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Karl Marx
Karl Marx

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The Inner Christ

Student: Venerable master, could you tell us about the intimate Christ?...

Samael Aun Weor: If you read Paul of Tarsus carefully, in all his epistles, you will see that they are very interesting. “Paul of Tarsus to the Corinthians”, “Paul of Tarsus to the Galatians”, “Paul of Tarsus to the Hebrews”, always speaks of the interior Jesus Christ; he rarely alludes to the great (historical) Kabir Jesus. Paul of Tarsus alludes to that intimate Jesus Christ.

What is the merit of the great Kabir Jesus, who came nearly 2,000 years ago to the holy land? One merit, and a very big one: which is, having brought to us the doctrine of the Lord. Why did he have to be the one to teach that doctrine? Because the Lord had become incarnated in him; he expressed himself through him, and for this reason Jesus taught the doctrine of the intimate Christ.

The intimate Christ is what counts, he is the instructor of the world and he expresses himself through any human who is duly prepared. The lord is the instructor, the one who gives the teachings. All that I am saying to you, I could not say if it were not for the Lord. He is the one who has given the teachings through the books, not me, because my person is not worth “five cents”, he is the Lord; and I feel happy that I, who am, well, something that is worth nothing, has been chosen by the Lord so that he can express himself through me.

So, it is the Lord to whom we must thank, not me, who is worth nothing: my person is not worth five cents, "five cents.".. Of course, this could give rise to questions. And I'd like you to ask questions, and I'll be happy to answer... [just then a wall clock cuckoo sounds; everyone laughs]. Well, that little bird beat you there...

Maitreya Buddha

Student: You talked about Maitreya Buddha before, but it wasn't recorded, I would like if you would please repeat the meaning of Maitreya Buddha and Kalki Avatar.

Samael Aun Weor: There are "buddhas of contemplation" and there are "transient buddhas." Transitory buddhas are buddhas in transit, who have not yet received the Lord. Any buddha who has received the Lord, who has passed through the Venustic initiation, is a buddha of contemplation, is a buddha Maitreya.

So, the Maitreya buddha is not only subject x, however divine he may be; buddha Maitreya is any buddha who has received the lord, who has incarnated him.

As for my inner buddha, he has the lord incarnated and that is why he is called “buddha Maitreya”; do not forget that “whosoever knows, the word gives power to; no one uttered it, no one will utter it, except the one who has the Logos incarnated”... That is my answer, regarding the buddha Maitreya.

Any other questions, brothers and sisters?

Student: And as for the “Kalki avatar”?

Samael Aun Weor: Kalki avatar! Simply put, we are in the age of Kali Yuga [dark age]. In this end of the Kali Yuga, the Lord had to come back in order to teach humanity, and he has come back and is here with you; the lord expresses himself through me; I have it embodied; he is the instructor, he is the one who initiates the Age of Aquarius. But he is the lord; my human person, I repeat, is worth nothing. I clarify that so that my personality is not worshiped, so that the lamp is not confused with the light that shines through the lamp.

Thus, if the Lord wanted to come, no one could interrupt him: he is speaking to you, teaching to you, showing you the way, and since we are in the age of Kali Yuga, he is called "kalki," corresponding to this time. In turn, "avatara" means "messenger"; a messenger...


Student: Another thing, master: you talked about resurrection, from three days to three years... can you explain that?

Samael Aun Weor: The three symbolic days of the resurrection are really three years, because the Lord, after the crucifixion, goes down to the holy sepulcher and after three years, the Lord resurrects. But, in esoteric kabbalah, those three years are allegorized with three days, it is said: “three days”.

Perhaps there is another way of considering the "three days," in the light of hermetic alchemy. Obviously, three purifications are needed to achieve the resurrection, based on iron and fire. If you look carefully, you can see for yourself that on the cross are the three iron nails. This means, then, the three purifications by iron and by fire, because on the cross is the word “INRI”, which means: fire (“ignis natura renovatur integra”, fire incessantly renews nature).

Thus, three purifications are necessary before the resurrection. Those are the three days, in the light of alchemy.

The first day corresponds to the first mountain, in which the human being has to go through the initiations, along the path of initiation, of the esoteric or mystical initiation.

The second day certainly corresponds to the second mountain, in which the initiate has to descend to hell and ascend, from sphere to sphere, to the empyrean.

The third day is on the very top of the second mountain, and corresponds to the eight years of the great work: the patriarch Job suffered eight years, sick with “leprosy;” but it is not physical leprosy, no, but an “interior leprosy”, it is the “leprosy of the ego”. When it is said that “he was cleansed from leprosy”, [it means that] his ego died and then everything was returned to the patriarch.

It's eight years; eight years of “leprosy”; the eight years of the patriarch Job. During those eight years all the great work is done, [and this] belongs to the mysteries of alchemy.

You need to be an alchemist to be able to study the mysteries of the great work, and you need to receive the donum dei, the gift of God, in order to understand the mysteries of the great work.

Someone could, for example, study the best volume on alchemy, or study all the alchemists in the world (study Sendivogius, study Raymond Lully, Nicolas Flamel, Mr. Luis De Estisag, study Saint Germain, etc., etc. ., etc.), we could study all the alchemists (Francis Bacon and many others), but if one does not have the donum dei, the gift of god to understand the mysteries of the great work, one remains "on an empty stomach," does not understand anything.

And certainly, during the eight years that are spent on the summit of the second mountain, one has to carry out the great work: to convert the superior existential bodies of the Being into a body of pure gold. During the eight that are spent on the summit of the second mountain, one has to qualify the initiations received on the first mountain.

It is useless to receive the eight fundamental initiations if one does not qualify them; and qualification is only possible by destroying the ego, first in the abyss; second in vital areas; third in the astral world; fourth in mental; fifth in the causal world; sixth in the buddhic; and in the seventh, there it does not manage to form the ego, it does not manage to have an ego, because Atman does not have ego.

Thus, these are eight years, and during the eight years one has to qualify the initiations received, before having the right to resurrection.

You can aspire to initiation (and I am glad that you aspire to do so), but I also tell you that it would be useless to receive initiations if one does not qualify them; and you could not qualify them if you do not destroy the psychological ego, if you do not die within yourselves, here and now.

