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Blavatsky by Schmiechen
H.P. Blavatsky in New York in 1876-1877. Photograph by Napoleon Sarony.

An Army to Save the World

How Skeptics Killed H.P. Blavatsky

The spiritual agitation of the twentieth century certainly began with the master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. I do not want to say that there had not been esoteric schools in previous centuries; what I am pointing out is that the contemporary esoteric concern began with the work initiated by her.

She was actually in Shangri-La, and her master, her guru, was the great master Koot-Hoomi [K.H.]. When she was young, she married the old Count Blavatsky, with whom she did not have a marital life. She only stayed by his side for a few months, traveling with him through Egypt, India and Tibet, since at that time it was very frowned upon for a woman to travel alone. During those trips, she met her master.

Did she possess extraordinary powers? It's true! Was she related, spiritually and personally, to the masters of Tibet? It's true!

She wrote notable works such as "The Secret Doctrine", "Isis Unveiled", "The Voice of the Silence", etc.

The harsh sufferings that she had to endure were due precisely to the extremely difficult mission that she was entrusted with; that of convincing skeptics, to whom she gave samples of her remarkable psychic powers.

She was the reason the Englishman A. P. Sinnett and the master Koot-Hoomi began a very important correspondence.

On a certain occasion, to a request from the Englishman, the master replied, "Are you sure that if you saw me in person, you would not lose interest in my correspondence?" This is how we know the wisdom of the masters! I assure you that if you saw here the master Hilarion or Morya, or the Count of Saint Germain, if you came to live here with us, in our environment, the first days you would not leave the house; millions of pseudo-occultists, spiritualists, and sympathizers would clamor to meet the masters. Afterwards, who knows if they could even be troubled to say hello to them! There are millions of believers or followers of these studies, but when it comes down to it, when it comes to really having to resolve to define themselves by the "to be or not to be" of philosophy, in truth, when they see how serious it really is they flee in terror, there is not one left. Most people browse these studies for fun, like going to Disney world or to the movies.

The master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky had to suffer many harassments and humiliations. She performed prodigies and marvels demonstrating her powers to convince the unbelievers. That was her mission, very hard indeed, because when she convinced ten unbelievers, a thousand more would come; when she convinced a thousand, ten thousand more would come... and so on and so forth. How could it end?

An Army to Save the World

We, for our part, are fulfilling a transcendental mission: to deliver the message to humanity. And in our specific case, we will never dedicate ourselves to convincing unbelievers. We will exclusively dedicate ourselves to forming the world salvation army and working in accordance with the cognizant circle of solar humanity, on the plans for a new civilization and a new culture.

Despite the fact that we have been doing this work (1975) for thirty-five years, I consider that we are just beginning. There are some five million Gnostics scattered throughout the world who study our doctrine. But, nevertheless, I consider that we are at the beginning of this great work.

The message that we must deliver is divided into three parts: the first is kindergarten, the second is higher education, contained in each year's Christmas messages, and there is a third part that is more transcendental.

I will not try to convince unbelievers. I will not waste time on inert things. Whoever wants to accept the doctrine can accept it; whoever wants to reject it, let them reject it; let each one interpret it with their own mind, as one pleases. Whoever wants to believe, let them believe; whoever does not want to believe, let them not believe. That does not interest us.

Obviously, we cannot expect the antichrist of false science to allow its arm to be twisted, just like that. We know them very well. We know that his followers are arrogant, they think they know everything. Most likely, they will launch their attacks and their slanderous slime against us, but that will not matter to us.

What happened to Madame Blavatsky, who died of sadness, killed by so many calumnies, and that is why they call her “the great martyr of the last century”, will not happen to us. We will not be hurt by the slander of the people.

“I am not more because they praise me, nor less because they blame me. I am always what I am."- Thomas a Kempis

So, if they say things, let them say them; if they don't say anything, okay. We are only interested in one thing: delivering the message, and that's it!

We speak like this, supported by experience. We could give many demonstrations, but there is no point. Convincing unbelievers is a big mistake. That was precisely what led to the death of Madame Blavatsky. It is clear that the woman was exquisitely sensitive, and seeing herself so publicly harassed, humiliated, and slandered, she fell ill and died.

So, we know what humanity is. We know that subtle smile of the unbelievers. And as we already said before, if we convince ten thousand skeptics today, a million of them will reach us tomorrow, and we would never finish that absurd task.

We are, in that sense, more practical: we give the keys so that everyone can convince themselves. If someone wants to be convinced, let them experiment "in their own skin", and not in ours.

We teach, for example, how to go out in the astral body, so that each one can convince oneself. We teach the [Jinn] system to put the physical body into the fourth dimension, so that each one goes, in a body of flesh and blood, to experience the things of the ultra. Thus, those who want to see, hear and feel the great realities of the superior worlds will have to take the trouble to work on themselves.

We give you the secrets of the great arcanum and the doctrine written in many books, which are already found in many parts of the planet Earth. We are doing the work entrusted to us by the cognizant circle of solar humanity: to form the Gnostic movement; and it will be more and more powerful. There are many thousands of people who study our books, and they will multiply much more in the future.

We have undertaken a huge promotional campaign throughout Latin America, the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia. We have launched missionaries in all directions, and they speak in universities, cultural houses, radio, television, family homes, etc., and they also found schools where the great mysteries and scientific aspects of the infinite cosmos are studied.

We propose to create an army for the salvation of the world. Are there those who resist it? It's true! You know that there are many pseudo-esoteric or pseudo-occult schools that remain faithful to the theories of the past, and which in no way accept anything new. They must be left alone with their outdated and stale ideas. We are revolutionaries, and the stubborn ones will not be able to be with us. Our teachings are for those who accept the revolution of consciousness.

We need the liquidation or disintegration of the ego; we need the "psychic aggregates" to disappear, totally, to free us from error and pain. Because, really, the intellectual animal mistakenly called human, the only thing it has –the most decent thing– is the essence, the psychic material, which is nothing more than a fraction of the human soul (the superior manas of theosophy). In other words, the humanoid does not yet have a soul.

In any case, the most important thing in the life of a human being is to become a real human, a chamberón (which means Lamb of God) in the fullest sense of the word. It is clear that, to be wise and holy, one needs to die in oneself, because otherwise it is impossible to become a chamberón.

The immortal triad atman-buddhi-manas is cited in many sacred texts, but who has incarnated it? The fact that many initiates –in the past– did not reveal the whole truth was necessary. It was necessary to speak in the terms in which they did, to arouse the interest of the public. Perhaps if it had been clarified earlier that the human being has not yet incarnated his human soul, and that he only has a fraction of his soul enclosed within the ego, people would have rejected this truth.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner, in 1912, prophesied that "teaching of a higher type would come", and obviously it is already taking place. The environment had to be prepared first, and of course it is already prepared. Only in this way could this superior teaching be delivered to humanity...

We know that the essence is a fraction of the soul, but with that fraction we can elaborate what the Tao calls the "golden embryo." That golden embryo comes to establish, in us, a perfect balance between the material and the spiritual. But it is not possible to elaborate said embryo if we have not previously released the essence that is bottled up within the ego, of the "I", of myself. By disintegrating the ego, the essence or Buddhadhatu becomes the golden embryo.

Only a person who possesses the golden embryo is cognizant. Whoever manages to elaborate within oneself the marvelous golden embryo, awakens in all the regions or worlds of space, and incarnates one's immortal triad. Unquestionably, whoever achieves this goal becomes a legitimate human, an adept of the cognizant circle of solar humanity. That's all!

