Marat was a man, good for him, yet to find a real man (a solar human being) is indeed difficult.

Diogenes lived in a barrel, and there he ate and slept; he did not even have a house. It is stated that before Diogenes died, he was visited by Alexander the Great. Alexander was the one who put Europe and Asia under his rule. So, a simple man like Diogenes who lived in a barrel even threw out Alexander the Great.

Diogenes and Alexander

Diogenes and Alexander

Alexander found Diogenes lying in the sun in agony. When Diogenes saw so much company near him, he raised himself a little and vouchsafed to look upon Alexander. When Alexander kindly asked him whether he wanted anything, Diogenes said, “Yes, I would prefer that you not stand between me and my Sun (that is to say, between him and his inner God).” Alexander was so struck at this answer that he did not have any other choice than to just go away. A humble man like Diogenes threw out Alexander the Great. This is something that not everyone can do; is it not so?

Authentic men, true human beings in the most complete sense of the word, are very hard to find.

Fortunately, the Sun has deposited in the sexual glands the seed needed in order to create the authentic human. This seed could develop if we were to cooperate with the Sun. Then, we no longer would be simple speaking machines as we are currently, since we would transform ourselves into real humans, into kings and queens of creation.

king sun

Alchemy is Solar Transformation

Therefore, to state that this humanity is made up by humans is an exaggeration. I understand that the human being is the lord, the king, the queen of creation. The Bible states that the human was made to govern the animal and plant species, to govern the ocean, the air, and the fire. Therefore, if one is not a king, if one is not a queen of creation, then one is not an authentic human.

Who of you can govern the elements? Who of you can provoke a storm? Who of you is able to appease a fire? Who of you is able to activate the volcanoes of the Earth, or to make the earth to tremble, to produce an earthquake or to calm it? If we are not lords of creation, then we are not human, because in the Bible it is written that the human is the king of creation. Therefore, are we kings or not? If we are victims of circumstances, if an earthquake kills thousands of people, as is happening in the whole world, then what do you think? Are we victims of circumstances? Where are the human beings? If the elements can destroy us in the same manner as we destroy an anthill with our foot, then, where are the qualities of the true human that everybody states we have?

Indeed, even if we presume we are humans, we are in reality nothing more than simple intellectual animals who are sentenced to live the sadness of life. Yet, the seed of the true human exists within our glands. Yes, such a seed can transform us into solar humans. This seed can germinate within ourselves if we cooperate with the Sun and its solar ideas. The Sun has created this root race not only to be useful to the economy of Nature, but also with the clear intention of attaining a harvest of solar humans.


Jesus as Sun God

In the times of Abraham the prophet, the Sun acquired a beautiful harvest of solar humans. During the first eight centuries of Christianity, another small harvest was reaped. In the Middle Ages, a few more. Presently, the Sun is performing the last effort; it has been working its last effort. Because the perverse humanity of this present century has become an enemy of the solar ideas, this humanity is terribly materialistic, mechanical and one hundred percent lunar. This is why the Sun is now making a last effort; it is trying to get a small harvest of solar humans. Later, once the harvest is ready, the Sun will destroy this root race because it is no longer useful for its experiment.

What is this race useful for? There is already no reason for the existence of this race. It is not useful for the solar experiment. This humanity is made up of people that have no interest in the solar ideas. This root race thinks only of their bank accounts, of new cars, of the actors and actresses in Hollywood. These are people who only want passionate, sexual pleasures, drugs, etc.

Obviously, this humanity is not useful for the solar experiment. People like these have to be destroyed and this is what the Sun is going to do. The Sun will destroy these people and will create a new root race in new continents that will emerge from the bottom of the ocean.

Very soon, the present continents will be at the bottom of the oceans. The palaces of governments, the municipal houses, the rich mansions will be the lairs for seals and fish. This is the reality! New lands will emerge from the oceans in which, obviously, there will be new people, a special, different race that could be useful to the solar experiment.

This is the reality. I am stating this in anguishing times, in times where the people do not believe in the end of the world, in times in which the people say, “Let us eat and drink, because tomorrow we will die,” in times in which people are only concerned about their bank accounts, fashion, gossip, drugs, or lewdness.

Therefore, I am stating all of this with the intention of inviting you to reflect...