Little is learned from birth, but everything is learned from death. The master clavicle of all these studies is in death, in the dissolution of the undesirable elements that we carry within.

Student: Master, the Venustic Initiation is therefore received after having done that work, that is, it is then when the Christ is incarnated?

Samael Aun Weor: The Venustic initiation is for every human who has reached the fifth initiation of fire. When the fifth initiation of fire is reached, and on the condition of getting into the direct path, then the Tiphereth Initiation is received, and the Lord is incarnated...

Student: Does that happen after the eight years?

Samael Aun Weor: No, what I told you about the Venustic Initiation is much earlier. The apotheosis that endures eight years happens on the eve of the resurrection. But if you ask me about the Venustic Initiation, that is for the "mama's children," for those who are starting (tiphereth).

When one receives the first five initiations of fire and takes "the direct path," one can afford to receive the Venustic Initiation, such initiation is from the first mountain.

The resurrection is on the top of the second mountain. The eight years are on the top of the second mountain.

Student: So, after the first five are over and the other four come...

Samael Aun Weor: First you have to pass the first mountain and then the second mountain. And on the top of the "hill," on the highest part of the second mountain, one has to do the great work.

So, it is necessary to understand all this.

What other question is there? Let's see, today I want to talk with you, I feel like talking, you know?... 

Perfection in Mastery

Student: A question I want to ask about Propato, the author of the “magister lesson”. We want to know if he was a master?

Samael Aun Weor: The master Luxemil! Obviously, the master Luxemil is a master who has already disincarnated. In life his name was Francisco A. Propato. I don't want to tell you that he is a resurrected master, far from it. He is a master, and that's it. He achieved mastery? And mastery is attained by everyone who becomes a human.

I say human in this manner, because the “humanoids” that populate the face of the earth are not humans; they are simply chrysalises within which a human can be formed. And whoever becomes a human, undoubtedly, for this reason, becomes a master.

But it is one thing to achieve mastery, or to reach mastery, and another thing is to truly achieve perfection in mastery, which is different. Because anyone, by creating the superior existential bodies of the Being, becomes a master, but reaching perfection in mastery is very different; It's very difficult... And that's the important thing...

And you can't achieve perfection in mastery if you don't qualify.

Student: What does "qualify" mean, master?

Samael Aun Weor: It is, let's say, so natural that you know it... what did you study in life?

Student: Electronics, master...

Samael Aun Weor: Did they qualify you, or not?

Student: [answers with a nod, there is laughter].

Samael Aun Weor: Well, likewise, there is a "council of examiners" to qualify a certain initiation.

A person could have received the fifth initiation that makes him a master, but it is of no use to him if he does not qualify for the fifth initiation. In the fifth initiation, to be qualified, one has to develop everything that was taught to him when he received it; because to receive it is one thing and developing all the powers, faculties, knowledge that one acquired when one was given [initiation], is another thing.

A man can receive the third initiation, which corresponds to the astral world, but if he does not qualify it, it is of no use to him. Qualifying it is possible if he totally eliminates the undesirable elements that he has in the astral world. He has to develop, in his astral body, all the characteristics of the initiate, he has to eliminate the undesirable elements of his astral body, in order to truly become a qualified master.

Thus, initiations are useless if they are not qualified. You have to receive them and then qualify them.

As the coming of our great Lord Jesus the Christ would be of no use either, if he is not also born in our hearts. It would be useless for him to have died and risen, if he does not die and rise again in us too.

It is therefore necessary to understand all this deeply. Do not covet initiations, no sir! You need to work to deserve them, and after you deserve them, don't “inflate yourself”, because if you “inflate”, you don't qualify.

It is necessary to finish with the conceit, if it is that you want to get to qualify. Conceit is the worst enemy of qualifications, because someone can be conceited by money, another can be conceited by social position, another can be conceited by initiations, and if he is conceited by initiations, he simply does not qualify. Why? Because how could one dissolve the ego if one is conceited? If one is convinced, for example, is conceited that he is, let's say what..., charitable let's say, because he does a few alms, and is conceited that for that reason he is a charitable man, who gives alms to everyone, no? As long as he remains in that conceit, he will be unable to discover his own cruelty; and as long as he has not eliminated the ego of cruelty, he will not truly possess, in himself, the virtue of charity.

What would be the use of conceiting ourselves with chastity?: “I am chaste, absolutely chaste!”... And there the Master G K feels a little alluded.... Well, he says it with the purpose of encouraging people, but he, more than anyone, knows that absolute chastity is very difficult.

J.M.V. It is that one is asked...

Samael Aun Weor: Yes...

J.M.V. "Are you chaste?" They ask me, and I'm not ashamed to say it...

Samael Aun Weor: We should rather say: “I am fighting for chastity!”.

J.M.V. But, no, I don't understand... Because it takes a lot of roundabouts to reach someone who doesn't know...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, then get by there as best you can, frater!... What I do want to tell you, my dear brothers and sisters, is that you shouldn't be smug about chastity, no sir, on the contrary: always recognize yourself as lustful, always recognize yourself as a fornicator, because if one takes pride in chastity, one cannot discover that one has fornication, that one has lust...

And it is that lust, well, has, has so many aspects: many times you can feel a strange love towards a person of the opposite sex; they come to feel a love that springs from their hearts, that “sprouts out of their mouths”, right? But what happens, will there be love? If you pay due attention to sex, you will see that a very "nice" vibration is established in sex, very curious, when you are feeling that "love" for that person. So what does that mean? That such “love” is animal desire, but that in the heart is expressed as "love"; and in the mind it may express itself with very beautiful ideals towards that person, seeing her as good-looking, extremely beautiful, even if inside, such person, it is a demon, right? Because it is written: “whosoever loves the ugly girl, it is because she seems good-looking for him”. A person, however ugly he may be, if she loves him, he seems very beautiful, right? Also, you know that "there is no bad dead man or ugly bride," that is, what one loves always seems beautiful to oneself...

Okay, but let's move on. If one ends conceit (which is very serious), if one eliminates self-conceit, and always considers himself a sinner, he progresses esoterically. But, woe to the one, if one becomes conceited, because then one fails! Have you understood me? The conceited does not progress...

There are many little brothers and sisters who write to me; many who write me letters from different countries, complaining because they don't know how to “go out in the astral”, that they don't travel through the mental, that they never have a spark of light, amen; that the “little light” never lights up, inside there. Total, who complain...

