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Wedding of Cana
Wedding of Cana

Baptism and Marriage

Indeed, to hear the word is one thing. However, to be a doer of the word within oneself is another thing. Because one could hear the word and nonetheless not to do it; that would be useless.

“For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a mirror: For he beholds himself, and goes his way, and straightway forgets what manner of man he was.” - James 1: 23, 24

Thus, it is not enough simply to listen to the word, but to do it, and that is what is fundamental...

There is a sacrament that is closely related to that of marriage, I am referring, in an emphatic manner, to the sacrament of baptism. That sacramento is important. They have it not only in the Catholic Orthodox religion, but also the Russian Orthodox religion, the Armenian religion, the Hebraic religions and that of the Lamas, the Mohammedan, and a multitude of sects. Whenever someone enters one of those religions, one of those sects, one is baptized...

The religions, let us say, the orthodox are seven, and the religious sects five thousand and more. Obviously, the most important are the orthodox, because they have two circles: the exoteric or public, and the esoteric or secret.

In the religion of Muhammad, for example, we see the two circles: the public, in Muslim mosques, and the secret, among the Sufis. They do not study the holy book "The Koran" in a merely exoteric way, but in an esoteric way, leaving aside the "letter that kills" to apprehend or capture the "spirit that vivifies and gives life", which is that written between the lines, what the crowds are unable to understand.

The same happens in the other orthodox religions. Even within the Christian religion, called "Catholicism", there are two circles: the exoteric or public, and the esoteric. For example, around the Sierra de la Demanda, in Spain, around all that Monastery of Catalonia, there is a chain of Gnostic monasteries. However, they appear to be Catholic; the “priests” there “say mass”, preach in the pulpit, etc., but they meet in secret, behind closed doors, to study Gnosis. They are Gnostics, and that is a whole chain of monasteries where Christic esotericism is studied.

In orthodox Buddhism we see two circles: the public and the secret. The public is seen a lot in Ceylon [Sri Lanka], in India, China, etc., and even in Japan, but the secret, the esoteric, is inaccessible to the layperson.

In Tibet we find the two forms of Buddhism: the public part, for the public, and the secret or tantric part, for the initiates; this you have to know to understand...

We follow the secret path. We are the Gnostics, the Gnostics who were thrown into the circuses of beasts, in the time of Nero; the Gnostics burned alive at the bonfires of the "Inquisition"; the Essene Gnostics, among whom is the Great Kabir Jesus, the Peraticeans or Peratas, the Augustinians, etc.

The sacrament of baptism is associated with matrimony, and exists in all cults, not only in the Orthodox, but also even in the "dead sects." We call "dead sects" those neo-Christian sects that are so abundant in the Western world: Protestants, Methodists, Adventists, Anglicans, etc. Such sects are devoid of the initiatic tradition. They no longer have that tradition, nor do they even remotely know it. However, despite everything, they retain baptism.

Baptism is prior to the coming of Jesus the Christ. If you take the trouble to study "The Ramayana," you will find abundant documentation; you will see there how Rama was baptized.

His guru first instructed him in the mysteries of potency and superpotency, that is, in the mysteries of sex, and once Rama had received that instruction, his guru baptized him in the Ganges; Rama entered the Ganges and was baptized. This happened thousands of years before Jesus Christ…

John the Baptist, baptized. He said: 

“I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that comes after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire.” - Matthew 3: 11

 So, we have to understand what the baptism symbolizes...

In the Eastern Church, baptism is associated with the wedding at Cana. In the Western Church, baptism is associated with the marriage of Jesus with his church; thus, as you see, baptism is associated with marriage, both in the Christian Church of the East and in the West.

Unquestionably, the baptismal font represents precisely the Living Stone, sex, within it we find the Lustral Water or the Mercury of the wise. As for the fire (of candles), it represents the Sulfur of the medieval alchemists. The child is given Salt, the salt which is put on the child's tongue or in his mouth. Thus the trio of Salt, Sulfur and Mercury is completed. Sulfur, the fire; Mercury, the water; and the creature is baptized. That water represents nothing else than the "metallic soul of the sperm"; that is indeed what water really symbolizes, yes, this is what water really allegorizes...

Baptism is a covenant of sexual magic. If the children later, once they are adults, fulfill the pact, they will be saved; if they do not keep the covenant, they will fail, they will not be saved, even though they have received the sacrament. What is the use of receiving the sacrament if they do not comply with the oath, with the covenant?

What I am telling you has abundant documentation, both in the Eastern and Western churches. This means that the salvation of the human being is in sex and in the spinal medulla, and anything that is not through that way is a useless waste of time. That is indubitable.

One comes into the world naked and one needs to get dressed. Thus, it is necessary to create the wedding garment of the soul. In Alchemy, this garment is called To Soma Heliakon (the golden body of the solar human).

If we meditate on that, we will see the significance of marriage. Why was the man who arrived not dressed in wedding attire at the Lord's banquet cast into the "outer darkness" and bound hand and foot? What is the wedding suit of the soul? I have already said: To Soma Heliakon, the golden body of the solar human. That body must be created, and it is not possible to create it outside of marriage, but strictly within marriage; outside, it would be absurd.

