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Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga

Crystallization of Willpower

The purpose of the work of the revolution of consciousness is the awakening of the consciousness. If we really want to succeed, it is clear that, above all, it is necessary to have continuity of purpose.

When one tests humanity, one realizes that "humanoids" are not really individuals. They do not possess individuality in the complete sense of the word. Why do they not possess individuality? Because they do not work on themselves.

Pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools have very well-known theories, such as “when the elemental soul detaches as an animal elemental and enters for the first time into a human organism, it becomes individualized. Therefore, all human beings who live on Earth already have individuality...” This is stated by pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists. Of course, that is completely false.

We know well that the "humanoid" has no individuality. Thousands of people live within each humanoid. For instance, consider “Joe” sitting there. Let's take him as an example. Well, poor “Joe” might say, "Why do I have to be chosen as the victim?" [laughter] Well, we might think that “Joe” has been seated there all these hours, yet this is not true. All of these hours “Joe” has been there, it may be that “Joe” has been there for a while, and that at other moments James was there, and at another moment Joseph was there, and in another hour Peter might have been there, or Paul, John, or Diego. This is obvious. To believe that a person is always the same person at all times is to abuse the person and to abuse oneself. Within each person there are thousands of people. Each of those thousands of people who live within each one of us has its own mind. So, there are as many minds within each humanoid as the many people who live within him.

We already know that every person that lives within us is an “I”, and that there are many ”I”s. Each “I” has its own mind. Each “I” has its own will. Each “I” has its own criteria, ideas, and ways of thinking. Therefore, there are also thousands of wills within each person. This is obvious. [Read Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology]

When we observe that each “I” also has three brains (intellectual, emotional, and motor), we can infer that these separate “I”s that dwell within us are complete entities, they really appear to be different people, and indeed they are.They do not merely seem to be like that; the truth is that they really are different.


If we really want to awaken our consciousness, we need to pay close attention to what we are talking about.

First of all, what is the consciousness that we want to awaken? It is the Essence. Well, this is correct.

Where does the Essence come from? The Essence comes from the Milky Way. The Essence descended from there with the note La that resonates throughout creation, throughout the galaxy. The Essence precisely passed through the Sun with the note Sol, then entered into us.

tree of life laws

Yet, unfortunately (and this is one of the worst misfortunes that we suffer), it is engulfed, stuffed, bottled up among all of those thousands of "people" who live within each one of us.

Now you can make clear the causa causorum of why the consciousness is asleep within the "humanoid."

Indeed, hidden from our intellectual capacity, there are innumerable phenomena that we ignore...

In all these lectures I have insisted on something that you have never understood for yourselves and even have… [inaudible] ...I refer, emphatically, to those aspects for which you have not found the explanation.

I once told you that you... addressing those who are already at a certain age. Well, which of you are already at a certain age? Because I see that everyone of you are very young, right?

Audience: I'm surprised!

Samael Aun Weor: Let us see here, the one who is of a "certain age" is me, right?

Audience: No! Master you are youngest among all of us.

Samael Aun Weor: ...well, in any case, let us set an example. People who are of a certain age do not ignore events that have happened. In our life, we have met individuals who physically have our same age… We have not seen them for some time, and then later they died very old, but we never dared to ask ourselves the reason, the cause: why? What happened, what occurred? Listen, below our conscience or our intellect, events of all kinds occur... ...the best masters clearly affirm that "we only perceive one millionth of all the phenomena that happen around us" ...of a million phenomena, we can only see one.

In fact, of that million phenomena that occur around us, they are ignored by us. We only realize one out of a million physical phenomena... Nonetheless, we ignore... Therefore we have a very asleep consciousness, right? It is inserted into that bunch of people which we carry inside; people fighting for supremacy, who fight among themselves. Each one of these people believes it is the owner of the body; thus, when it manages to control the three brains (intellectual, emotional and motor), it does not even remotely accept that it is not individual; nonetheless, it is later replaced by others, by other “I”s.

Therefore, in these circumstances, our consciousness is asleep. Thus, it is essential to eliminate those “I”s with the purpose that the Essence, the consciousness bottled up within them, is released and awakened. When one dissolves those “I”s, one liberates the Essence. This is how, little by little, the awakening is processed...

Today I repeat again what I said in Second Chamber: When one discovers an “I”, one needs, first of all, to submit it to observation, to study it in the three brains (intellectual, emotional and motor), because its behavior in each center is different.