Sermon on the Mount

Three Factors for the Revolution of the Consciousness

The revolution of the consciousness has three factors that you know very well: to be born, to die and to sacrifice for humanity. To be born is a completely sexual problem; to die, sex also comes into play there; and sacrifice for humanity is love. Of course, the sacrifice is accomplished through esoteric work for the benefit of the whole world.


Let's start with the first factor: birth. Well, certainly, the human is a being not yet achieved. All creatures are born complete, except the human being. A dog is born a dog, and as a dog it is complete. An eagle is born as an eagle, it has large wings and wonderful eyesight that allows it to hunt even the most distant serpents; it is born complete. But the poor "intellectual animal", mistakenly called "human", is born incomplete.

It happens that the "intellectual animal" is born without the vehicles that he should have; he is born without an astral body, he is born without a mental body, he is born without a causal body. So, what is born? A physical body is born, a planetary body with a vital seat, and nothing more. What is beyond that? The ego, and this is animal in nature. Does the poor “intellectual animal” have a consciousness? Yes, it does, but bottled up within the ego; that's all: a sleeping consciousness, a consciousness, let's say... ...a consciousness that is conditioned by its own bottled up state.

So, specifying, the "intellectual animal" is born incomplete. The germ that penetrates, let's say, in a womb for its convenient development, by the fact of being born, does not mean, in any way, that it has already finished its complete development processes.

The germ that was gestated in a maternal womb and that was born, that came into the world, is an incomplete germ in every sense. Because one thing: the "intellectual animal" does not possess the superior existential bodies of the Being; the other: well, the physical body itself has not even finished its development.

The total development of the physical body is processed through the ages of 7, 14 and up to 21 years. Thanks to the creative energy, the physical body was able to gestate in the maternal womb. Thanks to creative energy, the physical body can continue its development through 7, 14 and 21 years of age. So that the same physical body, by the fact of being born, is not complete, it needs to be developed.

Unfortunately, we see how adolescents, without having yet completed their development process, are already fornicating, which is manifestly absurd. Because that creative energy that they are wasting is necessary, indispensable to complete the development of their physical body. So, honestly, sexual function should start at 21 years of age, not before. Because before, the germ that entered the maternal womb has not yet completed its development processes and submitting it to copulation is absurd.

Looking at all these things, my esteemed brothers and sisters, it is well worth reflecting a little. From the age of 21 onward, sexual energy is free for other activities. Before the age of 21, sexual energy has only one objective: to complete the development of the germ that was born. That is, complete the development of the physical body. After the age of 21, the energy has been liberated. It could be used after 21 years of age (creative energy), to manufacture the superior existential bodies of the being and reach the second birth.

Unfortunately, people do not know how to use the creative energy, the energy that fertilized the maternal womb, the energy that allowed the germ to develop in the same womb, to be born and go through the ages of 7, 14 and 21. People don't know how to use that energy. When it is free, instead of using it for its realization and completing itself (because the human being is born incomplete), people eliminate it from the organism. We well know that people extract from their organism the exiohehari (by this I mean the sacred sperm); and that is very serious...

When touching on this question related to birth (the first factor of the revolution of the consciousness), we must understand that current humanity, in every sense, marches devolvingly.

We well know that adolescents not only expend sexual material (creative energy or sacred sperm) with copulation, but also acquire vices, such as masturbation. That vice, unfortunately, has become more common today than the washing of hands. Young people (whether they are male or female) have this unfortunate vice and thus miserably ruin their brains and become idiots.

How many wills that would have been marvelous are exhausted, how many beautiful faces wither, all for lack of instruction! Because, really, both males and females do not receive proper instruction in schools, in colleges, the proper instruction on sexual matters; and of course, the sexual impulse makes them feel the need to make use of sex, but since they do not have an orientation, usually the young men resort to talking with their friends, the young women with their friends, and that is where the disgusting vice of masturbation begins.

And that is the misfortune of our time, in addition to other vices that unfortunately have also become very common, such as homosexuality and lesbianism. Obviously, homosexuals are degenerate seeds that are absolutely useless, that never germinate [they cannot create life, whether physically or spiritually]. Same thing with lesbians: they are degenerate seeds that can never germinate [they cannot create life].

So, the sexual vices that currently exist are unbearable. If males and females grow up cleanly, with a perfect, complete sexual education, everything would be different. If young people (men or women) could really reach the age of 21 respecting sex, with real purity, it would be admirable, we would have a new generation of better beings.

Unfortunately, poor humanity does not receive sexual education at the moment when it is most needed; Thus, they reach the age of 21 already degenerating. The normal thing would be to reach 21 years with healthy, strong bodies. That would be wonderful. If at the age of 21, at a time when the sexual energy is released for any other kind of activities, it could be used for the purpose of creating the superior existential bodies of the being, that would be formidable.

Obviously, I think you already know the key to alchemy, which Dr. Krumm Heller gave in Latin, and which says: "immissum membrum virile in vaginam feminae sine eiaculatione seminis"... In summary we would say: "connection of the lingam-yoni, without ever spilling the glass of Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice great Ibis god of Thoth” ...

As you can see, I am giving the plain and simple key, but in decent language. Because when instructing students and talking about the mysteries of sex, you should do it modestly and vividly, and never in a vulgar style, because that would be very serious, it would say a lot about us, people would be scandalized and make mistaken concepts about our teachings...

Obviously, the restrained desire will completely transmute the sacred sperm into creative energy.

Well, it is convenient for you to know that sexual energy (of which there is so much talk today in physiology, psychology and psychoanalysis, etc., etc.), is the mercury of medieval alchemists. That creative energy, transmuted, is the mercury of the wise.

Obviously, that mercury comes to condense, or to crystallize, through the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, in a higher octave with the marvelous and splendid form of the astral body.

So, the astral body is not a necessary implement for the life of the human being. People live without an astral body. The vital body perfectly ensures, or completely guarantees, the existence of the physical body, without the need to possess an astral body.

The astral body is a luxury that very few can afford, but it is well worth it. You know you have an astral body when you can use it, when you can walk with it, when you can move in space with it. With that vehicle, then, one acquires immortality in the astral world, becomes immortal in that region.

In a second octave, a little higher, with the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, the mercury of the wise comes to crystallize in the famous and splendid mental body. When one has a mental body, one receives direct illumination. With a mental body we can apprehend, capture all the teachings of the universe.

A little further we have the body of the cognizant will. No one is born with the body of cognizant will, but through the transmutation of the sexual libido (the mercury of the wise), in a higher third octave it comes to crystallize, with the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, in the extraordinary form of the causal body, or body of the cognizant will.

Already with such vehicles: physical, astral, mental and causal, it is obvious that one comes to receive, then, the psychic and spiritual principles and becomes human.

The first birth (as you saw) was that of the planetary body or physical body. The second birth is that of the birth of the Son of Man, the birth of the human itself, of the human, concretely speaking...So, one of the factors of the revolution of the consciousness is to be born (to be born as a human). In the first case, what is born is the "intellectual animal"; in the second birth the human is born, the Son of Man, the true human.

It is said that the true human is the causal human. Why is the true human called the “causal human”? Why is the true human called the “causal human”? Simply because that one has manufactured the causal body, which is the last of the bodies necessary to become human. Then their center of gravity is established in the causal world; they live there, in that region.

The causal world has a deep, intensive, electric blue hue. That is its fundamental or basic color: that of the ether or pure akasha. There one finds that everything ebbs and flows, comes and goes, rises and falls, grows and decreases.