The important thing is, above all, to constantly remember the wedding of Cana. The first miracle that Jesus, the Great Kabir, performed was to transmute water into wine; and he did not perform it in another place but at the wedding of Cana, in marriage. This is deeply significant, grandiose, obviously...

You already know the secretum-secretorum of Alchemy, you already know that simple device that allows transmutation. Do not forget the Seal of Solomon. From above, we have three great powers: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; they are the "Supreme Three" of the Kabbalah.

seal of solomon

Below we have the Breath, the Blood and the Water. Thus, the three supreme above and the three substances below, form the Seal of Solomon the King.

The six-pointed star is deeply significant: the six points are masculine; the six open angles that are between the points are female. That star allegorizes the Logos; it crystallizes through Alchemy, with its twelve radiations, in the twelve constellations of the zodiac.

Tha star is deeply significant. It is the one that guided the wise men who went to worship the child; there is a lot of symbolism in that. Actually, the three wise men are not three people, as many suppose, or three men from different places. When we meditate on this about the three wise men, we discover three colors: black, yellow and white; and there is a fourth one: the purple of the kings. Behold these are the colors of the Great Work …

The Gnostic marriage is great ... The Gnostic marriage proposes, first of all, Christification through that delicate artifice, so simple, that everyone knows, that is, to never spill the glass of Hermes Trismegistus. The Mercury of the Wise is manufactured, and that Mercury, so cited in many books of Alchemy, is the foundation of all our Self-realization.

In the beginning, seen with the eye of Dangma, that Mercury is black (in the beginning); later it turns white; thus, from the black waters, we have to get the white jelly.

Much later, based on further transformations, it turns yellow. When it gives that color, it is perfectly ready to receive the Sulfur, the red Sulfur, that is to say, the fire.

You have to know how to prepare the Mercury. I repeat: in principle it is black and filthy, it is in a chaotic state, and it is represented by the black raven of death. He is also allegorized with the black, metallic and mineral flower, with the black rose; but if the couple refines the "sacrament of the Church of Romae", that is, the sacrament of love (amore), that black substance becomes white. Upon reaching that stage, it is said that the alchemist has extracted the "white jelly" from those "black waters." That white or immaculate process shines gloriously ... Upon reaching that stage of the work, it is said that the alchemist is working with the white dove of the Holy Spirit.

Much laterthat Mercury turns yellow. Then the alchemist is said to be working with the yellow eagle.

Finally, the Sacred Fire awakens in us. That fire is allegorized by Sulfur. When Sulfur or fire joins, fuses, or integrates with Mercury, it is extraordinarily prepared. A Sulfured Mercury, provided in addition to a little sublimated salt, forms a whirlwind that slowly ascends through the spinal cord, opening the seven churches of the Apocalypse of Saint John.

If the alchemist perseveres, with that wonderful substance (with that Sulfured Mercury) one will be able to create, naturally, an astral body; the surplus of that Sulfured Mercury comes to crystallize in the splendid and extraordinary form of the astral body. In a second octave, the surplus crystallizes in the form of the mental body, and in a third octave in the form of the causal body.

Whoever possesses an astral body knows that one has it, because one can travel with it to any remote place in the infinite space. When one has a mental body, one can assimilate universal wisdom. When one has a causal body, one can handle the circumstances. Upon reaching that stage of being, the psychic principles are received one becomes a real human.

An authentic human, a legitimate human, has the full right to attend the “wedding of the Paschal Lamb”.

But even more is necessary: the Son of Man has to perfect those bodies that he has manufactured, until they, in and by themselves, shine with the gold of the spirit.

The bodies of gold interpenetrate each other without confusion, and are truly To Soma Heliakon, the wedding garment of the solar human being. If one possesses the body of gold, it could be said that afterwards comes the great betrothal. Then the soul betroths the Lamb. That is Christification ...

Through these explanations I simplify; I simplify so that you can understand.

The Gnostic marriage has only one objective: to create the body of gold of the solar human being; that is the objective, to achieve the "betrothal with the Lamb." Because I think that this marriage has not been united only to reproduce as all the "intellectual animals" on Earth do. I think something more is being sought, I think the desire is greater; I understand that it is about creating the body of gold of the solar human, since that is the maximum goal, to achieve final liberation.

Thus, we cannot help but congratulate the noble couple who follow the secret path that leads to the intimate Self-realization of the Being.

The important thing is that there is continuity of purpose, if you want to reach the goal; that enthusiasm is not temporary, that enthusiasm persists throughout life.

Here we do not say to you: "the object of marriage is to create children for Heaven." We don't tell that. We tell you that the object of the Gnostic marriage is to achieve the creation of To Soma Heliakón, the body of gold of the solar human, to betroth the Lamb, to Christify oneself. What we are interested in from the bride and the groom is their Christification. The first thing we advise you is never to spill the "glass of Hermes", to transmute it, to turn the water into wine. The sacred sperm must be transformed into the wine of light of the alchemist.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, receive, then, from all of us, our best longings, our best wishes. With these last words, I close, then, this baptism and marriage ceremony.