After having observed it rigorously, then in meditation, we can prosecute it. This is the second part of the psychological work. After prosecution [judgment], it is necessary to go to the third part that is called “execution.” In the third part we resolve to disintegrate those “I”s, but since the mind cannot disintegrate them, we have to appeal to a higher power, which is nothing other than the power of the igneous serpent of our magical powers; she can disintegrate them (the power I am addressing is Devi Kundalini).

Behold, then, the three phases that lead to the dissolution of any psychological “I”. So, here we are talking about something very important...

When one has managed to destroy some “I”, consciousness increases; little by little, the consciousness multiplies, it becomes more and more robust, until a day arrives when it is completely awake. It is vital that we all understand that only in this way is it possible to work efficiently. 

First of all, we need to make a perfect crystallization, a perfect individuality.

There are different types of crystallizations. There are negative crystallizations just as there are positive crystallizations.

For example, a bandit in the mountains who knows how to remain eight hours behind a rock with a rifle waiting to see who approaches, without moving a single finger, enduring insect bites, mosquitoes, cold, heat, etc., without moving, I repeat, not even a single finger so as not to reveal himself, until he finally manages to assault someone to rob or kill them, he must have a will of steel. Within that bandit, there is a terrible struggle between “yes and no: sit there and do not move,” yet he wants to get up. If a fly or a mosquito stings him, he does not scratch; he is hungry, he does not eat; burns in the heat, yet remains, "even if I get injured I will not move." What would be the outcome of this? That bandit will make a crystallization. What crystallizes from the struggle of “I am thirsty yet I will not drink; this itches yet I will not scratch ”, etc.? All of this crystallizes in one way, as a kind of “individuality.” Thus, this is how that bandit makes all of the multiple “I”s that he possesses to be integrated in one, of course, as a “black” individuality, a perverse individuality — yes, a black or perverse individuality, which [after death] returns, reincorporates into a new organism, something very similar to a reincarnation, who has a will of steel; this is obvious...

Within a common and ordinary person, something very different happens. Since he has not made a positive or a negative crystallization, what continues beyond death is nothing more than a bunch of devils, a worthless bunch. People like this do not have a personality in the hereafter; the only personality they have here, they lose, so therefore, after physical death, the only thing that moves in the hereafter is a bunch of devils, a worthless bunch. Those creatures are perishable.

But the one who has made that kind of crystallization, has become a thing... a negative crystallization, yet a crystallization nevertheless.

There is another type of negative crystallization. For example, a nandala hatha yogi, a contortionist par excellence, who lives contorting his legs daily in order to cross them like any yogi, who lives to bring to the biochemistry of his body more air than needed — something absurd, like a baker who wants to put more water in the flour than is needed, or more flour than necessary, etc. Undoubtedly, this one made effort to crystallized some “I” that squeals over there... 

[inaudible] ...and very anchorite, who needs to drink yet says, "I will not drink" even though he is dying of thirst, is hungry thus starts to eat a piece of fried or roasted meat (or as you wish), but says simply: “I am a vegetarian, I do not eat meat”…

Hence a struggle comes, naturally, between yes and no. From that struggle a crystallization can occur. What crystallizes? Certain “I”s can assemble together, they integrate, and from such integration comes a negative or false crystallization, it also becomes a thing... that can change bodies [with death and return], but a thing.

Of course, indeed, that thing that has crystallized does not have perfection or self-realization or mastery of any kind. Once its cycle of existences have been completed, it has to go to disintegrate where it should be disintegrated: in the cosmic incineration within the entrails of the earth…

These days, I have been observing some yoginis (whose names I do not mention), who have become accustomed, naturally, to the contortions, to those circus-like positions of the absurd hatha yoga, and I could not help but regret their case. I saw there one of those completely negative crystallizations. But, of course, that hatha yogini is perfectly convinced that she proceeding very positively, but she is not. Who could convince her otherwise? She will have to be disintegrated in the cremation furnace... ...since this is what a crematorium is for... 

A monk who is dedicated exclusively to penance fears hell terribly, hits his head incessantly against the hard floor, walks with some grains of corn in his shoes, carries a sackcloth, who carries the… stuck against the spine, enduring hunger. Undoubtedly, he has his fight between yes and no. He is opposed to sexual temptations, and he comes to do it for “art” — he does not do it for comprehension, but for fear of the flames of hell.