In the world of natural causes, we know the entire chain of effects and causes, of causes and effects. Every cause has an effect, every effect becomes a cause (at the same time). Each word that we say can cause many effects, a whole series of effects.

On some occasion, while in the causal world, I listened to a man who was speaking, who was lecturing. I intentionally interrupted that man to make an objection to one of his words. That causal man remained silent (he did well to have kept it), but I immediately saw how a result of my words, of my objection, appeared. That meeting ended immediately, because the causal man left; and at the end of that meeting, each person came out saying something: his concept; and the concepts, in turn, produced other results, and those other results produced others, and others, and others... Overall, I found that the interruption that I had made had caused a whole series of consequences. He had done it intentionally, for the purpose of investigating the law of cause and effect, and this was the result.

In the world of natural causes, one comes to know what the law of cause and effect is. Of course, the lords of the law move there. With their weights and scales, they are always active, thus writing down, in the akashic files, our debits and credits.

In some meetings in the world of natural causes, one is quite astonished when one finds the different adepts incarnated in the world, gathered in the agora and all dressed civilly, as we dress here in the physical world.

I do not mean that this is always the case. Of course, inside the temples, the adepts put on their sacred garments, but in certain meetings, in certain assemblies, let's say, all these masters who have a body in the physical world, attend dressed civilly, like gentlemen, decently, as if they were in the physical world: a lot of ties (by the way, I don't even have a tie), a lot of suits, very dressy, a lot of wristwatches, etc., and many other details... What is the cause of that? Well, because that is the region of the human, of the real human being, of the true human being, the region of the human causal...

In the name of truth, I tell you that I have my center of gravity in the causal world. To be able to speak with you here I have to make a great effort, because I am projecting myself from the world of natural causes; with all my vehicles I live in the causal, including the mental and the astral. If I want to enter the mental world I have to project myself from the causal to the mental (within my mental body). If I want to travel through the astral, I have to project myself from the causal into the astral to enter my astral body. And to be able to relate here with you I have to get into my physical body and talk to you. And obviously, using this device that will allow me to talk with you, but normally I live in the world of causes. And every causal human lives in that region.

So, the second birth is to be born as a causal human, that is, as a true human. And that is the first factor of the revolution of consciousness: being born again...

To Die

Second factor: to die. "If the germ does not die, the plant is not born." It is necessary to die. That is, the animal ego must cease to exist in us, in our psyche, if we want to enjoy authentic enlightenment.

Normally the Gnostic brothers and sisters, the aspirants, our affiliates, suffer a lot due to lack of illumination. They would like to move in the ineffable regions, visit nirvana, or mahaparanirvana, and listen to the "music of the spheres", etc., but seeing themselves stuck, enslaved in this three-dimensional region of Euclid, unable to perceive any of these wonders of the superior worlds, they suffer the unspeakable. And of course, their sufferings, well, they are logical, it is understandable that they suffer.

Some want to get ahead of the facts. Speaking in vulgar language, we could say that they want to put the cart before the horse, or milk the cow before buying it; they want to be space explorers without first acquiring the faculties for that. Sometimes they get into spiritualism and end up becoming mediums, etc. (And by the way, the result of mediumship is epilepsy. All the epileptics we have investigated were spiritist-mediums in past existences. So, it is not pleasant to become epileptic; that is very difficult, very hard).

And well, continuing forward, I will tell you that enlightenment is not possible if the ego does not disintegrate. Consciousness normally (or better if I say abnormally, because I wouldn't call that “normally”) is bottled up within the myself, within the I of experimental psychology.

It is clear that as long as the consciousness continues to be bottled up within the ego, bottled up within the myself, it will be asleep, it will function by virtue of its own conditioning, it will be subjective, incoherent, imprecise...

I have heard to what they told me about the attacks of the dark ones in Guadalajara. But I have answered that all this is due to subjectivism, to the ego... That some brothers and sisters are possessed by demons, that the midnight witches, mounted on their brooms, come to torment the "good little brothers and sisters"; that they attack them incessantly; the words of “death to them” and many other inconsistencies, which "smell" to me like voodoo... that sect is from the Haitians... Voodoo, of course, is bad at heart, isn't it? But none of those incoherent, imprecise, vague things (about witches, about vampires, about fifty thousand things like the sort) would happen if the audience didn't have egos. Those matters are due to the ego.

When have you heard of a Gautama Sakyamuni being attacked by the witches of the coven, that they invaded him, that they took possession of him; that Gautama, suddenly, out of the blue, he stands and mortally wounds another person saying: "I'll kill you, I'll kill you, I'm here to kill you!"... That has never been seen among initiates, right?

So, all these things happen among people who have the ego. If there is no ego, there is none of that. By destroying the ego, all of that ends. When one destroys the ego, when one goes through Buddhist annihilation, the consciousness emancipates itself, frees itself, remains awakened, objective. The inconsistencies end, leaving nothing but total, absolute, clean illumination, without stains, without vagueness of any kind.

When the mind is fully objective, the consciousness objective, the only thing that reigns in one is the dazzling clarity of the spirit. One moves, then, in the world of mathematics with perfection, in the world of music with harmony, in the world of color with true aesthetics; one no longer suffers from subjective issues, the phrases, let's say inconsistent, morbid, subjective, are conspicuous by their absence. Only the splendor of being remains in us, the essence of the spirit, the aristocracy of intelligence, the nobility of the heart. One becomes a perfect adept.

The issues of covens, death threats, midnight vampires, witches on their broomsticks and all that stuff, right? They belong to the world, let's say, of incoherence, of the subjective. Behold, that is their basis.

It is necessary for our brothers and siters, all of them, to reach real enlightenment, to wake up from that thousand-year-old lethargy in which they live; but that would not be possible if they did not first go through the Buddhist annihilation.

I could summarize for you all the didactics, let's say, for the Buddhist annihilation, in very few words:

We need to live alert and vigilant, like the sentinel in times of war. It is in the field of practical life, in relation to our friends, at home, on the street, at work, where the defects that we carry hidden emerge spontaneously, and if we remain alert, it is clear that we discover them, and we see them.

The discovered defect must be prosecuted immediately, and immediately submitted to analysis. Through the evident self-reflection of the Being, we can directly know any defect. Once we have comprehended this or that psychological error, undoubtedly, we can then disintegrate it.

And we have reached a critical, difficult point, in this talk that we are giving here... Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Nicoll, Collins and many other authors of the Fourth Way, Gnostics like us (because, by the way, we are of the Fourth Way,  the fourth path), they thought that any inhuman psychic aggregate (that is, any defect, in parentheses, any "self") could disintegrate through simple creative understanding, and nothing more. Gurdjieff made an unforgivable mistake, for which, naturally, he assumed serious karma on himself, and that was to have spoken against the Divine Mother Kundalini. That he did it out of ignorance... I do not deny it, that is so. But in any case, "ignorance of the law does not exclude its fulfillment." Gurdjieff confused the sacred Kundalini serpent with the abominable Kundabuffer organ and attributed to the Divine Mother Kundalini all the left and dark defects of the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

So that you understand me better, I will tell you that there are two snakes: the one that goes up and the one that goes down; the bronze serpent that healed the Israelites in the desert, coiled around the generative lingam, in the Tao, and the python serpent, which with its seven heads crawled through the mud of the earth and which Apollo, irritated, wounded with his darts. These are the snake that ascended the rod of Aesculapius, the god of medicine, and the snake that crawled in the mud: the tempting serpent of Eden. Behold the double crow's feet of the Gnostic abraxas.