It is necessary that you understand things well: there are three kinds of relationships in life:

First, the relationship with his own body: if one is badly related to his own body, the body can get sick.

Second, the relationship with the environment that surrounds us: if we are badly related to the environment that surrounds us, then we create problems for ourselves; that's clear.

And the third, the relationship with oneself, which is the most important.

If one wants to achieve that desired enlightenment, which you would like to have: to enter nirvana, to travel through the causal world, through the buddhic or intuitional world, etc., first of all you have to establish correct relationships with the superior centers of your own Being. If you manage to establish correct relationships with yourself, that is, with the superior centers of your own Being, it is obvious that you will reach enlightenment.

But it is not possible to establish these correct relationships with the superior centers of your own Being if you are full of conceit. The conceited can never reach enlightenment. For these reasons, those who want enlightenment, I advise them to acquire, first of all, the virtue of humility.

And how does one arrive at the virtue of humility? Examining your own life, having the courage to admit your own mistakes. If any of you intend to examine in detail, minute by minute, second by second, all the aspects of your own life, you will come to the conclusion that there is no reason to be puffed up.

If you are really honest with yourself and examine in detail all thoughts, feelings, desires; all aspects of your sexual, emotional, mental life, from when you were born until now, you will end up disenchanted with yourselves.

But if you work in this way and become aware that there really is no reason to be conceited, the time will come when you will acquire the virtue of humility. And only the humble can establish correct relationships with the superior centers of the Being.

I therefore hope that you reflect on all these things; let all of you become humble...

Let's see, let the questions continue...

Loss of Faith

Student: Master, what is the loss of faith due to?

Samael Aun Weor: I am going to tell you what it is due to: it is due to lies, lies, farce. Through different existences, the human being has been lying, has been a fraud, has been a liar, accustomed to deception, etc. So, obviously, egos of farce have been created, egos of lies, egos of deception, egos of deceits, etc...

All those egos, taken together, in the present existence falsify the mind, and make it false.

A false mind is a false coin; and a counterfeit coin is not a legitimate coin. A counterfeit coin is a lying coin, because it is counterfeit, and what is counterfeit is lying. A false mind is a false mind, a lying mind. A lying mind cannot be a mind that can have faith. It is impossible for a lying mind to have faith, from where is it going to get it?

So, in order to acquire faith, it is necessary to eliminate the egos of farce, lies, deceits and deception. If this is done, the flame of faith arises in us; but as long as the egos of the farce, of the lie and of the deceit have not been eliminated, it is not possible to have faith, because the egos of the lie, of the deception, etc., falsify the mind; and the false mind cannot have faith, because it is false; it is like counterfeit currency: it is counterfeit, and it cannot be legitimate because it is counterfeit. That is the reality of things!...

Why is there a lack of faith in people today? Well, because people are liars, tricksters, fakers; they have a false mind. That is the reality!...

How the Ego Expresses Itself

Student: Master, can any ego express itself in different ways?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, any ego has three general forms of expression: in the mental center it expresses itself in one form; here, in the heart, which is the emotional center, it expresses itself in another; and in the motor-instinctual-sexual center it has another form of expression. Conclusion: any ego expresses itself in three different ways, and if we want to know the modus operandi of any ego, we have to carefully observe it in the three centers: brain, heart (that is, in the emotional one), and in the motor or brain center. movement, instinct and sex.

And so, we can analyze it better, comprehend it better, understand it better in its “little game”, and after having understood it, it is worth reducing it to ashes, to cosmic dust, with the help of the flaming fire of the Divine Mother Kundalini.

This is how any ego disintegrates: we must pray to the Divine Mother so that she pulverizes any ego, disintegrates it, reduces it to ashes, to cosmic dust. Have you understood me?

How Egos Rise Again

Student: Can a pulverized ego rise again?

Samael Aun Weor: What does Dante tell us in The Divine Comedy? Don't you remember in The Divine Comedy a quote, that passage where suddenly an I there, of a subject x, turns to dust, dies, and then, from among its ashes, comes back and sprouts again, more alive than before? Just as the phoenix rises from its own ashes, so are the selves: if one does not remain alert and vigilant, like the watchman in times of war, they can rise again. So, vigilance must be constant, if we really want the egos not to be resurrected.

Student: Excuse me, master, but after the ego dies a virtue is born; and after you have a virtue, can you lose it again?

Samael Aun Weor: You can lose it again...

Student: You have to take care of it...

Samael Aun Weor: The gods also fall!...

Student: You have to take care of it, yes...

Samael Aun Weor: Haven't you read, perhaps, everything that the sacred scriptures say? Don't you remember the “revolt of the angels”? So, the angels fell, right? And they became demons, right? Why is it said that they "became demons"? Well, because the egos were resurrected in them. But why were they resurrected? Because they broke the law and fornicated...It is written:

"Now it came about, when Adam began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, that the Beni Elohim (בני האלהים) saw that the daughters of Adam were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.  Then Iod-Havah (Elohim) said, “My (Holy) Spirit shall not strive with Adam forever, because in their desires they are flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the Beni Elohim (בני האלהים) came into the daughters of Adam, and they bore children to them.” – Genesis 6: 1- 4

So, as you see... I'm talking about what I know, what I've experienced myself, because I was in the "revolt of those angels (the Beni Elohim - בני האלהים)." It is not irrelevant to tell you that I lived in the times of ancient Lemuria, I was a Lemurian; I lived among the Hyperboreans, I lived and was a Hyperborean; and that I also knew the people of the first protoplasmic root race.

It is worth telling you that I knew the Earth in its involving and evolving processes within the superior dimensions of nature, before this Earth became a protoplasm; I saw life emerge from the chaos, at the dawn of the mahamanvantara, and I have not forgotten "not even a bit." Thus, I bear witness to what I know, what I have experienced for myself.

In Lemuria we made the mistake (many brothers who had lived in other mahamanvantaras) of taking a wife when it was already forbidden to us. That was the "revolt of the angels" and I was also among those of the "revolt," naturally. I "entered the ball," as others entered, I also entered: there was the "blunder."