The Seed of the Human Being

Is it possible for the solar seed to germinate? Yes, as the butterfly is born inside of the chrysalis; likewise, the seed exists in order to make the true human to be born inside of ourselves. But, first of all, it is necessary to have the suitability of being a human. If the suitability of being a human does not exist, the human cannot be born inside of ourselves.

The seed exists, yet it can be lost, and this is normal since this seed is very difficult to germinate. We need to develop this seed. We can do it if we cooperate with the Sun.

The “secretum secretorum” of the inner self-realization of the Being lies in sex. However, we must not become scandalized before the “secretum secretorum.” Usually, when people think about sex, they remember only their vices, their lasciviousness, their filthy fornication, their abominable adulteries...

Behold the stamens and pistils of flowers, how these positive and negative poles are connected in the calyx of the flower so that creation can occur. Behold the species that live and breed under the rays of the sun. 



The swan, for example, with its fair plumage, speaks to us of love. The swan is fed with love; when one of the couple dies, the other dies of sadness. There are two “Orders of the Swan,” one in Europe and the other in the United States; that order is dedicated to study that which is called “love." 

Obviously, love flows from the very base of the consciousness. It is a functionalism of the Being. It is a cosmic and transcendental energy. 

In order for love to exist, it is necessary to have affinity of thoughts, feelings, and identical affinity of mental interest. 

The kiss is the mystical communion of two souls, eager to express in a sensitive manner what they live inside. The sexual act in itself is the consubstantiation of love in the psycho-physiological reality of our nature.

René François Xavier Prinet, Sonata Kreutzer, óleo sobre lienzo. Date 1901

Sonata Kreutzer, óleo sobre lienzo, by René François Xavier Prinet (1901)

Observe an elder in love. He rejuvenates. All of his glands work better since the energies that flow from within his consciousness activate those little micro-laboratories commonly named “endocrine glands.” These glands then produce greater influx, more power, a greater amount of hormones. These hormones flood the sanguineous canals, thus a process of cellular reconstruction and revitalization occurs.

Thus, it is worthwhile to reflect on that which is called “love," on that which is called “sex," because sex and love are intimately related — because, again, the sexual act is the consubstantiation of love in the psycho-physiological realism of our nature. 

Behold, how great love is! Only the great souls can and know how to love! 

Yet, indeed, we must not confuse love with passion, as I have already said.

Thanks, then, to love, to sex, to that extraordinary force that flows in all that is, all that has been, all that will be, creatures can incessantly reproduce, flowers and fruits can exist upon the face of the earth, all beings can multiply.

So, to look at sex with disgust, to consider it taboo or sin, a cause for embarrassment or pretense, is a blasphemy. It is, frankly, equivalent to spitting in the sanctuary of the Third Logos. So, it is worthwhile to understand that it is necessary to work with the marvelous power of sex.

If all nature exists by means of the marvelous force of the Third Logos, if we exist due to the sexual force, then it is essential to understand what that force is in order to not profane it. It is necessary to know how to use it in order for us to be radically transformed. 

We have given the clue for sexual transmutation many times, namely the connection of the lingam-yoni without the ejaculation of the the ens seminis, because within the ens seminis is all the ens virtutis of Fohat. That is the clue, that is the secretum-secretorum of sexual transmutation.

I do not use rude words in order to explain the clue, because sex is sacred, thus its clue must be exposed righteously. Thus, let those who listen understand and work, since this is what is fundamental. 

The Ascension of Mercury

When one transmutes the sacred sperm into energy, one can originate total change.

Medieval alchemist sages tell us about the mercury of secret philosophy, and this in itself is nothing more than the metallic soul of the sacred sperm.

When the sperm, the exiohehari, is transmuted, when the crime of spilling the Cup of Hermes Trismegistus — the thrice great god Ibis of Thoth — is not committed, then obviously, mercury, the mercury of the wise is produced, which is nothing other than creative energy that rises to the brain. Nevertheless, before that mercury can be useful, it has to pass through defined stages, and this is known by the alchemists.

It is indispensable to know how to prepare the mercury. In the beginning, the mercurial waters are black as coal, rotten, filthy. Many alchemists waste their time because they never whiten the waters of life, and they do not whiten them simply because they do not refine the sacrament of the Church of Rome. That sacrament has to be understood; if we read the latin word "romae" in reverse, what would we read? We will read “amore,” which is love, right? If the Spanish letters of “roma” are read in reverse, then it is read “amor,” love. 