Thus, the snake that ascends is sacred, it is the kundalini; the one that goes down is the Kundabuffer. Gurdjieff's mistake was to attribute to the ascending serpent the hypnotic, dark and abominable effects of the descending serpent. That was where Gurdjieff failed.

In Paris there is the "Institute for the Harmonious Development of the Human"; it is the Gurdjieff school. But I wonder: which of them has managed to eliminate their egos? Which student has succeeded in freeing his consciousness radically? Which of them has reached objective enlightenment? None! Why? Because the mind by itself cannot fundamentally alter any defect. You can, yes, label a defect with different names, justify it, condemn it, seek evasions or loopholes to avoid it; the mind can hide it from itself or from others, but never disintegrate it. We need a power that is superior to the mind, but Gurdjieff took that knowledge away from his disciples. I don't take it away from the students. And I'm sorry that Gurdjieff deviated from the meaning of the teaching that I myself gave him (because Gurdjieff is my disciple), I'm sorry, I say, that he had made that serious mistake. He allowed himself to be influenced by other mentalities and that is unfortunate...

So, looking at things from the front, a power is needed that is superior to the mind and this is nothing other than the kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers. Only she could pulverize any inhuman psychic aggregate, be it anger, or greed, or lust, or envy, or hatred, etc.

One must, naturally, first discover the defect that one wants to eliminate and then one must work on it, comprehend it, as a second requirement, and as a third requirement, eliminate it. And it can be removed with the power of the divine cosmic mother, with the power of the Divine Mother Kundalini.

But you have to appeal to Kundalini, to Devi Kundalini Shakti. Appeal at the very moment we need to eliminate the psychic aggregate that we have discovered and comprehended. Yes, you have to appeal to her and beg her to pulverize such a defect, and she will do so.

Now, the maximum power of the sacred viper, of the divine cobra of the temples, is found in the forge of the Cyclops. If a couple (who worked in the forge of the Cyclops) really invoked the divine viper, in full sexual-spiritual work, they would get the answer and it is obvious that Devi Kundalini will do it.

One must, then, appeal to that transcendental and marvelous power of the cobra of ancient mysteries, of the divine viper.

Men who do not have a partner, or the woman who does not have a consort, can also appeal to the sacred cobra; it will work anyway and disintegrate any defect. I just want to say that the maximum of her power is in the forge of the Cyclops, in the burning forge of Vulcan.

I speak to you in this language that I think you understand, since you are brothers and sisters who have already taken the course, right?, and therefore, you have to be prepared to understand this language. Because when you talk about sexual mysteries, you must speak with decency, with dignity, never in vulgar language; always in an esoteric, edifying and essentially dignifying language...

If you manage to go through the Buddhist annihilation, if you manage to radically die, you will awaken absolutely, here and now; then they will become aware of life in the higher worlds.

But you have to die to wake up, I repeat: here and now! When one truly awakens, the problem of doubling ceases to exist. One remains cognizant, both in the physical world and in the superior worlds. And whether your body is asleep or awake, you always live consciously. The problem of astral projection has disappeared, definitively and forever. Because if your body sleeps, you remains cognizant, you are cognizant in the astral world. You then live consciously, act consciously there, and return to your physical body at will, whenever you please. So, where is the problem of projecting? As a problem, it ceases to exist. The important thing would be to wake up...


The third factor is sacrifice for humanity. It is necessary to love our fellow humans, but love must be demonstrated with concrete, clear and definitive facts. It is not enough to say that we love our fellow people, no; it must be demonstrated with deeds, one must be willing to rise to the altar of the supreme sacrifice for humanity, one must raise the torch of wisdom, to illuminate the path of others, one must be willing to give every last drop of blood for all our fellow humans, with true, disinterested, pure love...

So, the third factor of the revolution of the consciousness is sacrifice for our fellow humans.

To be born, to die and to sacrifice ourselves for humanity are the three factors that make us true incarnations of the Cosmic Christ.

These three factors turn us into gods, even though we have human bodies.

These three factors make us something different: they transform us into gods or ineffable gods, Elohim, divine daemons, etc.

If we only work with the first and second factors (that of being born and dying), but we do not love our fellow men, we do nothing to bring the light of knowledge to other peoples, towns and languages, we would fall into a very refined spiritual egoism, which would prevent us from any internal progress. Well, if we only care about ourselves and nothing more than ourselves, forgetting about so many millions of beings that populate the world, we unquestionably lock ourselves in our own egoism. In that way, the ego of egoism would not allow us enlightenment. Egotism can present itself in highly refined forms, and these must be eliminated. Because as long as we have egoism within ourselves, well, enlightenment will not be possible.

Egoism is made up of multiple egos within which the consciousness has been trapped. That it is necessary to disintegrate this multiplicity of egoic “I’s”, it is true! Well, if we didn't, the consciousness would continue to be bottled up, narrowed, limited, conditioned, and any possibility of enlightenment would be annulled.

We must understand that all humanity is one big family. Unfortunately, we are bottled up in many preferences, and we consider only a few people around us as family, which is egoïstic; because all human beings, without exception of race, creed, caste or color, are one family; and that family is called “humanity”. If we only look at those who surrounded us from the cradle as brothers and sisters, we are doing very badly. If we only want to serve these people who call themselves "our relatives", we march egoistically. It is essential to see in each person a brother or a sister.

What I say is not out of mere sentimentality... ...but because in truth we are all brothers and sisters. It is not a merely sentimental phrase; it is real, as it is heard; we are one family, one great family that should not be divided, one enormous family that populates the earth and is called “humanity”.

To those, our brothers and sisters, we need to bring the knowledge, show them the path, so that, one day, they too can tread it and reach final liberation.

If we want happiness, we must fight for the happiness of others.

"The more one gives, the more he receives, but from the one who gives nothing, even what he or she does not have will be taken away"...

How could we achieve authentic nirvanic or para-nirvanic happiness, here and now, if we do not work for the happiness of others? The authentic happiness of the Being cannot be egoistic; it is achieved only through sacrifice for our fellow people.

Thus, those who have achieved, for example, very high stages of the Being, who have entered the paranirvanic, mahaparanirvanic, or monadic or adic worlds, or who have finally managed to merge with the common cosmic eternal Father, obviously sacrificed themselves in some way for their fellow souls in the world, and this gave them sufficient merits to achieve, in truth, the happiness that has no limits, nor shores ever.

So, when doing the missionary course, we must think about the common good, that we must love, yes, in an extraordinary way, all the beings that populate the face of the Earth. Love not only those who love us (because anyone would do that), but also those who hate us. To those who love us, because they understand us, and to those who hate us because they do not understand us...

There should not be, in us, what is called “hate”. There are people who distill and drink their own poison and suffer the unspeakable; and that is serious. One must not be so stupid. He who is distilling and drinking his own poison, well, he is a fool. He who has forged a "little hell" in his mind and what he loads at all times is that "little hell" in his understanding, is a fool. One has to think that the best thing is to love, because if one makes a hell of his mind, he is never happy.

People are all full of resentments and that is very serious, because where the ego of resentment exists, love cannot flourish. There is no one who does not have resentment; everyone keeps painful words, facts or events in their hearts, accompanied, naturally, by their sequences or corollaries, which are the well-known resentments that lead to nothing.

The resentful one does not know how to love, is vengeful, does not know how to love. He or she who hates is very close to damnation. 

You have to know how to comprehend others, learn to look at the point of view of others, if we want to know how to love. People lack understanding, people do not want to understand other people, simply because they do not know how to see the point of view of others.