That I suffered a lot in Lemuria, it is true! And that I got up again on the same Lemurian continent, it's also true! And that I was left standing again in Lemuria, very true! I can testify to all this because I lived it, I experienced it. I could make a long disquisition, here, on the history of the Earth since it emerged from chaos, but it would be such a long story that it would not last us all night (and you have to leave tomorrow, right? You plan to travel, don't you?). Well, so, with that I tell you all...

But what happened? The egos were resurrected in all of us who entered in that “revolt.”

That after many brothers already repented, that's another thing they went back up. I am also among those who repented, and we once again eliminated those I's, right? But, if we drop our guard, they rise again; that's obvious...

I am speaking to you in synthesis, in broad strokes; I won't stop, right now, to talk to you about the central Asian plateau or anything like that, because it would take too long to talk to you. I want to answer questions.

If there is someone who wants to ask something, well, do it with the greatest freedom.


Student: Master, was Lemuria part of this same world?

Samael Aun Weor: Of course! It was a gigantic continent that was located there, in the Pacific Ocean; with extremely tropical, tremendously tropical climates; volcanoes erupted constantly; life was very different at that time than it is now; everyone spoke in the language of light. If we wanted, for example, to greet someone, we did not say, like today, "good morning," or simply " morning," but we put our hands to our hearts and said "haibú," and the other answered: "haibú."

We spoke in a very different language, rather “chanted”, in a language, as we say in a sacred verb, “presen”, that is, superior; and we had power over the elements: over fire, over air, over water, and over earth. I myself walked among those Lemurian multitudes; So, I remember the powers: how I could unleash lightning and storms.

We had come from other mahamanvantaras and we knew life. Later we (the brothers) made the mistake of taking a wife when it was already forbidden to us. So, we had to suffer a lot; suffer until to get back up...

Thus, I met Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean; at last it sank, through 10,000 years of incessant earthquakes, by "raining sun of fire, and great earthquakes," as the Aztecs say.

We witnessed all of this. Between fire and earthquakes, Lemuria sank into the Pacific, for 10,000 years...

Student: And there were survivors, then?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, there were survivors. Some of those devolved so much that they became Lilliputian. Recently, in Bolivia, they found a group of Lilliputians (so small). They were there; they had a little town over there, but this is not a story of “Walt Disney”... They were like 10 centimeters around there, or 20; the tallest were giants, they were 20 centimeters (those were already giants) well, the little town was all made up of little houses that looked like doll town, like a doll town. And what would the little pots be like, where the Lilliputians cooked? everything was like that, little one! But, overnight, those people disappeared. What did they do? They went inside the fourth vertical and left.

Those were Lemurians already devolved, devolved... However, the town is preserved and that tribe that exists in that region, never allows any civilized to approach that town; it is guarded by the tribe.

Student: By whom?

Samael Aun Weor: By the tribe... It's a little town that looks like a doll town, with a huge, very high hill, or several very high hills that surround it... Each hill is so high that at most it can reach about 30 centimeters; but for them it is a big hill, of course. Well, some may be 40 centimeters or 50 at most...

Apes, Monkeys and Humanoids

Student: Master, would you refer to the theory that evolutionists have, with the fact that “man” (said in quotes), “that “man” comes from the ape?

Samael Aun Weor: Well,...

Student: The "humanoid."..

Samael Aun Weor: Uuuuuhh, that is a discussion that has been going on for a long time. There are times when humanity forgets the problem, right? And suddenly, public opinion is agitated again: “if it is the man who descends from the monkey”, or “if it is the monkey who descends from the man”. And for a moment there is turbulence in the intellectual world, but then it is forgotten; and in that "they waste" centuries.

Well, out there a guy came up who was a naturist, over there, a "mama's boy," a spoiled one, right? And it turns out that he got it into his head, overnight, that man descended from the savages (not from the monkey, but from the savages), from those creatures similar to what they would call the sasquatch "snowman."

Well, it didn't pass from there, but they also made a lot of noise in the Middle Ages with that, right? The “mama's boy” seemed like a genius then; everyone loved him very much, because he had said that “man came from the savages”. But at times public opinion is agitated...

The harsh reality of the facts is that such a theory that "man comes from ape" does not have a logical validation. They appeal to a series of analogical, anatomical data, and from there they deduce (not because they are aware) that man comes from the "monkey." But it is not because they are aware, but rather they appeal to analogies, and from there they draw, from his feverish mind, that yes, it comes from the monkey; but nobody has ever seen that; Because nowhere in the world has seen a man been coming out of a monkey?

So, the harsh reality is that. Unless the monkey mixes with some humanoid and then a man can come out, right?

The case of Juan Mono in Venezuela is very curious. Over there in Mérida, or somewhere over there where I was once (in that country I got to know a little about the Andes and Zulia; I was in Maracaibo; I know the city of Maracaibo; I was there once), and there they told me about the case of "Juan Mono."..

It turns out that there was a "monkey" over there who fell in love with a woman, the monkey stole her and took her to the forest, and made her nest on the dome, there, in the branches of a tree. The unhappy woman lived there, in a tree; imagine!, right? The monkey fed her every day; he brought her fruit and everything for her to eat, and all that.

But she had to have loved the monkey when, well, she became “pregnant”, right? Otherwise, how? If a woman doesn't want to have a sexual relationship, then she doesn't have it, right? So what does that mean? That she was "pregnant."..

Well, her brothers were looking for the girl (her brothers) and they finally found her. She called them; They went up for her and took her down...

Then the poor monkey walked around the house. They killed the poor “monkey”; but the child was born. A male, in the conventional sense of the word, who was called "Juan Mono."

Over there, the thing was in the Merida state, I remember; in a town, I don't remember which one. And he had everything normal, except his legs, which were full of hair; but otherwise normal; he didn't have a tail either.

His job wasn't very great, was it? He did not dedicate himself, precisely, to doing wonders or anything like that. He was not a doctor, or an engineer, or a graduate, or anything like that. His job was that of a water carrier out there, carrying pitchers full of water; carrying water in the town, that was his job; he spoke normally.

But there it is about the mixture already, of a "monkey" with a humanoid person; but that from two “monkeys” or from the mixture of one “monkey”, with some other subhuman creature out there, man will be born, that has not been seen either. Total: that is an absurd and crazy theory that has no value.

The harsh reality of the facts was that in Lemuria there were many Lemurians that mixed with some beasts of nature and from there came certain types of monkeys.