Although, of course, you know that from time to time these monks have tremendous failures, right? But soon they repent and throw themselves harder to the ground; poor monks!

They feel thirsty and say, "I will not drink"; hunger, "well, I will not eat because I am fasting..." Someone offends him, he does not respond, because of true love? No! It is because “it is a sin.” He is afraid of what? He is afraid of the punishments of hell. Obviously, he would gladly return a blow and another blow, but he remembers of what is down there (of the terrible hellish anguish), thus he endures it, even if his anger is killing him from within; but he holds on.

That struggle between yes and no, in one of those monks, is terrible, but based on fear. Thus, from that struggle between yes and no, a crystallization is born, all of those “I”s merge into one, thus remaining there an integration, a negative crystallization based on fear.

It is impossible for a perfect creature to emerge from that, or for a superior development to occur. From a crystallization based on fear, horror, terror, that is an impossibility.

The monk thus becomes an “immortal thing,” a subject that, after death, we will find very alive in the astral world; he will have the appearance of being a sacred individual, but he is not.

If such a monk wanted to make some intimate progress, he would need to disintegrate that crystallization, and that would be very painful for him. He should start by annihilating fear. If he does not do it, then once his cycle of existences has been completed, he will have to be incinerated in the avitchi, in the submerged mineral kingdom... 

So therefore, you see what the negative crystallizations are.

What do we seek? What do we want? We want a positive crystallization within each of us. 

How do we achieve it? By eliminating, precisely, the possibilities of a negative crystallization. Such possibilities exist as long as the “I” exists. Therefore, we need to disintegrate all those multiple “I”s that we carry inside, to turn them into dust so that the consciousness wakes up, becomes illuminated.

The alchemists said "solve et coagula" (dissolve and coagulate). We need to dissolve the dry mercury (understand the "dry mercury" as the animal “I”s that we carry inside). Understood by "coagulate" the mercury of secret philosophy.

In what manner should we coagulate it? In the form of the superior existential bodies of the being, this in order to incarnate the spiritual principles and become true humans.

And what is the mercury of secret philosophy? It is the astral signature of the sacred sperm [Greek sperma, seed of males and females], it is the metallic soul of the sacred sperm. With that wonderful substance we can perform a perfect crystallization of masters, of adepts, create within ourselves the sacred bodies, the vehicles for the Logos, and to incarnate, receive, our true ethical principles... [Read Mystery of the Golden Flower].

So, complying with the maximum "solve et coagula" (dissolve and coagulate), we will manage to make a perfect crystallization, the crystallization of a master, the crystallization of an adept of the universal white fraternity.

For what purpose have we tried to get in touch with the Order of the Epoptae? [Learn about this in Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic]. What do we seek, what do we want? The brothers and sisters of that order help us to wake up: if we have liberated that Essence that we have managed to emancipate from the dead “I”s, it helps a lot…

By means of the consciousness, we build many awakenings, with the help of the brothers and sisters of the Order of the Epoptae. This is why we are working… In the higher worlds, they support, orient us. 

If we continue with those teachings we go a long way in the work of making the true adept, the true master, to crystallize within us.

I have given this lecture so that you all become more and more cognizant of what we want to do. I have spoken to you about negative crystallizations so that you know how these defects crystallize.

In the world there are many pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult schools whose devotees crystallize negatively. Negative crystallizations are plentiful; commonly, pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult people achieve a certain type of negative crystallization. Since negative crystallizations are false, they have to enter into the submerged devolution of the infernal worlds in order for them to be dissolved.

Well, now let us do our homework. Let us see how our brothers and sisters are doing and see what guidance we have to give them.

Audience: These crystallizations that you mentioned, do not go along with Christification?

Samael Aun Weor: I think there are many degrees of crystallizations, right? if one makes a negative crystallization this does not go along with Christification: but if one makes a positive crystallization, that is, one creates the existential superior bodies of the Being, and dissolves the ego, and coagulates that which is soul, or spirit within oneself, then this is a crystallization that indeed agrees with Christification.

Audience: Then, somber Christs can never exist?

Samael Aun Weor: What?

Audience: Somber Christs, can never exist?

Samael Aun Weor: No, that is impossible. What I mean to say, is that there are two types of crystallization: one can make a false, negative crystallization. Any adept of the tenebrous fraternity is a negative crystallization. Just as there are adepts of the right hand, there are also adepts of the left hand. The adepts of the left hand are completely negative crystallizations, and the right ones are completely positive crystallizations.