If one sees from another's point of view, he learns to forgive. When one knows how to forgive, one learns to love. But if one is not capable of forgiving anyone, one does not know how to love.

Now, forgiving in a mechanistic way is useless. One could forgive, simply because he learned in the Gnostic doctrine that one must forgive, but that is automatic, it doesn't work. Deep down, one would continue with the same resentment, with the same hatred and even with the same stifled or repressed desire for revenge.

When it is said “forgive”, this implies an elimination. One cannot forgive if one does not eliminate the ego of resentment, if one does not annul the ego of resentment, if one does not reduce the ego of revenge to cosmic dust, the ego that wants "to get even (with somebody)", etc.

As long as we have not eliminated such egos (through comprehension and with the help of kundalini shakti) it is not possible for us to truly forgive. And if one forgives, it is because it is automatic; and automatic forgiveness is not forgiveness.

We must be honest with ourselves, if we want to know how to love. If one is not honest with oneself, if one is not honest with oneself, one can never love. Loving implies a work, a costly work on oneself. How could one love another if one does not work on oneself, if one does not eliminate from within oneself the elements of discord, revenge, resentment, hatred, etc.? When such subhuman elements exist in our psyche, the ability to love is nullified.

We need to love, yes, all our fellow men. But I repeat, this involves work. One cannot love as long as the elements of hate exist in us. If we want to love, we must be sincere, explore ourselves, investigate ourselves to discover those elements that make us unable to love.

There is much feigned love in the different pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools; that does not work. We Gnostics should not accept feigned love; we must be demanding with ourselves: are we going to love our fellow men or are we not going to love them? Let's be honest. It is not a matter of letting ourselves be carried away by sublime sentimentality. We could believe that we do love, when in truth we are not loving.

Love is something very sublime. I am going to give you an example, or some examples about love: in the early days of New York city there was a very intelligent man. So, he had a wife, and a very worthy one. When he envisioned New York city, well, that seemed like a paradox: there was nothing there but vegetation, trees, hills, etc... When contemplating that region he envisioned the idea of a great city. But there was a gold fever, a time when people had a thirst for gold in the United States (although they always have that thirst, but at that time the greed for physical gold, gold mines, etc. was very manifest).

And when he went out into the world, he made a mistake that I consider very serious: he abandoning his wife in the middle of the mountains. He didn't leave her for any other woman, no; but for the thirst of gold, for going to look for mines...

Eventually he heard about her: someone told him that she had died. He didn't worry much about it, because he had nothing but cravings, an insatiable thirst for gold.

Later on, he found a woman and married her (another woman). He put in a railway, established banks. When he was already a great man, speaking before an audience, he suddenly discovered (among the people who were there) the one he had abandoned...

That man couldn't even speak, he tried but his tongue stuck, he was confused, because he thought she was dead. And she had been informed that he had remarried, that he had six children.

When he left the auditorium, he found himself face to face with her; he did not know what to do. She said, “Don't worry, I know you're married..." He was perplexed, because of course, when he saw her he remembered his first love. And he loved her, only the thirst for gold had made him abandon her... He couldn't find what to do. She said, “You can leave, go on your way.” She also adored him. When he tried to get away from her and couldn't, he felt it was hard to let go of her. But she gave him courage, “Don't look back,” she told him, “go on, don't stop for me. You must succeed. I love you very much and I want you to triumph..." He walked away like a sleepwalker, until she left. She loved him so much. He could have left the other woman immediately and gone with this one, but she preferred his happiness. That is love...

Which of you feels capable of doing that? Being capable of giving up what is most loved for the very happiness of what is most loved... Love does not want rewards. Love gives of itself, it works renouncing the fruits of its labors, it only wants good for others, even at the cost of one's own happiness.

Understanding love is a bit difficult. If it is defined, it is disfigured. It is more like an emanation, arising, let's say, from the very depths of the consciousness, a functionalism of the Being.

You have to understand, you have to comprehend, then, the need to know how to love our fellow humans. Because through love we can transform ourselves, and by loving, distribute blessings.

Bring the teaching to all the peoples of the earth, guide others with maximum patience. Know how to forgive the defects of others.

Unquestionably, when one takes the teaching to others, one will find many resistances. Undoubtedly, stones will rain down (on many occasions); but you have to know how to love and forgive everyone, not react so much.

People live by reacting to the impacts that come from the outside world. There is always a tendency to react. I have noticed, then, the boards of directors of gnostic groups: in the middle of the assembly, someone says something in relation to someone and there is no lack of the immediate reaction of the aforementioned. Sometimes with anger, other times with impatience, but somehow, one reacts. I have rarely seen a board of directors where a subject x-x remains impassive, without reacting to what others say.

There is this tendency of the whole world to react against the whole world. But how funny people are! Just move a button and they “thunder” and “lightning”. And if another button is moved, they smile sweetly. The "humanoids" are machines that everyone manipulates as they please; they are like a musical instrument, where each one plays his own song. If someone wants you to smile, just say sweet words and pat them on the shoulder (they smile sweetly). If he wants them to "thunder" or "lightning," just say a few harsh words and they'll frown and react immediately.

I myself, here I am chatting with you and I see you smiling a little. If I scolded you right now, what would happen? You would change immediately, you would no longer be so smiling, and the eyebrows would appear furrowed. How sad, but that's how it is! Why? You are machines, an instrument that everyone plays or instruments like the guitar. Whoever wants to see you happy will say a few sweet words, and we are happy there. But whoever wants to see you furious, say a few harsh words and we'll be terrible.

So, we depend on others, we don't have freedom, we don't own our own psychological processes, each one does what they want with us. A few little words of flattery and immediately: ah, we feel self-important; another little word of humiliation, and how sad and small we feel!

If each one makes of us what he wants, then where is our autonomy, when will we stop being machines? It happens that to learn to love, you have to acquire autonomy, because if you are not master of your own psychological processes, you can never love, how? If others are capable of taking us from the state of peace to the state of discord, when could we love?

As long as one is psychologically dependent on others, one is not capable of loving. Dependency hinders love. We need to end dependency, become masters of ourselves, masters of our own psychological processes...

When I had the reincarnation of Thomás a Kempis, I wrote in my book "Imitation of Christ" (in that old reincarnation), a phrase that says:

"I am not more because they praise me, nor less because they criticize me, because I am always what I am"...

So, we must remain impassive before praise and blame, before triumph and defeat; always serene, impassive, always masters of themselves, of our own psychological processes.

So yes, marching along this path, we will always become stable in what is called "love". We need to establish ourselves in the kingdom of love, but we could not do it if we were not masters of our own psychological processes. Well, if others are capable of making us angry whenever they want, if others are capable of making us feel hate, if others are capable of making us feel the desire for revenge, obviously we are not masters of ourselves.

Under these conditions, we could never be established in the kingdom of love. We would be in the kingdom of hatred, in that of discord, in that of selfishness, in that of violence, but never in the kingdom of what is called "love". We must become stable in the kingdom of love; we have to become masters of our own psychological processes.


If we knock on a door, for example, and are greeted with stones because we are going to give the Gnostic teachings, and if we walk away from there, let's say, with the desire for revenge, or terribly confused by pain, then we would not be suitable for being a Gnostic missionary. If we arrive in a town to preach the word and the "priest" chases us away, and then we are filled with terror, would we perhaps serve as Gnostic missionaries?

Fear makes us unable to love. What are we afraid of? Of death? If we were born to die, then what? Whether one dies a few days before or a few days after, what? One always has to die. So, what are we afraid of?