And in Atlantis, after the great submergence that ended that gigantic continent, well, many women were left isolated in deep forests. Sure, a lot of them degenerated sexually and became lesbians and things like that. And others, because they decided to educate certain beasts of nature (beasts of the male sex), to sexually join them, and from there came a large number of "monkeys," orangutans, gorillas, etc...

So if you look at the apes in general, you will see that they have all the characteristics of degenerate humanoids. Now, you will tell me: “What am I basing myself on to say that, right?” Well, I base myself on research carried out in the akashic worlds.

If you learn to function outside the physical body, with the procedures that we have taught you, you will then be able by yourselves, in the astral world, to beseech, for example, the kings of nature, the devas, the gods, who show them the origin of the “monkeys”, and they, I am sure, will show them to you.

Myself, if you learn to go out in the astral, with great pleasure, if you invoke me, I will attend your call, to prove it to you with demonstrations. Because that has now remained among the akashic memories of nature, in the memories of nature. But you need to function outside the body to be able to study those "memories."..

Communism and Karl Marx

Student: What should be our attitude towards dialectical materialism, with which the communist-Marxists intend to free man from the alienation that one lives today?

Samael Aun Weor: Communists are religious, all communists are religious. “Religion” comes from the Latin word “religare”, meaning “to rebind the soul with God”. They also want to "reconnect," that is, they are wanting to "reconnect," more and more with their material god, right? They worship the material god, therefore they are religious, they are religious fanatics.

So then, we must, first of all, develop understanding: first of all, open our eyes a little to know where dialectical materialism came from.

I learned all the materialist dialectics of Karl Marx and I know it by heart, from page to page. Proof that I know it is that I gave myself the luxury of refuting it in "The Social Christ." I have it here in my head, all of it, and yet I don't believe in it. Why don't I believe in that farce? Precisely because it is a farce. On what do I base myself to say that the materialist dialectics of Karl Marx is a farce? I base myself on Karl Marx, who was the first enemy of such farce. Karl Marx was the first enemy of Marxism. At the first [communist] international, Karl Marx stood up and said, "Gentlemen, I am not a Marxist!"

They all told him, "But how, if you are the master; you are the one who has taught us the doctrine? How is it possible that you are not a Marxist?"

He repeated, "I am not a Marxist!" And for the third time he said it, "I am not a Marxist!"

And then came, as a consequence of that (which was really a failure, that "first communist international"), the division between Bolsheviks, anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists, etc., etc., etc. A multitude of political sects resulted from the declaration of Karl Marx, when he declared himself an "enemy of Marxism." And why did this man have the courage to declare himself an enemy of Marxism? Because he was a Jewish religious fanatic.

Listen well, when Karl Marx died, religious funeral honors of a great rabbi were rendered to him! And as a proof that this man was religious was what he wrote in a magazine in Paris (which I quote in my book entitled "The Platform of the Latin American Christian Socialist Party"). What did he say in that magazine, what did he manifest? I'm going to tell you what he manifested. He said the following, "Through the triumph of the world proletariat we will create the universal Soviet Socialist Republic, with its capital in Jerusalem, and we will take possession of all the wealth of the nations so that the prophecies of our holy prophets of the Talmud may be fulfilled.".. These were the words of a religious rabbi. If we read [what it says there], then why did this man write his “materialist dialectics”? To comply with the “protocols of the wise men of Zion”, which literally say, “It doesn't matter that we have to fill the world with materialism and disgusting atheism. The day we triumph – referring to the Sanhedrin – we will teach the religion of Moses, duly codified and dialectically, and we will not allow any other religion in the world” ... So, Karl Marx complied with the protocols; Karl Marx invented that jargon, that lying dish, to destroy, through skepticism, all religions and leave only one standing: the religion of Moses. That was a weapon that he used to destroy all religious beliefs of the world and leave only the Jewish one standing.

Proof of that, what? Anyone who takes the trouble to travel through the Soviet Union will discover that in the middle of the Soviet Union there is a Jewish state with a religious theocratic government.

All religions in Russia are persecuted, except one: the Jewish. In the synagogues, the Jews, closed doors, they study the religion of Moses, and in the streets they make the people swallow materialist dialectics. Because the “protocols” literally say: “Gentiles (Sanskrit: Aryans) have no right to have any religion. They are beasts of burden that God has given us for our service; and he has given them human form so that we may not be horrified at them” ...

Student: Such an evil!...

Student 2: The protocols of the Elders of Zion...

Samael Aun Weor: So, if you analyze this judiciously, you will come to the conclusion that Karl Marx was a religious man, a Jewish rabbi. He wrote a farce and it was easy for him to write it: because he took Hegel's metaphysical dialectic, stripped it of his eternal principles, and then, with it, made a "dish" for fools.

On a certain occasion (I already told you in one of my books) while I was in the astral world, it occurred to me to summon Karl Marx, and he arrived. So, I asked him a point blank question, let's say, "point blank" (as one says) I asked him, "Well, it's been many years since you died; his physical body turned to dust in the pantheon, within the tomb, and now I find you alive here, in these inferior regions. So, what about your materialist dialectic?"

Karl Marx kept silent, looked at his little watch, turned his back and left. At a short distance away, he let out a sarcastic guffaw (that man appeared there, dressed in "overalls," like a worker)..., a short distance away a sarcastic laugh... With intuition, I was able to capture the meaning of that guffaw that I can translate with the following sentences, "Fool, chump! Don't you realize that I wrote a farce? don't you realize that? How silly you are!..."

As a curious thing, that man is awake and conscious. Lenin follows him. Lenin looks like a somnambulist; Lenin is not an initiate at all (or at least he's a fallen bodhisattva, right? I mean, a fallen bodhisattva), but he follows Karl Marx like a sleepwalker; he is unconscious, asleep; he goes behind him. It is the shadow that follows Marx; at all hours he follows him..., a shadow... But Marx is awake, he is awakened in evil and for evil; he has a nimbus of false glory.