The sacrament of the Church of Love is being desecrated by many neophytes: they roughly, brutally, passionately work in the "forge of the Cyclops,” thus they do not refine their work, and their waters remain black.

When one begins to refine the alchemical work, those waters turn white, ineffable. Then one has the right to wear the white robe of יפתח Jephthah, of chastity [read Judges 11].


Jephthah, by John Everett Millais (1867)

Much later, when the waters turn yellow, they are already useful in order to be fecundated by Sulphur. Sulfur is fire. It is the fire locked within our creative organs, the fire that when mixed with mercury — that is to say, with the sexual energy — arises victoriously through the medullar canal to the brain.

The ascension of the sacred fire is extraordinary.

The first center that opens the Church of Philadelphia [from philos "love" and adelphos "brother" – the church of the brotherhood of love] is the church of the coccyx, in the coccygeal bone, which gives us power over the earth element.

The second center that is opened is at the level of the prostate [uterus], which grants us power over the boisterous waters of the ocean. 

The third power that is opened is at the level of the navel, which grants us the power over the fire element. We can then put in action the volcanoes of the earth.

The fourth power that is opened is at the level of the heart, and grants us the power to enter and leave the body at will, or to put the body in a Jinn state. It grants us dominion over the air element.

The fifth center that is opened is at the level of the creative larynx, which allows us to talk in synthesis and to listen to the symphonies of the cosmos.

The sixth power is at the level of the eyebrows, and grants us the divine clairvoyance, a faculty that allows us to see the superior worlds.

And the seventh center that is opened is in the pineal gland, which grants us the power of polyvision, to see in all the regions of the infinite space.


The sacred fire ascends along the spinal column. Get a poster of this image.

Thus, mercury mixed with sulfur opens all these centers. When mercury is mixed with sulfur — I mean with fire — it turns red as purple. 

Unfortunately, I repeat, many are those who remain stagnant, because they do not refine the sacrament of the Church of Rome.

The Astral Body

When the surplus of all of this Sulphur, of all of this Mercury and even the sublimated Salt that arises mixed with Sulphur and Mercury, crystallizes in our cells, in our great sympathetic nervous system, it takes the extraordinary and marvelous shape of the astral body. Thus, this magnificent body is a body that becomes manufactured within our organism, within our laboratory. 


The Bodies of the Being on the Tree of Life

One knows that has an astral body when one can function with it, when one can use it, such as we use our hands or our feet. We can visit other planets of our solar system with the astral body. With the astral body we can get in contact with the thirty Aeons that arose at the dawn of creation. With the astral body we can get in contact with all those "decans," archangels, and thrones in the universe. To that end, with the astral body we can travel to all the worlds of the galaxy, including Sirius, which is the central capital, around which all this great Milky Way revolves.

Indeed, it is forbidden to go beyond the central sun Sirius. I want you to know that Sirius is the fundamental center of our galaxy. All constellations of the Milky Way, all solar systems, and even our solar system in which we live and breed, rotate around Sirius, which is the gravitational center of all these worlds, including ours.

600px-236084main MilkyWay-full-annotated

Therefore, the initiate who has an astral body is allowed to go only as far as Sirius. To go beyond Sirius is prohibited, because beyond Sirius there are other galaxies with different laws that one does not understand. I myself, with my sidereal Sirius Astral vehicle, with the "Eidolon" as we also call it in High Magic, when I tried to go beyond Sirius, I was commanded to return to Sirius, because we are forbidden to go beyond the central sun Sirius. I know that beyond there are other galaxies whose laws we do not understand.

There are also anti-galaxies, antimatter, anti-worlds, anti-suns, anti-stars, anti-atoms. For example, galaxies made of antimatter are for us incomprehensible (it would not be possible for us to understand them). Even sages like Einstein would become absolutely ignorant about physics or mathematic, if they were taken to a galaxy of antimatter where electrical charges are reversed. How do we understand antimatter? A star with reversed loads, made of antimatter. It is not possible to understand it; this does not exist in our texts of physics.