Furthermore, death is as natural as birth. If we are afraid of death, we must also be afraid of birth, since they are the two extremes of the same phenomenon called "life".

Afraid of death? Why, if everything that is born has to die? Plants are born and die; worlds are born and die. This very earth was born and one day it will be a corpse, it will be turned into a new moon.

So why fear death? "Death is the crown of all", and by the way it is even very beautiful. One should never look at death with horror; you have to look at it as it is...

Seeing a corpse in a coffin (in the middle of a room) is not having comprehended the mystery of death. The mystery of death is very sacred. And the origin of life, the mystery of life, could never be comprehended if the mystery of death has not been fully comprehended before. When one truly understands what the mysteries of death are, one understands the mysteries of life. And death offers us, then, delicious moments. With death comes peace.

It is well worth it, then, to not be afraid of dying. And if someone died in the line of duty, working for humanity, that someone would be richly rewarded in the superior worlds.

Giving one's life for one's fellow beings is something sublime. That was what the divine rabbi of Galilee did. It is what all the saints have done, the martyrs: Saint Stephen, stoned for teaching the word; Peter, crucified with his head down and his legs up, to indicate the work in the forge of the Cyclops. That's what they are: true martyrs. Those are the ones that stand out, those are the ones that arise later, among the mahamanvantara, as gods.

So, fear is absurd. The most that could happen to us is that they take us to the firing squad, so what? After all what? Dying one, or a few days before or a few days after, is something that does not have the slightest importance. It is worth thinking about all these things...

Because of fear, men arm themselves to kill others. Because of fear, there are wars between nations, because each nation fears that another will invade it and arm itself, and disaster comes. There are thieves because of fear, who are afraid of life. Because of fear there are prostitutes, who are afraid of hunger. Because of fear, one man kills another. Fear, then, is the root of many curses on earth.

One has to finish the ego of fear. We must leave fear at the threshold of the temple. But unfortunately, there are different kinds of fears...

The one who is afraid could never face the test of the guardian of the vast region. How could he face him if he fears? The one who is afraid, seeing himself outside the physical body, ends up “screaming” ... “it seems that I have already died, I left mother and daddy, my little brothers, my grandfather... Well, now what do I do"...

You can be sure that we are alone (each one of us), and that the only family we have is called "humanity".

After death, one has to come to the conclusion that the last name we carried, the good reputation of our father and mother, the affection of our little brothers, of our friends, all of this is left behind. One finds that one is just another creature of nature, and that is all; without earthly names or surnames, terribly alone, because mom and dad, and the little brothers and sisters, were just the fascination of a day; we have none of that, we are terribly alone.

In the long run, the only thing we have to look for inside is the Father who is in secret and our eternal and always Divine Mother (Kundalini), and the Lord Christ.

And family? All the millions of human beings! I am not saying only those of the earth, but those of all the planets of space, we are a great family; And that is the reality. And what I am telling you is a disincarnated reality, but it is a reality. Discarnate reality because you love your relatives very much, right?

Now, if I didn't have a family they would say: “well, since you don't have a family, well, what does it matter to you”. No, I have a family too, and I realize that all this is in vain. I don't want to tell you that I don't love my relatives. Yes, I love them, as you love yours, except that I have already experienced, directly, the reality of what a family is, and I came to the conviction that my family is all of humanity.

I don't hold grudges against my family. You are not going to believe that I am speaking with some resentment, no. When I say that "I experienced the reality of what the family is", I mean, in a transcendental manner to the teachings.

Outside of the physical body, I was taught the mysteries of life and death. On some occasion, I was made to feel death in advance. I was made to leave the physical body. Already out of the physical form, I was made to advance in time to see myself dead.

What did I see? A corpse. What was within that coffin? A body. Which? Mine. Who was before that coffin, in the room full of flowers and wreaths for the dead? My relatives. Among my relatives, my earthly mother was there. I approached her, kissed her hand and said: “thank you for the body you gave me; That body helped me a lot, it turned out wonderful, thank you!” I approached all the other relatives, saying goodbye to them. I left that abode and plunged into the bosom of nature, convinced that I was disincarnated...

What was there? Nature: valleys, deep mountains, oceans, clouds, air, sun. And my relatives, what? That was in the past, I no longer had relatives. The names and surnames, my lineage, my people, my language, what had been left? Things from the past! Now I was immersed in wild nature, absolutely alone.

And then my dear family, what? I could only exclaim: "I no longer have a family!" And the beings that surrounded me? That was in the past; now I am alone, terribly alone. I am just a creature of nature, a wild nature. There were some valleys, some mountains, a land wet from the rain!”

"And my house? Which house? You no longer have a home. And goods? Much less earthly goods. where am I going to get them? So, who are you? I am a particle of nature, a wild nature that has nothing to do with family issues"...

"Conclusion: my family is all of humanity or all humanities, or all the worlds of planetary humanities, and that's all"...

However, when I realized that the silver cord had not yet been broken, I felt a little sad. I wanted to break it, but it remained intact. “I had no choice but to return. I thought I was completely detached from my physical form, I told myself, and I had to go back again” ... And I came back, yes, I entered my physical body.

That is the reality, then, in relation to relatives, families, kinfolks, cousins, brothers, uncles, nephews, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and in short, all that fascinates us deep down.

We need to raise our hearts a little with the phrase “sunsum corda!” (“Lift up your hearts!”) and know that we are all one big family; to see a brother or a sister in each person, to feel each one of our brothers and sisters as flesh of our flesh, as blood of our blood; not see others as strangers, as individuals, as different people, because that is absurd. We are all a huge, immense family called “humanity”.

So, we must sacrifice ourselves for that immense family, with true love. If we do so, we march with the third factor of the revolution of the consciousness in full form.

Working one for others is also rewarded. Even if one gives up the fruits of action, he is always rewarded. Working for others we can cancel the old karma that we bring from previous lives.

I have known many sick people who live locked up by themselves, always complaining about their pain. You cannot talk to these people, because over and over again, they always come up with the same psychological song... They want to be healed, there is no doctor to cure them, not even a "Chinese doctor", why? Because they have never thought of serving anyone; they have never thought of healing others or of even providing the remedies for some sick person who cannot get it themselves; or to bring a glass of water to the thirsty or a plate of food to the hungry. However, they want to be healed and do not think about anything other than their well-known illnesses.

I have seen many who suffer various problems in life, financial, for example. Those who have economic problems, unquestionably caused economic damage to many people (in the past) and now they reap the same as they sowed, "they taste their own chocolate". But nevertheless, they complain and protest and blaspheme, and they want to improve the economic situation, but they do not remedy the evil they did, they are not helping anyone else, they are not capable of breaking their bread, to give half to the hungry; they are not capable of taking off a shirt to dress someone who is without. They are not capable of comforting anyone, but they want to improve economically and they ask us for services: that we help them in the work of changing their situation, but they do not care about serving anyone, they are parasites that exist under the sun. In this way, how could one be improved economically?

Every cause brings its effect. Karma is the effect of a previous cause. If you want to annul the effect, you must begin by annulling the cause that produced it. And the cause is annulled with intelligence, knowing how to annul it.

With all these things you are going to find for yourself on the road many who want you to cure them, but they never worry about curing anyone; many who have very serious economic problems, but never think of cooperating in any way with someone, etc.

Everyone has problems. The problems are created by the ego, and nothing but the ego, unfortunately. You can nullify all problems if you don't have ego; if you don't have an ego, there are no problems. why? Because within one's mind there is no one who reacts, there is no revenger to complicate the situation, there is no one who hates in us, or through us. So, there are no problems.