Now, I am not going to speak out against the Jewish people, because that would be absurd. It's like one pronouncing against Germany for the case that it had Hitler, and the Third Reich, which caused the second world war. There are a multitude of Jewish elderly people, women and children, who have never in their lives known anything about “the protocols of the wise men of Zion”, who do not have plans for world domination, who only care about living. Thus, to condemn Jewish people would be a crime; attacking the Jews is a crime, because they are people, and how are you going to attack people? No! The culprits are the governments; and the Jewish government is the Sanhedrin with its 300 members, who have projects that date back three hundred centuries... what centuries! Projects of 3,000 years already... 3,000 years to achieve world domination. That's it!

Student: Do they have world domination?

Samael Aun Weor: So far the projects are giving them results. Hitler knew this, but Hitler did nothing but attack the wretched merchants of Europe. That is the absurdity of Hitler! Burning so many children, so many women, so many old people, in those gas chambers, etc., to make them die? That is a very serious, monstrous crime; those creatures who knew nothing of the plans of the Sanhedrin. Meanwhile, the main, the main ones of the Sanhedrin in the United States, in England, in France, and in Russia or in other countries of the world, I say, were laughing at Hitler. Those were the ones that finished him off; the Sanhedrin ended Hitler...

Student: From what one sees, the fight is going to be terrible for us, since in the universities the average number of communists is very high. So, the intellectualism there is going to work hard...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, you have to break them up through logic. It is good to tell all those communistoids that Soviet Russia itself has just discovered the vital body, because in Russia itself there is currently a certain electronic device with which they discovered the vital body, and they baptized it with the name of “bioplastic body”; they have it under study, inside the organism and outside the organism.

And in England there is another gigantic electronic device with which they are studying the astral body. So, then, what are we left with? Those superior existential bodies of the Being are being discovered with special lenses, with special devices; the higher dimensions are currently being "pierced" by very powerful lenses, and the materialist dialectic is being dusted.

Proof that it is turning to dust is that statistics report that the greatest cultural production of recent times in the field of parapsychology comes from the Soviet Union. In all hospitals in Russia, currently, in all clinics, parapsychological experiments are being performed. Parapsychology is all the rage in Russia, and at the rate we are going, if the Sanhedrin don't intervene, before long materialist dialectics will have to be burned alive in Moscow's [red] square; will have to be reduced to ashes, why? Because with the glasses, with the devices, with the parapsychological experiments, it has been destroyed, it has been left without any basis.

Student: Baseless...

Samael Aun Weor: After all, it is a farce created by Karl Marx, created by a religious fanatic who wanted to destroy all the other religions in the world, through skepticism...

Student: The Jews, let's say, the Jewish race, where does it come from?

Samael Aun Weor: It is a mixture of the Hyperboreans with the fourth Atlantean sub-race; from there the original Semitic is born. The Hyperboreans were mixed with the fourth sub-race of the Atlanteans and from there the Atlantean Semitic was born. From the primitive Atlantean Semite, it becomes, then, the current Semite. In Palestine, precisely, there is not the Semitic in all its purity; please note that they are already heavily mixed with Germans.

Haven't you heard of "blood theft"? When the Jews from Palestine, from Israel, understood that their race was degenerating by not interbreeding, they selected a certain number of women who traveled to Germany. There they mixed with men and conceived, and after they conceived, as they conceived, they returned to Palestine (a certain amount duly studied, to add some German blood to their Semitic blood).

So, it is not completely pure. Where it is completely pure is in Arabia, in the Sahara desert. There, underground, there is an underground city of pure, original Semites, without any mixture, who have very different customs. They dress like Arabs and walk like Arabs. And the Arabs believe that they are also Arabs, but there is no such thing: they are Jews and live in the desert as Arabs and dress the same; and they preserve all the Judaic traditions; They have never mixed...

Student: How do they dress, physically?

Samael Aun Weor: As Arabs...

Student: Aren't they related to the Tuareg tribes over there?

Samael Aun Weor: They can even hang out with the Arabs and everything, and they get confused with the Arab peoples; but they are very different in their customs; they have an underground city, underground, in the Sahara desert.

Student: A secret city?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, they are different. Those are Jews, Jews, without mixture..., without mixture...

Student: Then, what level of culture do they have? Say, do they practice philosophy or do they have...

Samael Aun Weor: They preserve the Zohar, the Jewish Kabbalah, etc. They have an esoteric culture based on ancient rabbinic traditions.

Student: But, is it a culture, let's say, according to divine laws or if they don't go?...

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, according to divine law. And in Palestine itself, we cannot deny that in Palestine, there are about 80,000 Gnostics... About 80,000 Gnostics in Palestine itself, and that they have endured persecution for more than 20 centuries... In Palestine itself ...


Student: Master, why is there so much similarity between the pyramids in Egypt and the ones found here in Mexico, even though the continents are different?

Samael Aun Weor: Because the religion-wisdom is the same; the same as all time! The wisdom-religion of ancient Mexico is the same as that of archaic Egypt, or China. And even, notice that here we have pyramids and in Egypt there are also. Now, the pyramids of Mexico are older than those of Egypt.

When I lived in Atlantis, I remember we had two kinds of pilgrimages: sometimes we went to Egypt and other times to Teotihuacán or Yucatán. We had two kinds of pilgrimages; I led the pilgrimages that came to Mexico. Back then Mexico was very different: here there were many kingdoms. At that time, a strip of land communicated Africa with northern Mexico, through Atlantis. Through that strip of land many pilgrims came of the darker race.

At that time, then, powerful cities existed in Atlantis: there was the "Paris" of Atlantis, which was the city of Samlios, where the intellectual elite of Atlantis met. There was Toyán (the city of the seven gates of solid gold), and many other cities... And sometimes we came here, to Mexico, on pilgrimages, and other times we went to Egypt...

So, the pyramids are similar, and I can tell you that the ones in Mexico are older than the ones in Egypt; those from here were raised before those from Egypt. Of course, current historians do not know these things and make believe that everything has come from the last..., from the year 1300 and so many until these times. They don't know about these things, but we initiates do know: because we had to live in those times. But it is the same wisdom-religion; which is eternal and universal.

Student: However, master, each stone that makes up an Egyptian pyramid has a completely exorbitant weight for the mental calculation of the human being, then, what law did those people apply to the mobilization of those stones?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, they simply appealed to a very simple procedure: there was a formula, well, of plants, through which the elements of the stones could be kneaded: granite, feldspar, mica, etc., and elaborate the stone according to the measurements. It was an ancient vegetable formula; that formula was lost. So, they were assembled there, in the same place; they made them, they elaborated them. They had formulas that were lost, just as the formulas for kneading gold were lost... Vegetable formulas... yes, brother!...