Now let us consider what it would mean to go beyond Sirius, to handle laws that we cannot understand, laws that we have not studied in our galaxy. We would be virtually defenseless, we would be logs driven by the stormy ocean. Even possessing an astral body, we would become nothing more than mere logs. 

Thus, the infinite has many galaxies.

How could we understand people who have bodies of antimatter, whose charges are reversed, whose concepts belong to dimensions unknown to us? Impossible: we would not understand, not even an iota!

So it is worthwhile to have an astral body, worthwhile in order to know other regions of outer space, but we could never pass beyond Sirius with such a body.

The Mental Body and the Plurality of the Mind

Once we have granted ourselves the luxury of creating that vehicle, it is also essential to create the mental body, if what we want is to become humans, beings with an individual mind, because nowadays we do not have an individual mind, but many minds.

If we consider that within us we carry the self-willed ego of experimental psychology, and that it exists in us in a pluralized manner, then undoubtedly each one of these egotistical elements has its own mind. Therefore within us there are many minds. Each mind has its own ideas. Each mind has its own criterion.

The ego of anger has its ideas, its criterion, its documentation. It justifies itself, it has its own logic in order to argue with us or to defend itself, or to situate itself. It may well defend itself in court with surprising intelligence and say, "I was in the right, I killed that man because he had committed this or that crime."

The ego of lust also has its logic. It can present itself before the best of tribunals and with physiology texts in hand, to defend itself. The ego of lust can make many arguments. It can say that "lust is a natural function of the human being,” that "everything that exists must be sexually developed.” It can say that "I do not have lust,” that "what happened is that the erotic function was being developed within me,” and that "it is natural for Eros to exist within us.” It can make a presentation of physiology at the podium. It can draw on the blackboard the entire physiology of Eros, and the functionalism of ovaries and testicles, and leave everyone astounded.

Therefore, each one of those "egos" which we carry within have their logic, their mind, their reasoning, their own mind. 

What is intriguing is that each one those minds that we carry within dispute each other. Thus each of those different minds collide against one another. So then what? 

We have many minds, this cannot be ignored by anyone.

Thus, we need to create the individual mind, but if we do not transmute the sacred sperm into energy, it cannot be created. 

Obviously, that which is called "mercury" is elaborated with transmutation. Thus, it is with the mercury of the sages that we can crystallize, form, organize, create, the individual mind within us.

When one possesses an individual mental body, one can apprehend, capture, assimilate all the science of the universe. One can also use that mental vehicle in order to travel through the sacred space, from world to world. With the individual mind one can enter into the Devachan, meaning to enter into the superior mental region of the cosmos and nature. 

The individual mind is splendid, formidable, marvelous, however it is not everything.

The Causal Body

People are victims of circumstances. People are moved by circumstances. They depend on the law of accidents (this can be seen every day). One cannot truly learn how to direct circumstances if one has not created the body of conscious will.

When one builds that body, obviously one is no longer a slave of circumstances. One can intentionally direct circumstances. One becomes a master, a ruler of them. 

The body of conscious will is only made with the mercury of the sages. It is the outcome of the transformation or transmutation of the creative energy.

Once one already has the Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies, and has a splendid physicality, the luxury of receiving our psychic and spiritual principles is granted unto us. This is how we become true humans, real humans. 

The causal body is the last vehicle that needs to be created. 

I must tell you that the causal human is the true human being. Yes, the true human, the causal human, is found in the world of natural causes. It is pleasant to see the causal humans within the region of natural causes. We see them there working for humanity.

The causal humans are true bodhisattvas in the transcendental sense of the word, bodhisattvas who work under the direction of their Father who is in secret. Each one of them obeys her Inner Father, because there are as many Fathers in Heaven, as true humans on earth (each one of us has his Father who is in secret). Whatever the causal human — who is the true human and who lives in the world of natural causes — executes is under the direction of her Father.

Thus, the causal human, the real human, the human being — in the highest sense of the word — is found in the world of natural causes. In that region is where the symphonies of the cosmos are heard. In that region is where one hears the melodies of universal life. In that region is where we come to find karma, because in that region is where the lords of the law work.

The causal humans can absorb their astral and mental vehicles in order to live precisely in that region. From that region they project themselves — now to regions of the cosmic mind and its depths — now to the regions of the astral world, in order to appear afterwords in the physical world.