Problems are created by the ego and nothing but the ego.

Work on behalf of others, and one cancels old karmas. By serving others, one serves oneself. "The one who gives receives, and the more one gives, the more one receives." That is the law. "The lion of the law is fought with the scale"...

If we put our bad deeds in one pan of the scale and our good deeds in another, and if the bad deeds weigh more, the pan will tip against us but we could put good deeds in the good pan and then tip the scales to our side, favor; thus the karma would be annulled.

So the lion of the law must be hit hard with the scale. That is the key to defending yourself against karma. As the lords of the law say: “Do good works so that you pay your debts”... “He who has funds to pay with, pays and succeeds in business; but the one who does not have funds to pay has to go to jail, and lose all his goods..."

Therefore, much good must be done to pay off our old debts. With the capital of good works, we can pay the old karma without having to suffer; there is no need to make our lives bitter.

I know a certain person. He suffers the unspeakable: always in a bad economic situation, always in misery. As soon as there is business, he fails; there is no business  he gets that does not fail. He has a wife, he has children, and he quarrels with them incessantly. He is of the sign of leo; his wife, too. They shouldn't quarrel, but it seems that these lions fight with each other incessantly, they are not happy. I've seen them in the “zoo garden of Chapultepec”, there, slapping each other, they don't stop fighting. Leo and Leo don't seem to understand each other...

Well, the curious thing about this guy, whose name I won't mention, is that he always asks for financial help, for us to work for him in the world of causes and effects, but I've never seen him do anything for his fellowmen. He asks but he does not give. He asks and asks and asks, but he never gives, neither gives, nor gives and asks. By what right does he ask if he does not give? It is like wanting someone to forgive his debts if he is not capable of forgiving others.

One says in the Our Father prayer: “forgive our trespasses, just as we forgive those who trespass against us”... If one does not forgive one’s trespassers, one’s enemies, with what right does one ask the father to forgive our trespasses? By what right does one ask for forgiveness when one is not capable of forgiving? By what right does one ask for mercy, when one is not capable of mercy? By what right does one ask for charity, if one is not capable of giving it? And that's how they all are: they ask, but they don't give; and that is very serious.

The Gnostic missionaries must give. What will they give? They give wisdom and love to their fellow humans. They will give, assist, help, with love.

Through prayer chains, we can help our fellow humans. The chains are wonderful, either to radiate love, or to heal the sick. With the chains you can invoke the masters of science, so that they assist the sick. With the chains you can invoke, for example, Raphael, who is a great universal healer (the same one who healed the patriarch Job, the same one who healed Tobias),... ...the great world or universal healer, great doctor... With the chains you can also invoke doctors such as Harpocrates, Galen, Philip Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (Aureola Paracelsus), etc.

Through chains you can invoke the powers of the light, to assist you at any given time; conjure the powers of darkness to leave you alone, etc. Magical prayer chains are formidable. With the left hand you receive, with the right hand you give. The chain forms extraordinary magnetic force circuits. Through chains, great works of high magic can be done.

The universal Christian Gnostic movement marches victorious on all battlefronts. Today it is established throughout the Western Hemisphere. It has about five million of people. And right now, it is preparing, then, to launch itself into Europe. And of course, before long, it will have established itself in Europe. Later we will settle in Asia.

So, you have to work for humanity. Once we have done our work in Europe, we will settle in Japan to do our work throughout the Asian continent. We are delivering to humanity the gospel of the new age of Aquarius.

The Approaching Days

With the arrival of Hercolubus there will be a great cataclysm. That is a giant world, six times bigger than planet Jupiter, thousands of times bigger than planet Earth. It belongs to the Tylo solar system. The whole system is getting closer to our solar system of Ors and of course this world (Hercolubus) has a huge, immense orbit. Every time it has approached the earth it has produced a catastrophe: when it approached the earth in times of the Mu continent, great earthquakes occurred and many volcanoes arose, and finally Lemuria sank into the bottom of the Pacific, over 10,000 years... When Hercolubus approached Atlantis, Hercolubus plunged it into the ocean that bears his name, the Atlantic Ocean; Atlantis sank with all its millions of inhabitants. Now Hercolubus comes again, and I can assure you that it will produce a total revolution of the axes of the earth. When it is already very close, it will pull with its force of attraction the liquid fire from the interior of the world and erupting volcanoes will sprout everywhere accompanied by terrible earthquakes.

And remember what our Anahuac ancestors said (this is something that is of great value to us Mexicans): "the children of the fifth sun will perish due to terrible earthquakes"...

There has just been a great earthquake in Europe, which resulted in some seven and a half thousand dead, buried! The federal district, here in Mexico, is waiting for another great earthquake that will destroy the federal district. This earthquake will also affect the entire north of our country, Mexico. We Mexicans must be prepared for that great earthquake.

Thus, great events will take place in the future. When Hercolubus arrives, the fire will sprout everywhere. Volcanoes will appear, earthquakes will destroy everything that currently exists. That will be the day of the great universal fire, preached by Peter in his "epistle to the Romans", when he said:

“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” – 2 Peter 3: 10

Subsequently, the last thing that Hercolubus will do, in its supreme approach, will be to produce the revolution of the axes of the earth. The oceans will change beds. The seas will move, and the current lands will be under the bottom of the waters. Nothing will remain, nothing, nothing of this perverse civilization of vipers, everything will be destroyed.

It is clear that there will be a small group that will be saved from the waters (as it always has been). We are working in order to organize this small group, and the Gnostic missionaries have the duty to work. That group will be the world salvation army; that group will be selected at its time, at its time.

Before the final cataclysm, the brothers of Tibet (including me, my insignificant person), will work, let's say, as a team, to take out of this horrible civilization of vipers those who have worked on themselves, those who have achieved, therefore, the dignity that corresponds.

We will take them to a secret place in the Pacific, to a place where nothing will happen. And the brothers of some secret groups in the Himalayas and I agree on that. And those who will be taken to that island will become the nucleus of the future humanity that will arise later.

In those days, I mean, after the great cataclysm, the earth will be enveloped in fire and water vapor, and the few that will form that nucleus will live, then, in the mist; They may be considered as "children of the mist", like the Nibelungs of ancient times...

When a double rainbow shines in the clouds, there will already be new lands emerging from the bottom of the ocean. And in these new lands a new humanity will live, an innocent and pure humanity, a perfect humanity, then the golden age will come, announced by Virgil, the poet from Mantua, when he said:

"Sicilian Muses, let’s sing of slightly greater things.
Orchards and lowly tamarisk aren’t everyone’s delight;
if we sing of woods, let them be worthy of a consul!
The last age of Cumaean prophecy has come,
the great sequence of the ages is born afresh.
The virgin and the reign of Saturn come again,
now a new child is sent from heaven above.
Chaste Lucina, smile on the new-born boy, under whom
the iron race shall make way, a new, golden race rise
throughout the world; now your Apollo reigns. With you,
you, Pollio, as consul, this glory of the age shall
come in, its months begin their great, successive march;
under your consulate, if vain traces of guilt remain,
they shall release the world from its perpetual fear.
He shall have the life of the Gods, see heroes
consorting with the Gods, himself be seen by them, rule
a world that owes its peace to his fathers’ powers."...

We are working to create the world salvation army (it is our work and it will be the work of all the missionaries), we will open lumisials everywhere, with the purpose of creating this world salvation army.

The end times have already begun, and we are in them. Hercolubus is visible to all the observatories in the world...