Student: Do all the ruins in Peru have the same origin? Machu Picchu, all those types of ruins in the area of ​​Peru, do they have the same origin? Are they Atlanteans too?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, otherwise it would not be explained, in times there were no airplanes... In Atlantis there was a small device with which rocks could be degravited, but that was in Atlantis. Thus, there is also a formula with which stones can be made, whatever size and measure you want: a vegetable formula...

The Sphinx

Student: I once read in a certain book, which I don't remember very well, that in one of the claws of the sphinx there was a kind of (let's talk about it in modern terms now) a kind of button that turned a door. hidden inside that claw...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, that is not true! I do not deny that underground, under the sphinx, there is a room, where the 22 major arcana are, duly surrounding the entire room. I don't deny it; It is true; but it is not precisely because of the leg of the sphinx, or because of a button there, that one can enter the room. To enter that room, you have to enter in a very different way: you have to enter the astral body..., with an astral body; that is the reality.

Student: Another question, master (excuse so many questions): is the face of the sphinx, in fact, a species, let's put it that way, is it a woman's face?

Samael Aun Weor: The face of the sphinx? Well, it is a human's face, a human face that represents, exactly, the mercury of the secret philosophy, the water. The claws represent fire; the wings to the air or to the spirit; and the legs of the bull, to the earth element. There are the four elements: the earth, the hind legs; the air, the wings; the water, in the face of a human; and fire, in the claws of the sphinx. There are the four elements also represents the four main [alchemical] characteristics: the claws of the lion, the sacred fire, the sulfur; the bull, salt, the earth element; the face of a human, the mercury of the secret philosophy, the sacred sperm, from which the true human comes; and as for the wings, they obviously represent the spirit.

So, the sphinx is very, very important, isn't it? The sphinx was taken from Atlantis. It was used in the university of Atlantis, the members of the Akaldan society. That Akaldan society, then, always had the sphinx there, at its door, to represent the human being, to represent the path that leads us to final liberation.

Originally, the head of the sphinx has a crown of nine points of steel, which represents the ninth sphere, sex; and has a staff in the right claw; and in his [other] hand the flaming sword (originally). Of course, the current one is stripped of all that. But originally it has that.

It means the esoteric path, the sacred path that must be done; the mysteries that are in the ninth sphere, in sex; the work with the four elements of nature, within ourselves, here and now, to be able to manufacture the superior existential bodies of the Being and become a true human.

Tarot 10

So, we must distinguish between the wheel that turns incessantly in arcanum 10 of the tarot (which is the wheel of samsara) and the path of the sphinx. The wheel of samsara means evolution and its twin sister, devolution. To the right rises Anubis, evolving; on the left, descends typhon devolving. The sphinx is on top of the wheel, it represents the path of the revolution of consciousness.

We must take the path of the revolution in progress, of psychological rebellion: that is the path that leads us to final liberation.

We have to turn away from evolution and devolution and get on the path of revolution in progress. We must be revolutionaries, we must be rebels! If we want to reach liberation.

But we need the great psychological rebellion. have you understood me? Let's see, let the questions arise, let them sprout wherever you want!...

The Bermuda Triangle

Student: I think all of us have heard of the famous (and that appeared many times in the newspapers) about the "belt of death," right?, which is located in the Atlantic, could you explain what happens, what phenomenon happens? inside this?

Bermuda Triangle

Samael Aun Weor: Ah!, that triangle that is out there, in the Antilles, in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Antilles... Yes, there is a species..., there is an area where many planes have been lost; they penetrate very easily in the fourth vertical. Well, nothing strange; it is a perforation there, natural, through which many have entered the fourth vertical.

The fourth vertical is perforated in some places, in that zone there are perforations, for this reason, many people and ships have been lost in that zone: they submerge within the fourth vertical and continue living in the fourth vertical.

Student: there is no way out?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, better not even get out from there...

Student: Venerable master, what is the function of a pyramid?

Samael Aun Weor: The pyramid is a wonderful method to be, let's say, in perfect harmony with the infinite. Of course, inside the pyramids, in their temples, secret chambers and corridors, mysteries were cultivated; the construction was adequate to cultivate the mysteries. those pyramids are great! Even the pyramids of the sun and the moon, in Teotihuacán, have their secret chambers, their corridors, their things that tourists completely ignore.

Student: In the fourth dimension do the humanities that live there also die and return?

Samael Aun Weor: In the fourth vertical one also incarnates and disincarnates. There are many people who live in the fourth vertical and live happily. They know, they are not unaware that this three-dimensional zone exists; They know it because of the culture they have acquired, because of their studies, but they have no interest in the third dimension. They live there, in flesh and blood; entire races live there...

In the time of Artaxerxes there was the case in Greece that a tribe appeared there, a very strange tribe and that tribe lived in their homes, triumphant, victorious, and then Artaxerxes resolved to subdue them, fill them with taxes, dominate them, and sent people to subject them to his scepter.

When the people arrived to look for that race it had already disappeared, they had gotten into the fourth vertical.

Past Lives

Student: Master, we want to ask you a global question, all this Venezuelan Gnostic group, could you tell us something about our past existences?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I am going to tell you a great truth: if you carefully observe the different pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools that exist in the world, you will see that there are many such questions: a medium will tell you that you are the reincarnation of Napoleon Bonaparte, or some reincarnation of one of the twelve apostles; the one from beyond will tell you that you were count so-and-so, or Marie Antoinette. I know more than half a dozen "Marie Antoinettes" out there "reincarnated." Well, in conclusion, all of them are big, none of them are small...

It is useless to tell a person his past lives; In practice I have realized that it is absurd. What really works is that each one remembers his past existences, and you have to start with the past existence.

Lie down comfortably in your beds, with your arms very relaxed, your legs very relaxed, with your body loose, relaxed, and immediately concentrate on the last moment of your past existence, on the last second. Do this exercise at times when you feel most sleepy. They can use, like mantras, RAOM, GAOM.