In the name of truth I have to tell you that in order to be here with you, in order to talk here with you, I personally need to project myself from the causal world, because I have my center of gravity in the world of natural causes. From there I project myself into the mental and subsequently towards the astral, and finally, by making great efforts, I come here to the physical plane in order to talk with you. Thus, through concentration I am talking to you, because my center of gravity is in the causal world. I am a man of the causal world, and whatever I say, whatever I explain, is by commandment. It is because it has been commanded to me to deliver this message to you, and I do it with the greatest pleasure, so that you can tread the path of the revolution of consciousness, of the revolution in march, of the spiritual, integral, divine revolution.

Therefore I want you to understand that to become human is what counts, and what the Sun is interested in is the creation of humans. The Sun wants a harvest of solar humans, and in these moments it is working feverishly in order to achieve it. 

I want you to know that when a race loses all interest in solar ideas, the Sun also loses all interest for that race and destroys it.

In these moments, the Sun wants to destroy this race, because it is already useless for the experiment. However, before it destroys it, the Sun performs a supreme effort. With great effort, the Sun attains a harvest, albeit a small harvest of solar humans.

If you heed our call, if within you is created the potential to become a human being, the sun the may absorb you as a solar human, but it is necessary for you to cooperate with the Sun. Only thus you can transform yourself into a solar human.

How to Become a Solar Human

It is urgent for you, first of all, to know how to transmute. The solar human can only be created with solar energy, and that energy is contained precisely within the brute mercury of the wise, within the brute ore. That element is the exiohehari, meaning the sacred sperm.

Those who commit the crime of removing it from their bodies with passionate purposes stray too far from the sacred Absolute Sun and sink definitively into the infernal worlds, until their final disintegration.

In order for the seed-germs of the true human being to be developed within the human organism, it is necessary for them to be touched by the rays or emanations coming from the sacred Absolute Sun, because without those emanations, the seed-germs remain infertile and degenerate. These frighteningly devolve to the "Second Death.”

In order for the cosmic emanations that come from the sacred Absolute Sun to touch the seed-germs of the human being, one needs to not move away from the sacred Sun. One moves very far away from that star when one fornicates and adulterates. Thus, we must understand that neither fornicators nor adulterers are touched by the holy Sun Absolute. Therefore, they fail. Thus, the Sun cannot collect a harvest from fornicators nor from adulterers. Therefore, in order for the Sun to have a harvest, it is necessary for us to march according with the law.

What is meant by fornicator? The one who spills the cup of Hermes Trismegistus. 

What is meant by adulterer? The one who enters into sexual contact with someone who does not belong to him. For example, a man who takes another woman and abandons the one he has is an adulterer. Moreover, even if he takes her only for transmutation, he is still an adulterer. If we load our spine with a type of energy, the one from our spouse, and then comes into contact with another type of energy, another which is not from our spouse, then these types of equal energy destroy each other. This is a physical law. When two types of equal energies in opposition collide, they destroy each other, a short circuit is produced, a cable burns. Which one? It is a certain thread that exists in the spine by means of which the sulfur rises, meaning the fire. Therefore, when it is burned, the alchemist loses degrees, powers, and fails in the Great Work.

The work is very delicate. This is why it is stated in the Apocalypse of St. John that neither fornicators nor adulterers will be able to enter into the new Jerusalem. This is obvious. 

Fornicators and adulterers stray very far away from the holy Sun Absolute, thus the emanations of the sacred Absolute Sun do not reach them, they do not touch their sexual seed-germs. Their seed-germs then turn to devolution, and are finally lost.

Astonishment and Remorse

Whosoever wants to cooperate with the holy Sun Absolute must possess extraordinary faculties. They must not have lost the capacity of astonishment, nor should they have lost the capacity of remorse. The one who is already incapable of becoming amazed by anything cannot approach what is new. The one who is not capable of feeling remorse for his misdeeds unquestionably walks on the path of failure. There are people who do not feel remorse for anything.