In the patriarchal headquarters of Mexico, we have a cosmic map, about the great event that is coming. Where did that map come from? It came out of a newspaper library. Who drew it? The astronomers did; that is an official map that is known in all observatories on planet Earth.

If the gentlemen astronomers have not published it, why? Censorship, it is forbidden for them to lead the people, then, to the state, let's say, of psychological despair. They are prohibited by law, but they are not unaware of it, they know it, and the maps are in their possession. So, what I'm talking about is something completely official, which is already known.

Now you will understand why we care so much, in these moments, to carry the teaching. It is clear that we need to cooperate with the Sun [Christ]. The Sun is going to finish off this race and is going to raise a new one on the map of the world; and we need to cooperate with the Sun.

This breed has already paid off; what this breed had to give, this breed already gave. We are in the final hour; the clock of destiny is stopped. Old Saturn, in the form of a skeleton, with his scythe in his hand, is next to the clock, and from one moment to the next, the catastrophe!; and that is the harsh reality of the facts, my esteemed brothers and sisters, and for now I conclude this conversation with you.

Inverential peace!

An Instructor's Elaboration on the Lecture

Quotes from scriptures of kabbalah with commentary by a gnostic instructor, as an elaboration on the lecture by Samael Aun Weor.

"When Joseph (יוסף) arose, he took the young child (the Chamberón, the Lamb of God) and his mother (Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה) by night, and departed into Mitzraimah מצרימה (Egypt): And was there until the death of Herod: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, Out of Mitzraimah מצרימה (Egypt) have I called my son." - Matthew 2: 14, 15

Joseph (יוסף), from IO-Cephas יו-כיפא, united physically with Ram-IO רם-יו, HaMaria המריה (Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה) with the chamberón (Lamb of God) in Yesod יסוד, sex.

The Redemption of Humanity

"And when his brethren saw that their father loved Joseph (יוסף) more than all his brethren, they hated him, and could not speak peaceably unto him.  And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it his brethren: and they hated him yet the more. And he said unto them, Hear, I pray you, this dream which I have dreamed: For, behold, we were binding sheaves in the field, and, lo, my sheaf arose, and also stood upright; and, behold, your sheaves stood round about, and made obeisance to my sheaf. And his brethren said to him, Shalt thou indeed reign over us? or shalt thou indeed have dominion over us? And they hated him yet the more for his dreams, and for his words." - Genesis 37: 4-8

"And Judah said unto his brethren, What profit is it if we slay our brother, and conceal his blood? Come, and let us sell him to the Ishmaelites, and let not our hand be upon him; for he is our brother and our flesh. And his brethren were content. Then there passed by Midianites merchantmen; and they drew and lifted up Joseph out of the pit, and sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver: and they brought Joseph into Mitzraimah מצרימה (Egypt)." - Genesis 37: 26-28

Zohar states:

Rabbi Simeon spoke again:

“The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.” – Song of Solomon 2: 12

By flowers is signified the appearance of created beings on the earth (by means of sexual alchemy or the covenant of fire or Brith-Esh ברית-אש). When did they appear? On the third day, when it is written:

“And (in the Vav ו or womb of) the earth (Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה) brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his sex, and the tree yielding fruit, whose semen (zera זרע) was in itself (transmuted and not ejaculated), after his sex (or Brith-Esh ברית-אש): and Elohim saw that it was good." Then the (lotus) flowers (or chakras) appeared on that day (on Joseph, the Astral Body).

"The time of singing or of commingled voices and cries and noises is come," indicates the fourth day of creation (in Netzach, the mind), in which took place the excision of the Aretzim ארצים (the children of Aretz ארץ, the earth, namely, the intellectual animals and demons).

For this reason, the word Moroth מאורת (lights) is found without Vav ו and written Marth מארת, meaning curse, or malediction.

"The voice of the turtle" refers to the fifth day, for the generation of created beings. As it is written:

“And Elohim created great whales, and every living creature that moves, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl (angels) after sex: and Elohim saw that it was good.” – (Genesis 1: 21)

On the sixth day it was said: "Let us make Adam," who in after-time would say:

"Let us hear, before let us do or make."

"In our land" is meant the Shabbath, symbol or type of the land of life, the world of spirits or souls, the world of resurrection or rising to a higher life.

"The flowers" were the fathers or Pitris whose souls pre-existed in the Divine Thought, and, entering into the (promised land or) world to come, became concealed and hidden therein. From thence they came forth, becoming incarnated in prophets of truth." - Zohar

The following is a gnostic instructor statement about Mitzraimah מצרימה (Egypt):

Mitzraimah מצרימה (Egypt) contains the letters of the word Yetzirah יצרה and Mi מי and Mah מה, the two polarities of Hamayim המים, the sexual energy. This is why Joseph יוסף descends into Mitzraimah מצרימה (Egypt). Joseph יוסף is Yosod יוסד, Yesod יסוד, sex, is יו IO-Cephas ‘Κηφᾶς’ from Aramaic כיפא. Cephas כיפא means stone. IO יו is the duality of the sexual force in Yesod יסוד, sex, of Mitzraimah מצרימה (Malkuth, Egypt). So when the Iod י, the sexual force from Joseph (מיוסף), from IO-Cephas in Yesod יסוד, sex, is united physically with Ram-IO רם-יו, HaMaria המריה (Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה, whose womb is the Vav ו, the spinal medulla), as we explained in many lectures, then the outcome is a great prophet, a great initiate that incarnates the Messiah משיח, who is formed (in Yetzirah יצרה from Mi מי and Mah מה) as the chamberón (Lamb of God), INRI, the fire of the burning bush from Joseph יוסף, Yosod יוסד, Yesod יסוד, sex. You could name him Moses, Jesus of Nazareth, Muhammad, Krishna, Rama, but alchemically, kabbalistically Joseph. 

Zohar continues:

So, when Joseph was born they (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) were concealed and unrecognized in him, and when he entered into the holy land (or Promised Land). As it is written:

“And Moses took the (Ath herself את־עצמה, the Schekinah שכינה) of Joseph with him: for he had straitly sworn the children of Israel, saying, God will surely visit you; and ye shall carry up my Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה, the power) of myself (את־ עצמתי) away hence with you.” – Genesis 13:19

Then Joseph presided over them and ruled there (as IO-Cephas ‘Κηφᾶς’ from Aramaic כיפא. Cephas כיפא means the stone of IO יו, the duality of the sexual force in Yesod יסוד, sex); so, then they became known. When did this occur?

To this former question Scripture gives answer: when the Iris, or rainbow, first appeared in the (astral) world. Then was the time of the excision or cutting of the brutal and savage and sinful (egos) from the face of the earth (our physicality).

Why, then, did they not perish? Why were they preserved?

Chakras Spinning Harnel miatznel

Because the (seven lotus) flowers (or seven churches of Assiah) then appeared on the earth (or astral body). If they had not appeared, they, the brutal and sinful ones (the intellectual animals), would have become extinct and the world would have ceased its existence.

Who, then, established the world and caused the fathers (Atman, Buddhi, Manas) to appear?

It was the voice or cry of the little ones, or (Gnostic) students of the law, and it was owing to them that the world now subsists. In deference to them, it is written:

“Garlands of gold we do make for thee.” - Song of Solomon 1: 11

This refers to the bodies of gold of alchemy, as is written:

“And thou shalt make two Cherubim of gold, of beaten work shalt thou make them, in the two ends (male and female genitalia) of the mercy seat (Yesod, sex).” - Exodus 25: 18 ” - Zohar