But, as I say, you have to do the exercise at times when you feel more predisposed to sleep. The concentration must be very deep in the last moment of your past existence. It may be that at that moment the physical body will be able to fall asleep, but you, at that moment, will be able to see yourself on the deathbed, surrounded by your relatives; they will feel the same words they said again, etc., etc., etc. Then they will have remembered the last moment of their past existence.

On any other day, they do the same exercise to remember the penultimate moment. You will be able to see the penultimate moment, and so you go back, in each exercise, trying to remember the past existence.

In the form of blocks of scenes, of events, they live the memories of the past existence, until they complete all the memory of it.

Once all the memory of the past existence is completed (backwards: from old age, to maturity, youth, childhood and birth), then they can continue with the penultimate existence; then with the penultimate trasan-penultimate, and thus they can go remembering their existences backwards, until they remember them all. The mantras are: RAOM, GAOM.

That is worth it, that one remembers for oneself, directly; that one becomes aware of one’s previous existences, and not that someone else comes to tell him. I do not want to imitate the example of those schools of pseudo-esotericism and cheap pseudo-occultism. I want everyone to live this conscientiously, to be able to remember their previous existences for themselves... because it is very likely that they are part of the same interview.

Student: Are there planetary recurrences?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes,.. Samlios was the "Paris" of the Atlantean times. There were cosmo-ports in Toyán (which was the city of the seven gates of solid gold) etc. In all these places descended the ships from other planets.

The inhabitants of those other worlds who descended in those ships, lived with the kings in the courts, judged the peoples... And that was normal for those times. But when humanity devolved, when instead of walking the path of spirituality, it degenerated, then the crew members of those cosmic ships moved away from the Earth for good.

So, the Atlanteans decided to invent rockets on their own, atomic rockets; that certainly, they managed to go to other planets of the solar system. All this happened until there was a revolution of the Earth's axes, which submerged that continent in the very bottom of the ocean.

And let us not forget that the Atlanteans reached a level of civilization that we, the Aryans, have not yet reached.

Yes, I practically know it; myself in certain caravansin ("caravansin" was called at that time to the restaurants; there were some very elegant ones near a cosmo-port, the cosmo-port of Samlios), from there I contemplated the atomic rockets when they were launched towards the Moon, the hubbub made by the town...

Those rockets were very well operated; powered by nuclear energy and much more beautiful than those horrible artifacts that the "gringos" and the Russians are throwing into space. But...

Student: What language was spoken; what language did they speak there?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, there were different languages ​​there... Like now...There were different languages...

Student: You teach us some terms, for example: “law of the sacred Okidanock”; that term “Okidanock”, which uses the “k” a lot, what language is that?

Samael Aun Weor: They are terms rather in the sacred language..., of the sacred language (a language in which all initiates speak); I know how to speak that language, right? And I can get along with any adept, instantly. And... ...I know how to speak it and understand each other with all the followers of that language...

Student: Master, I am going to ask you a question. It probably seems to you... ...why, having this knowledge in detail, which could revolutionize history, why don't you print?..., that is... (it may be my ignorance the question, master), why don't you print books where it is shown? And the official historians, seeing that there is someone who can give them concrete data and agree on what they have guessed right, could, this, be used thinking of the superior. Because I know that you have profound knowledge... Which definitely agrees. Why don't... don't get motivated?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, quite simply, that would be of no use, let's say: if we started to make historians believe in us. Historians have narrow criteria, don't they?

Student: They would not accept?

Samael Aun Weor: They don't accept any of that. They only believe in very relative data...

Student: ...explanation, right? By showing that a single being has returned with different personalities and has played roles in history, that would imply an extraordinary revolution of concepts.

Samael Aun Weor: In another era, a true revolution could have been carried out in history and in humanity, in that sense, but today, humanity is so degenerated, simply, the best historians, the only thing they would do is laugh at us; today, people are skeptical, incredulous; These are no longer the times in which humanity, let's say, likes things of the spirit.

Student: But could you prove it with data?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, it can be demonstrated; but not even so: Jesus of Nazareth performed miracles and prodigies, and yet, they hung him on a tree, the Jews did not believe in him; and still, they still don't believe in him. Not only did they not believe, but they still do not believe.

Millions of dollars have been spent on Christian propaganda, all over the world; And there are millions of human beings who still do not believe in Jesus of Nazareth.

Well, that answers the question of why we don't spread all that, right?...

Student: Does the master remember his past lives?

Samael Aun Weor: I remember it so naturally, like remembering you tomorrow, that you were talking with me, simply by the very fact of having awakened my consciousness, right? When one awakens consciousness, one can remember one’s previous existences.

Student: You have no limits to remember?

Samael Aun Weor: No, the memory is complete… perfect... ...from the evolving life in the mineral kingdom; I know how life evolves in the plant kingdom, I know how it progresses in the plant kingdom; I know how it evolves in the animal; and how, finally, it reaches the state of humanoid. We know all this, not because of what the books say or don't say, but from our own experience, natural, right?

I base my internal knowledge on my own direct experience..., direct... What counts is direct experience...

Student: ...of Julius Caesar, what is the... ...about Julius Caesar? Because we know that you had that personality in Rome.

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, I had the personality of Julius Caesar; I myself was the famous "Julius Caesar" of Rome, myself...

Student: Logically, the sister, does not know..., it's the first time, let's say (yesterday and today) that she has had contact with gnosis. Maybe it's a privilege for her, right? And I hope it inspires her...

Samael Aun Weor: Obviously yes, it serves as motivation: knowing, for example, that the physical body you currently have turns to dust. And neither is that body the first nor will it be the last. That body is nothing more than a suit of skin that turns to dust, but it is not the only one.

If you set out to raise awareness, with amazement, you would see yourself living in other times, in other ages, in other times, with other names, with other surnames, with another sex, in different countries of the world. That would amaze you, if you were to awaken your consciousness. But you could verify it, for yourself, by waking up. If you don't wake up, you can't possibly check for yourself.

Student: You know what? I had that feeling. Also, I can't explain it to you like that, okay, but I did have it.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, of course...

Student: Master, when she comes as a woman, when is there a change from male to female?

Samael Aun Weor: That depends on each person's karma.

Student: In the case of homosexuality, is it not related to that? Will there not be "something" left when there is that change?...

Samael Aun Weor: No! Homosexuals are degenerate people who have abused sex, who have that tendency; and later, they are born homosexuals or lesbians. But that is due to sexual abuse...