But what is remorse? When our inner Being, when the superior parts of the Being face the holy Sun Absolute, they see reality, and if the inferior parts march on the wrong path, remorse arises in the Being, and this remorse of the Being is transmitted to our personality. Therefore, when someone cannot feel remorse for anything, it is a sign that this person has definitively gone astray from the Being, because only the Being is capable of feeling remorse. Thus, if one is already incapable of feeling remorse, it is because one is very far away from the Being, from his own Being, and the distinct parts of the Being, because the Being has different autonomous and self-cognizant parts.

What could be expected from the one who does not feel remorse? That one is a sure candidate for the abyss and for the second death.

Yet, if someone still feels remorse, who is capable of feeling remorse for committing bad actions, that one is worthy of admiration. Indeed, I admire the one who still feels remorse.

I know some who are still able to mourn for wrongdoings committed in previous lives. Obviously, that when I listen to people like that, I cannot help but to feel... feel some comfort in the heart. I know that such people can achieve the inner realization of the Being.

Yet, when I meet someone who feels no remorse for anything, not even for committing a bad action, pain fills my heart, because I know that one is an absolutely hopeless case. That is the harsh reality.

I still have in my memory a scene when I was a teenager. At that time, I had to meet a great intellectual. Indubitably, that intellectual loved wine. Between concept and concept, I kept joining him for a cup of wine. However, the next day, I felt great remorse. I told him, “I feel remorse for having drunk those cups of wine.” 

His answer was, “I do not feel remorse, so let us drink more.”

I was filled with horror. I could see how that man drank and drank and drank tirelessly; he spent hours and hours drinking, and continued drinking. 

Later, I found him in the streets, drinking. He became a mess, the most horrifying, filthy wino. Eight days passed, and I saw him still drinking.

I kept away from him. I had accompanied him for a few drinks, but I never accompanied him again. That event happened to me when I was still a teenager. I felt remorse for those few drinks that I took with him. 

He obviously must have died long ago. It is possible that now he might be devolving within the bowels of the earth, and still drinking. Remorse never reached him.

Whoever does not feel remorse is an absolutely hopeless case, and inevitably fails.

So, my dear friends, this is how we finish this lecture. However, we also give opportunity to conclude with it by answering questions from all of you. All of you here present are free to ask whatever you want in relation with the exposed theme, without deviating from the theme, for reasons of being orderly. So, if someone has to ask, ask. Whosoever wants to say something, say it. Whosoever disagrees, let him reveal his disagreement, and explain why he disagrees.

There is freedom of speech. I am not a dictator of concepts. I have come to share my ideas with you, since I think that between all of us, working together, we can find many useful things. So there is freedom to say whatever you want to say and to refute whatever you want to refute.

Audience: Master, why do you always generally addresses men only?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, when I say men I also include women. For it is written:

“And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” - Genesis 2: 23, 24

Woman came out from a rib of man. Thus, every time that I address or named the man, I am obviously including the woman, because the woman shall be one flesh with the man, that is obvious; so, I have not left women at home. 

Audience: In astral travel, how you can let ........ Could one travel with a human body?

Samael Aun Weor: With an astral body, one can travel to any world of the infinite space. But it is prohibited by the cosmocreators for the intellectual animals mistakenly called human to travel away of this world with their physical bodies. Interplanetary travels are only for humans, and not for intellectual beasts.

Notwithstanding, it so happened that the intellectual beasts have built the Tower of Babel, and want to escape through false doors. For that reason they will be fulminated, they will be punished. Animals must be in their zoological garden. The zoological garden of the intellectual animal is the planet Earth. There the animals live, and there they must remain. Trying to escape from it is a crime punishable by the law.

Those who are currently inventing rockets in order to travel to Mars are completely wrong. They may try a few attempts, and eventually they will fall, all the intellectual stars will fall, they will be fulminated by the law.

Space travels, I repeat, are not for animals, but only for humans in the fullest sense of the word.

We can also place our body in a Jinn State, that is to place the physical body within the fourth vertical in order to travel, but we must never try to take our physical body to other worlds because that is a lack of respect to divinity. That is all. Any other question?

Audience: The real man, or the king man who the bible mentions, he managed to do those travels, and movement of elements?

Samael Aun Weor: The Bible is not of the past but of the present. Thus Genesis is not of the past either. Genesis only corresponds to the present. Presently, we need to live Genesis through Alchemy, to separate the inferior waters from the superior waters, and the superior waters must pass through many transformations before becoming useful; and the inferior waters must become crystalline...